Enlightened Regressivism

Enlightened Regressivism

by Christopher Barra

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We must embrace the logic of Enlightened Regressivism. The alternative to returning to our roots is to surrender our children and grandchildren to the near omnipotent rulers we have today who promote more and more intrusive and Draconian socialistic methods which will enslave our heirs for generations to come.

This book explains:

How and why our congressmen have transformed from honorable public servants enduring a thankless and difficult part-time job to an out-of-touch elite ruling class - and what we can do about it.

Why the murder of a whistle-blowing journalist, who wrote of the treason planned by our Congress and Senate may not have gone down as reported. It was more likely a professional hit to silence him and to pave the way for absolute financial domination over the people. Where is the Cold Case investigation team when we need them?

"Earthers" of today worship the earth as ignorant pagans once did the sun many years ago, yet they accuse conservatives of lack of enlightenment. Had they influence when Columbus planned his voyage, they would have demanded he be grounded due to the disturbance of the natural air flow caused by the giant sails of the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria.

Our economic policy is lifted directly from the Bizarro World. We reward failure and punish success.

Heroes villains and idiots are shamelessly created, worshiped, vilified or destroyed by our intellectually dishonest media propagandists.

Criminalizing the honorable is the only profitable enterprise in which government successfully engages. Under the guise of benevolent protector, they employ financial shake-downs of honest citizens based on absurd safety criteria as the Mafia and Irish Mobs once did, but worse.

All is not lost. We offer 5 primary solutions to avoid a civil war.

Welfare and all its forms has morphed from a safety net to an alternative lifestyle for many. We propose a method of eliminating it as we know it over time. Even the welfare recipients will support this - see why.

Voting must be restored to an earned privilege. We don't allow dependent irresponsible children to dictate financial decisions in a family, we can't allow it as a nation, or they will continually demand we provide more cookies and ice cream. When the least successful and productive are permitted to dominate the decision-making process, the host nation can't survive.

There is a far better way to tax Americans. We provide all the details about the Fair Tax proposal and the reasons why it is a better way. We propose the repeal of the IRS and the income tax and replacement with a national sales tax.

Taxpayers can not continue to support. the big salaries, benefits and pensions of public employees. We are already seeing local government failures. We can restore sanity over time and save the retirees without resorting to bankruptcy. The solutions are here.

Limiting Congressional terms is unquestionably the permanent solution to our woes. It is the best economic stimulus because it relies on honest human nature. This can be done without their help, and even the congressmen themselves will happily (well - greedily) support it.

We must embrace the logic of Enlightened Regressivism . The alternative is to surrender our children and grandchildren to the near omnipotent rulers we have today who promote more and more intrusive and Draconian socialistic methods which will enslave our heirs for generations to come.

Life was much easier when we had fewer laws, lower taxes, temporary congressmen and less government interference in our daily lives. To avoid a revolution, we have no choice but to resurrect the values of yesteryear and regress in thought to a better time we all knew.

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About the Author

Married to Susan, Chris has three wonderful children; Christopher the younger, Amanda and Stephanie. As of the writing of this book, he was Chairman of the Libertarian Party in Escambia County, Florida.Chris operates a tax practice in Pensacola with wife Susan and another office in Boston. A graduate of Providence College in Rhode Island, he has earned a Masters Degree in Wealth Management, and is Enrolled to Practice before the IRS. He also holds a Black Belt in Judo, registered in Tokyo, Japan. If you want more information:Contact Chris at:Chris@barrataxservice.com

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