Engineering Applications of Neural Networks: 11th International Conference, EANN 2009, London, UK, August 27-29, 2009, Proceedings

Engineering Applications of Neural Networks: 11th International Conference, EANN 2009, London, UK, August 27-29, 2009, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783642039683
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 09/18/2009
Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science , #43
Edition description: 2009
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Intelligent Agents Networks Employing Hybrid Reasoning: Application in Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement.- Neural Network Based Damage Detection of Dynamically Loaded Structures.- Reconstruction of Cross-Sectional Missing Data Using Neural Networks.- Municipal Creditworthiness Modelling by Kernel-Based Approaches with Supervised and Semi-supervised Learning.- Clustering of Pressure Fluctuation Data Using Self-Organizing Map.- Intelligent Fuzzy Reasoning for Flood Risk Estimation in River Evros.- Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks for Advanced Authentication Using Soft Biometric Data.- Study of Alpha Peak Fitting by Techniques Based on Neural Networks.- Information Enhancement Learning: Local Enhanced Information to Detect the Importance of Input Variables in Competitive Learning.- Flash Flood Forecasting by Statistical Learning in the Absence of Rainfall Forecast: A Case Study.- An Improved Algorithm for SVMs Classification of Imbalanced Data Sets.- Visualization of MIMO Process Dynamics Using Local Dynamic Modelling with Self Organizing Maps.- Data Visualisation and Exploration with Prior Knowledge.- Reducing Urban Concentration Using a Neural Network Model.- Dissimilarity-Based Classification of Multidimensional Signals by Conjoint Elastic Matching: Application to Phytoplanktonic Species Recognition.- Revealing the Structure of Childhood Abdominal Pain Data and Supporting Diagnostic Decision Making.- Relating Halftone Dot Quality to Paper Surface Topography.- Combining GRN Modeling and Demonstration-Based Programming for Robot Control.- Discriminating Angry, Happy and Neutral Facial Expression: A Comparison of Computational Models.- Modeling and Forecasting CAT and HDD Indices for Weather Derivative Pricing.- Using the Support Vector Machine as a Classification Method for Software Defect Prediction with Static Code Metrics.- Adaptive Electrical Signal Post-processing with Varying Representations in Optical Communication Systems.- Using of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for Aircraft Motion Parameters Identification.- Ellipse Support Vector Data Description.- Enhanced Radial Basis Function Neural Network Design Using Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms.- New Aspects of the Elastic Net Algorithm for Cluster Analysis.- Neural Networks for Forecasting in a Multi-skill Call Centre.- Relational Reinforcement Learning Applied to Appearance-Based Object Recognition.- Sensitivity Analysis of Forest Fire Risk Factors and Development of a Corresponding Fuzzy Inference System: The Case of Greece.- Nonmonotone Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks in Symbolic Sequence Processing Applications.- Indirect Adaptive Control Using Hopfield-Based Dynamic Neural Network for SISO Nonlinear Systems.- A Neural Network Computational Model of Visual Selective Attention.- Simulation of Large Spiking Neural Networks on Distributed Architectures, The “DAMNED” Simulator.- A Neural Network Model for the Critical Frequency of the F2 Ionospheric Layer over Cyprus.- Dictionary-Based Classification Models. Applications for Multichannel Neural Activity Analysis.- Pareto-Based Multi-output Metamodeling with Active Learning.- Isolating Stock Prices Variation with Neural Networks.- Evolutionary Ranking on Multiple Word Correction Algorithms Using Neural Network Approach.- Application of Neural Fuzzy Controller for Streaming Video over IEEE 802.15.1.- Tracking of the Plasma States in a Nuclear Fusion Device Using SOMs.- An Application of the Occam Factor to Model Order Determination.- Use of Data Mining Techniques for Improved Detection of Breast Cancer with Biofield Diagnostic System.- Clustering of Entropy Topography in Epileptic Electroencephalography.- Riverflow Prediction with Artificial Neural Networks.- Applying Snap-Drift Neural Network to Trajectory Data to Identify Road Types: Assessing the Effect of Trajectory Variability.- Reputation Prediction in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using RBF Neural Networks.

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