Enlightened (book 1)

Enlightened (book 1)

by Billie Kowalewski

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A wise person once told me: There's a reason for everything.

Sarah Shaw -- pulled off a cliff
Emma Blackstone -- shoved out a window and trampled by a horse
Mattie Williams -- stung to death by bees
Cora Thomas --pushed in front of a train
Edith Young -- impaled
Rachel Ellis -- shoved off a boat
Lois Smith -- hit by a bus
Muriel Walters -- UGH...another bus
Lucille Marshall -- involuntary manslaughter
Veronica Edwards --undetermined

What do all of these names have in common? They all died long before they were meant too, and they were all ME. If there's any truth to that saying at all, there had better be a good reason for this!

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BN ID: 2940161415917
Publisher: Billie Kowalewski
Publication date: 02/02/2019
Series: Enlightened
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 288,593
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About the Author

Starting at a very young age, Billie has always been a story teller. In grade school she often drove her classmate's nuts with wild tales she told about her home life during school. She spent her most of her childhood and well into her adult years playing in her imagination as well, dreaming up many stories and characters. At times she felt that her imagination was wildly out of control and was unsure of what to do with it. She toyed with the idea of writing one of her stories down, but without the formal education that most authors have she lacked the confidence she needed for a long time and was unsure of where to begin. She often combed bookstore and library shelves for stories similar to what she had been imagining--especially one story in particular--and often came away disappointed. Although she loves many authors work none of them ever came close to what she was longing for. She slowly came to realize that in order for her to ever be able to read what she was imagining, she would have to create it herself. It was in April of 2010 that she finally decided to give it a try. She had no idea, what that journey would entail or how long it would take,but she never gave up and never stopped. Finally she found the best outlet for her crazy imagination, she was in love, and has never looked back. After four drafts and six crazy years she finally finished her first novel, Enlightened. She is excitedly looking forward to creating many more stories in the future. Billie presently lives in Connecticut with her wonderful family. She drives both a school bus for the town of East Haddam and is the lead dispatcher for 9town transit and she couldn't be happier. Follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can't.

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Enlightened 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
AnnaS42 6 days ago
Earth is not what you think it is, Earth is school. You live many lives before you learn all of it’s lessons. A brilliant book with an interesting concept. It has so many moments that make you think about why humans are the way we are. All of those things that don’t make sense in life, there’s an explanation for it and it’s fascinating. It’s spiritual and creative. I loved this book, I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to read the next instalment in the series. I received a free copy of this book through Voracious Readers Only in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book was an absolutely amazing read! The characters and romance were so gripping and the plot had me consumed immediately! I received this copy through Voracious Readers Only and I'm insanely happy that I did because now all I wish to do is stay in this world with Harmony!
ReadersFavorite 3 months ago
Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite Harmony is a student at the best school ever known. It teaches life lessons and experiences. This school is known as Earth. Class students are sent to experience different lives and learn from them. But while they are there, they don't know any of this; they are simply living. This absence of recollection is thanks to the barrier. It keeps their real life separate from their class life. Harmony, however, has found a way to bring thoughts back with her, subtle things like a suggestion. When she shares her method with the class, and she is asked to prove it, something strange begins to happen. A string of accidental deaths centering around the experiment cause herself and Kaleb to die repeatedly as their paths collide. Is this a result of the experiment, or is there something more to these strange events? Enlightened by Billie Kowalewski is a fascinating read. I loved how this book gave a possible explanation for past life memory in our world and gave a brilliant purpose to reincarnation. The thought that we are each on Earth to learn something and return to a more whole being, who is a sum of all our experiences, is something I have encountered before, but it has been rarely executed in fiction and never in this manner. I loved the characters; they were complex, deep, and real. Each one faces their own challenges on both Earth and in their reality. The bonds and relationships are well developed, and it is evident a lot of hard work and consideration has been involved in ensuring the story flows seamlessly. It has been well executed, especially since it covers Harmony's multiple lives and deaths, and is done in such a manner that it remains clear and concise. This is aided by the alternating narrative, from Harmony addressing the reader personally to her recounting the tales of her experience. Romance, tension, questions, and frustrations are enhanced by the journey of friendship and discovery in this compelling tale. I will certainly be interested to see where book two leads in this series.
The Eclectic Review 3 months ago
Ms. Kowalewski’s plot is original and starts out with a solid storyline with the idea of our souls going to another place called Artopia to continue to learn about life on earth by traveling back in various times. However, it gets stuck when the characters realize their feelings for each other and then suddenly drops off into a cliffhanger at the end. "No one can expect to get every lesson right on the first try. Getting things wrong is how we learn to eventually get them right. Life is about discovering what makes each one of us special. It’s about what defines us. It tests us, helping us to learn who we really are, and how we truly want to be." Kowalewski cleverly formulates many life lessons into classes taken by the residents of Artopia. Classes such as Jumping to Conclusions, It Takes Two, and Going to Extremes. A truly interesting twist on life learning. Harmony and Kaleb are well-developed and have intense feelings for each other that seem to overwhelm the other developing supporting characters. I would have liked to learn more about Harmony’s motorcycle-riding spirit guide, Luke. If you like paranormal and romantic plots give this novel a try. Thank you to Ms. Kowalewski and Voracious Readers Only for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectations of a positive review given.
K_Huskic 5 months ago
This story hooked me from the start. Harmony and Kaleb are souls who have been through a lot of lives together on Earth, but Harmony keeps dying at a young age, and in some truly terrible ways! I had to laugh at some of the awful things that happened to her. But there is a reason for all of her short lives, something she eventually will discover. The characters were interesting and fun to read, and the whole premise of living more than one life this way was really intriguing to me. I read this entire book in one sitting and was left needing more! Highly recommend!
Amys_Bookshelf_Reviews More than 1 year ago
A good story I enjoyed Enlightened by Kowalewski. It follows a good plot line, however, it does start off a little slow, and probably at the wrong spot, but eventually everything falls into place. It does have an interesting premise, and how life and death, with the universe all falls into place. It has more than just earthly characters, but also souls on a higher level in the afterlife. The characters had some depth to them, and a connection to each other, and whatever comes next. I look forward to what will come next to this story, as it didn't feel concluded.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing – Must Read This was an amazing book. I loved the theme of reincarnation and soul mates. I think we’ve all had that feeling at times that we somehow “know” someone or remember them, but we can’t understand how. It was intriguing how Veronica (Harmony) was starting to piece things together about Kaleb and the pasts they’d experienced together. I think I experienced every possible emotion about their love story. The characters were easily relatable, and the plot was fantastic. I loved this book so much and I can definitely see how it won an award. A must-read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The world of Enlightened is a fascinating one. Living several lives, with a base to come back to in between is something I'd never really heard of before. Though it does make it a little hard to come up with a solid plot, since the characters don't remember their previous lives while on Earth, it does leave a ton of room for great character development. I was a little confused in the beginning, with the extra explanations about stuff, but it ended up becoming clear. Interesting read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Kowalewski subbed as my bus driver in 3rd grade many times and now has written an amazing book.