England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales: The Christian Church 1900-2000

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales: The Christian Church 1900-2000

by Keith Robbins

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ISBN-13: 9780191544187
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Publication date: 09/05/2008
Series: Oxford History of the Christian Church
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Keith Robbins is Emeritus Vice-Chancellor, University of Wales, Lampeter.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations xi

List of Maps xiii

1 New Century, Old Faith 1

i Structures 5

ii Particular Places 22

iii Sight and Sound 27

iv Time Past and Time Present 32

v Public Space 35

2 A Crisis of Christendom, 1900-1914 47

i People: Inclusions and Exclusions 49

ii Leisure's Temptations 56

iii Collectivism and Individualism 61

iv Education Battles 65

v Gender Rules 69

vi Church Unity: Looking 75

vii Faith: The Spirit and the Letter 82

viii Kingdom in Trouble: Churches and Nations 87

3 Just War, 1914-1918 96

i Imminent (Religious?) War: Ireland 98

ii War, 1914: Church and State 'Shoulder to Shoulder' 102

iii Finding the Path to Peace 106

iv Roman Catholics and the Patriotic Drum 112

v Home Front 115

vi Foreign Service 121

vii Women Waiting 124

viii Peace Notes 128

ix Repentance and Hope: Reviving England 131

x Sacrifice and Hope: Resurrecting Ireland 135

xi Patriotism, Peace and Progress 144

4 Post-War Dislocations, 1919-1932: 'Modernity' and 'Modernism' 152

i Managing Memory 153

ii Broadcasting Truth 157

iii Global Politics: Self-Determination and a 'Christian' Empire 176

iv Domestic Politics: Defining Christian Citizenship 180

v England: Establishing Democracy and Disestablishing Church? 185

vi Wales: Disestablished and Distressed 189

vii Ireland: Divided Unities 198

viii Scotland: Healing Disruption, Strengthening Borders 210

ix Church Unity: Starting 216

x Women: Voting 228

5 'Christian Civilization' in Jeopardy, 1933-1953 233

i Pledging Peace, Being Reasonable, Taking Sides 234

ii Interpreting Europe's 'New Civilizations' 241

iiiProtestants and Catholics: Being International 262

iv Church, Community and State: British/Irish Belonging 269

v 1939-1945: Crusading Together 279

vi Rebuilding Exercises 293

vii Welfare: Minds and Bodies 303

viii Crowning Moment 309

6 The Perils of Prosperity, 1953-1975 320

i Evangelism: Call to the Nation(s) 321

ii Relocations: Empire and Europe 328

iii Churches, Nations and States: Insular Turbulence 340

iv Inside Story: Church Unity? 350

v Texts and Contexts 370

vi Choice and Diversity 379

vii Fit for Purpose? Institutional Unsettlement 384

7 Pluralism's Puzzles, 1976-2000 397

i Millennial Moments 397

ii Papal Encounter: Ireland, 1979 405

iii Replacing the Past: Ireland, 2000 408

iv British Domestic Politics: Confronting Convictions 422

v Christian Business: John Paul II in Britain 427

vi Affectionate Friction: Struggling for Unity 438

vii Women: Accepting and Rejecting 441

viii Anglican/English Anxieties 447

ix Insular Pluriformity 454

x Europe: Secular and Christian? 464

xi Ambivalent Messages 468

Select Bibliography 476

Index 481

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