Englisch f�r Ingenieure

Englisch f�r Ingenieure

by Kurt Hingkeldey


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ISBN-13: 9783663019992
Publisher: Vieweg+Teubner Verlag
Publication date: 11/01/2012
Edition description: 1970
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

1. Mathematics.- 1.1. Algebra.- 1.1.1. The Fundamental Operations.- 1.1.2. Complex Numbers.- 1.1.3. Powers, Roots and Logarithms.- 1.1.4. Equations.- 1.2. Plane and Solid Geometry.- 1.3. Trigonometry.- 1.4. Coordinate Geometry.- 1.5. Differential and Integral Calculus.- 1.5.1. Differential Calculus.- 1.5.2. Integral Calculus.- 2. Mechanics.- 2.1. Statics of Rigid Bodies.- 2.1.1. Composition, Resolution and Equilibrium of Coplanar, Concurrent Forces.- 2.1.2. Moments, Composition, Resolution and Equilibrium of Coplanar, Non-concurrent Forces.- 2.1.3. Stability of a Rigid Body.- 2.1.4. Structures.- 2.1.5. Centre of Gravity and Centroid.- 2.1.6. Friction.- 2.2. Dynamics.- 2.2.1. Kinematics.- Plane Motion of a Paricle.- Coplanar Motion of a Rigid Body.- 2.2.2. Kinetics.- Newton’s Second Law of Motion for Translation.- Newton’s Second Law of Motion for Rotation.- Work, Energy and Power.- Impulse, Momentum and Impact.- 3. Strength of Materials.- 3.1. Introduction.- 3.2. Mechanical Testing of Materials.- 3.2.1. Tensile Test.- 3.2.2. Hardness Tests.- 3.2.3. Impact Test.- 3.2.4. Creep Tests.- 3.2.5. Fatigue Tests.- 3.2.6. Stress Concentration.- 3.3. Tensile Stress, Compressive Stress, Shearing Stress.- 3.3.1. Tensile Stress and Compressive Stress.- 3.3.2. Thin Spheres and Cylinders under Internal or External Forces.- 3.4. Thermal Stresses.- 3.5. Stresses and Deflexion of Beams.- 3.5.1. The Deflection Formula.- 3.5.2. Unsymmetrical Bending.- 3.5.3. Elastic Curve Equation.- 3.6. Buckling.- 3.7. Torsion.- 3.8. Combined Stresses.- 3.8.2. Theory of Elastic Strain Energy of Distorsion.- 4. Hydraulics.- 4.1. Hydrostatics.- 4.1.1. Pressure of a Liquid.- 4.1.2. Buoyancy.- 4.1.3. Pressure Forces on Submerged Planes and Curved Surfaces.- 4.1.4. Flotation of Bodies.- 4.2. Motion of Liquids.- 4.2.1. Flow of a Perfect Liquid.- Continuity Equation.- Flow through Orifices.- Bernoulli’s Theorem.- Flow Measurement.- Linear Momentum Equation in Hydraulics.- 4.2.2. Motion of Viscous Liquids.- Viscosity.- Laminar and Turbulent Flow.- Flow through Closed Conduits.- Flow through Open Channels.- 5. Thermodynamics.- 5.1. Fundamental Principles.- 5.2. The Perfect Gas.- 5.2.1. The Ideal Gas Equation of State.- 5.2.2. The First Law of Thermodynamics.- 5.2.3. Reversible Processes.- 5.2.4. Irreversible Processes.- 5.2.5. Cycles.- 5.2.6. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.- 5.3. Vapours.- 5.4. Combustion.- 5.4.1. Fuels.- 5.4.2. The Chemical Equations of Combustion Processes.- 5.4.3. Calorific Values.- 6. Engineering Materials.- 6.1. Iron and Steel.- 6.1.1. The Manufacture of Pig Iron.- 6.1.2. Production of Steel.- The Pudding Process.- The Bessemer and Thomas Processes.- The Open-Hearth Process.- The Crucible Process.- The Electric Refinig Process.- 6.1.3. Classification of Iron and Steel.- Cast Iron.- Malleable Cast Iron.- Cast Steel.- Steel.- 6.1.4. Heat-treatment of Steel.- 6.2. Non-ferrous Metals and their Alloys.- 6.2.1. Pure Metals.- 6.2.2. Non-ferrous Alloys 122 6.2. Non-metallic Materials.- 7. Technical Drawing.- 7.1. Drawing Equipment.- 7.2. Projections.- 7.3. Pictorial Drawing.- 7.4. Types of Lines, Lettering and Scales.- 7.5. Framing of Drawings, Title Strip and Parts List.- 7.6. Drawing of Views.- 7.7. Dimensioning.- 7.8. Machining Symbols.- 7.9. Tolerances and Fits.- 8. Machine Elements.- 8.1. Joining Elements.- 8.1.1. Rivets.- 8.1.2. Welded Joints.- 8.1.3. Grooved Pins and Drive Studs.- 8.1.4. Clamp Connections.- 8.1.5. Connections with Shrunk Rings.- 8.1.6. Keys and Cotters.- Keys.- 8.1.7. Bolts and Screws.- Screw Thread.- Types of Bolts and Screws.- Locking Devices for Nuts.- Strength of Bolts.- 8.2. Elements of a Drive.- 8.2.1. Axles and Shafts.- Axles.- Shafts.- 8.2.2. Bearings.- Sliding Bearings.- Rolling Contact Bearings.- 8.2.3. Couplings, Clutches and Brakes.- Couplings.- Clutches.- Brakes.- 8.2.4. Belt Drive.- Flat Belt Drive.- Vee-Belt Drive.- 8.2.5. Chain Drive.- Round Iron Chain.- Gear Chains.- 8.2.6. Friction Drive with Rubber Wheels.- 8.2.7. Gear Drive.- Forms of Gear Teeth.- Strength of Gears.- Cutting of Gear Teeth.- Gear Trains.- 8.3. Elements of a Slider Crank Mechanism.- 8.3.1. Kinematics of the Slider Crank Mechanism.- 8.3.2. Forces acting of the Slider Crank Mechanism.- 8.3.3. Parts of the Slider Crank Mechanism.- 8.4. Pipes and Valves.- 8.4.1. Pipes.- 8.4.2. Pipe Joints.- 8.4.3. Fittings.- 8.4.4. Expansion Joints.- 8.4.5. Valves.- Globe Valves.- Gate Valves.- Plug Cocks.- Clack Valves.- 8.5. Springs.- 8.5.1. Torsional Stressed Springs.- Helical Cylindrical Tension and Compression Springs.- Helical Conical Compression Springs.- Torsion Bar.- 8.5.2. Flexural Stressed Springs.- Flat Springs.- Laminated Plate Spring.- Spiral Spring.- Helical Cylindrical Torsion Spring.- 8.5.3. Tension and Compression Stressed Springs.- Ring Spring.- Block Spring 264 English-German Vocabulary.

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