by Courtney Farrell


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ISBN-13: 9781939173393
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Publication date: 08/15/2013
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

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Enhanced 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
Science fiction has become a genre that has captured my attention, and I often find myself reading more of these dystopian books. My fascination with these books seems to be growing due to so many elements ringing true and even being plausible. Genetic manipulation? It is a possibility, and the day it happens, I am out of here. I appreciate the detail the author gave (her scientific background certainly helps in this area), and although there were points of boredom within the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the various scenarios and back stories as well as the premise. This book seems to fit in the young adult genre, but I believe it would be more appropriate to place in the New Adult genre. Although this book features teens, I would not want my daughter reading it until she is much older. The profanity in the book is scattered throughout but still potentially offensive. There were no intimate scenes (thank goodness), but I feel the subject matter is beyond what teenagers should be reading. I feel the same way about the profanity. Should this book ever become reality, I sincerely hope I am not around to see it. Fans of science fiction will certainly enjoy this book. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
Wow!  Does this story ever have a captivating premise.  You can see the real possibilities behind the genetics in this novel which makes it easier to identify with and immerse yourself in.  Farrell takes this and runs with it, using her phenomenal storytelling skills to spin a tale that you won’t be able to put down.  Farrell’s mellow writing style contrasts with the intensity of the story in such a manner that you will find yourself drawn into the story while you picture each and every moment of it.   Farrell has created some age appropriate characters to carry her story forward.  Not only are they young adult characters, who are coming into their own as individuals and stepping away from their parents but none of them act noticeably older or younger than they are.  Not only are these characters well developed, but they’re also unique yet natural.  Each character also has a different ‘ability’ that is intriguing and adds to who they are as a person rather than simply a superfluous add-on.  Also, even though the author has a definite ‘main’ character for this novel, she is very strongly supported by her friends and her brother who become almost main characters in their own right.   There is an intense social discourse hidden within this very interesting tale.  The plight of these children/young adults who want to live their lives but are stuck in a society that is quite reminiscent of some of the most stringent regimes in history is very heartbreaking, but their strength as a group is quite inspiring.   Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Sanz71 More than 1 year ago
INITIAL THOUGHTS Approaching reading this book my thoughts are, as I love a good dystopian I am looking forward to reading this one. Not even read the blurb in great detail, it's dystopian that will do me. At 24% I was already hooked and drawn into the plot. the Cull sounds horrific and just "witnessed" on in the book. there's already a kind of group of people leading a quiet rebellion, Todd, Seth, Michelle, And Brian. Also liking the newer smaller kid in the book, called Nick. At MY REVIEW I received a free e-coy of this book via IO Tours in exchange for my honest review and posting it as part of this blog tour. The cover is quite dark, and I'd take a guess at the female on the front cover being Michelle, or it could be Carrissa as she is "shown the gate" or as it's called more often in the book "Gated". I do like the cover though it is quite dark. I think it depicts the gate as it should be in a dark mysterious way. So would I pick this book up from a book store shelf? Yes, I think I would definitely pick it up and read the blurb and then buy it lol! So the plot f the book concerns two groups of people the "Enhanced" that live inside the walls and gate and are genetically modified to make them stronger, more intelligent and have special powers. The Enhanced are obviously the more privileged of the two races. The "Unenhanced" which is the new politically correct way to refer to them are the lower class who live outside the wall. The Unenhanced or "Norms" as they seem to be called more often are the ones who do all the chores and unwanted jobs of the Enhanced yet they are made to live outside, they are not genetically modified in any way. The Enhanced are supposed to ignore the Unenhanced other than to issue orders to them. The Enhanced children are continually tested and given things to see how they react. They have no choice as the parents are part of The Conclave. The Conclave are the "governing body" who are supposed to control the scientists. I say supposed to as there is one particular scientist Dr Salmon that has his own ideas and isn't above going ahead with them, unapproved by The Conclave. One such experiment involves him picking two of the strongest males in the Enhanced and inserting a rod into their arms and then sending them out to "gather information" on the Unenhanced. however things are not what they seem as suddenly the Unenhanced are falling ill and dying.. . . Whilst the Nick, and Seth, two boys are outside, Seth's sister Michelle, and some others gather together to unveil Dr Salmon for the unscrupulous man he is and get the boys back. They sneak out of the inner city to the outside. It's there that Michelle meet Dillon. their upbringing and beliefs are so different. On the inside you flit from one partner to the other. The Enhanced have had the "loyalty" gene bred out of them. So to them it is totally normal not to stay with one partner. It's also the case that Unenhanced children are not made up of DNA from just two partners. They have many DNA donors, it's how the special abilities are made. On the outside the Unenhanced/Norms live and love the "old" way. They choose one partner and stay with them forever, kind of like a soul mate concept.  I really enjoyed the genetic and differences between the inside the gate and outside. It sounds as if the inside the gate people known as the Enhanced have it all, and live in the life of luxury but there are underhand, and abuse going on behind closed doors. If the enhanced fail a test or rebel they are quite literally "shown the door" or rather in this case shown out of the gate. They are not allowed to take anything with them at all such as weapons to "fend off the uncivilized Norms/Unenhanced, or food to sustain them. In fact there's another dark secret there to be uncovered as you read the book about the people who are "Gated". I really don't want to say anymore as I feel it could spoil or impair your enjoyment of the book. So did I enjoy the book? Yes, I really did enjoy this book, staying up late to finish the book! It definitely had that "can't put it down" element to the book. Would I recommend the book? Yes if you love Dystopian, YA, Fantasy or just love a good book, this one is for you. Would I read a BK#2? I certainly would read a Bk#2 though I'm not so sure there will be a book two. Maybe I should simply ask the Author on Goodreads! I'd certainly read a book two. I became quite attached to the enhanced and Unenhanced characters in this book. Would I read other books by this Author? I will be checking them out after finishing this post.