English to English - The A to Z of British-American Translations

English to English - The A to Z of British-American Translations

by Suzan St Maur


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Without English to English to help you, could you*...

1. Receive a stiffie in Stamford?
2. Buy some broadloom in Bradford?
3. Get gazumped in Galveston?
4. Eat aragula in Aberdeen?
5. Go to the carsey in Cleveland?
6. Get your bangs trimmed in Belfast?

This handy A to Z brings you bang up to date on over 2,000 commonly used English words that can cause confusion, chaos, red faces and even cost you money if you use them in the wrong way, in the wrong country ... especially for business and social purposes.

So stick this guide in your pocket, briefcase or on your favourite electronic device ... and avoid ever making embarrassing goofs in this international English of ours, ever again.

* (1.Yes, a stiffie is a formal invitation card. 2.Yes, as long as you called it fitted carpet. 3.Possibly: gazumping is a real estate term. 4. Yes, provided you asked for rocket (salad.) 5. Yes, as long as you want to go to the washroom. 6. Yes, but you'd need to ask them to trim your fringe.)

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