Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough

by Billy Ray Wilson


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This book informs the readers about the life of a Southeastern Kentuckian and his struggles with 17 years of religious teachings coupled with, once into real world employment, corruption in the government of the United States of America and treasonous acts by members of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

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ISBN-13: 9781449056919
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/14/2009
Pages: 232
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Enough is Enough

By Billy Ray Wilson


Copyright © 2009 Billy Ray Wilson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-5691-9

Chapter One

Family Origins

The United States of America is a country made by regrettably killing the Native Americans, relocating the Cherokee Nation from the East Coast of the United States to the Oklahoma Territory, and permitting slavery to remain active after the people declared the United States a sovereign nation. A nation, I might add, based on equality of every citizen regardless of their race, religion, creed, or point of origin.

We Americans, began our journey when a group of colonist decided our colonies would no longer cower to the English Crown. Based upon there decision, the Declaration of Independence was written and announced to the colonist, and to the King of England. Following the announcement and defeat of King George's mighty military, with the help of the French Navy and Army, our founders came forth with the United States Constitution.

The United States Constitution is the foundation of our country. The Founders wrote our government would consist of three separate branches - the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Each branch would have separate functions, but together would assure the country would not become a monarchy.

The Legislative Branch is the ultimate power of the American system. The Executive Branch is the government'sadministrative branch under the stewardship of The President of The United States and his cabinet. The Judicial Branch is supposed to monitor the activities of the other two branches, to assure they do not exceed their authority based on the U.S. Constitution.

Regarding the Supreme Court, it is my opinion, the Justices failed our nation in two extremely important cases before the court: (1) Allegedly, the Supreme Court informed President Andrew Jackson he did not have the authority, and his actions were in violation of the Constitution by his orders of moving the Cherokees to Oklahoma. Jackson was said to have announced "The Supreme Court does not have an army." (2) Siding with George W. Bush against Vice President Albert Gore in the 2000 national election. The Supreme Court Justices made George W. Bush the 43rd President of The United States Of America.

You may think I am getting away from the subject, but I am not.

Growing up in southern Kentucky part of Kentucky's 5th U.S. congressional District, known throughout many circles as the POT (marijuana) capitol of the United States, and per capita, the largest number of government subsidized citizens, I heard from different family members on both my father and mother's side, that we were of Native American blood.

I began the research which continues to date but learned, with some questions still outstanding: the Brown - Chandler and Wilson - Casteel families were indeed of indigenous blood. To this end even without the American Indian ancestry, I can be called a Melting Pot citizen without question.

My family tree's trunk consists of the Brown, Casteel, Chandler, and Wilson families. However, without the below listed families I would not be writing this autobiography:

Blevin (Blevins) Black Carter Dees Dobkins George Hamilton Mershon Moore Pennington Tackett

The Brown family according to a number of different sources are from the native tribes in New England from the time of arrivals at Plymouth Rock, of more recent history, one of my great - grandfathers married a Mary "Polly" Tackett. She was born in Hawkins, TN which is a known county for American Indians.

Wilson family is truly mixed with many races and ethnic groups. Grandmother Lucy Wilson was a Casteel at birth. Her father was more Indian than white (The first Casteel, in Kentucky, allegedly married a full blooded American Indian who resided in an Indian settlement near a British Fort in Rockcastle County. Not all the Casteel family agrees with me and a large number of other family members regarding Indian blood).

The chandler Family had indigenous blood from both sides. Grandfather Chandler married a lady named Louisa Blevin and/ or Blevins. One of her fore parents was a Dobkins.

Of note, my research revealed history that I had never knew. For example, there were family members whose ancestry included Arabs and Arab Jews who were expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella (Queen Isabella's army defeated the Muslims who had conquered Spain and much of Europe during Prophet Mohammed's religious war). The Muslims/ non-Muslims were forced aboard ships bound to North America and discharged off of the coast of the present day Carolinas. From shore side, they traveled into the mountain range and lived among the American Indians.

The research concluded my ancestry consisted of: Europeans, North American Indians, North Africa, and East Asia. During a down period in research, I sent a DNA sample to the Gene Tree DNA Company in Utah to determine where our family originated (The test was based on my father's DNA. My mother's family were in the North America longer and their Indian heritage was greater. At a later date, I plan on checking my DNA from my mother's side. Too expensive at present.). The following DNA data is provided:

European ancestry is close to ninety percent. The remaining leads us to the Native American, Sub-Sahara Africa and East Asia. We know the Wilson clan came from Ireland. The Brown family from Great Britain. Other family members came from France, Germany, Normand, East Asia, and the continent of Africa.

During the month of May 2009, I submitted another swab to an Ancestry Agency, again in Utah, to obtain the results of my father's "Y" Chromosome. For example: "starting from the point in human history when many ancient ancestral groups migrated out of Africa, discrete populations began to settle in different parts of the world. Over generations, as they adapted to their unique environments, each population's genes became slightly different from the original African Group. Some of the differences were random, while others provided genes for the characteristics which let groups thrive in their environments. Taken together those genetic differences define haplography." (One's grouping).

The Wilson Grouping belongs to haplography R1b, the Artisans, who first arrived in Europe from West Asia about 35,000 - 40,000 years ago. A sub-group of the Artisans, is associated with the Cro-Magnons. About 70% of individuals currently residing in Southern England are members of the Artisans. Other members can be found at high rates in the modern day populations of Spain, Portugal, France, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

To date, ancestry has provided me with 250 matches of my "Y" Chromosome from Thailand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia (Allen Wilson), and throughout the United States. Truly Amazing.

What I have written in this autobiography may offend some families, as they may not agree with my personal life and beliefs, but my findings were without malice. Regrettably, in my opinion, in our findings, we found the European male acquired wives without regard to race, religion, ethnic group, etc. which was outstanding. However, as it is the case in some societies today, a female could be purchased, bartered, or stolen without the love one should seek between a man and his wife. I truly hope my male family members loved their wives not just demand sex, a housekeeper, servant, etc. Our family truly assimilated into the population.

Pre-Military Years

I was born in East Bernstadt, Laurel County, Kentucky, the United States of America during the early morning hours of September 21, 1943, the son of Raleigh Lee Wilson and Abbie Brown. The place of birth was at the home of my father's half-sister, Eva Moore, as very few rural Kentuckians were born in a hospital. My father had enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on December 9, 1942, completed basic training, and was on a ship with his Division to retake the Pacific Islands from the Japanese. My mother was a housewife, with a daughter, born on May 21, 1941, and now me to care for without a husband.

At the time of enlistment into the Marine Corps, my father was employed by Allis-Chambers, located in Norwood, OH. He returned to Allis-Chambers following his discharge from the Marine Corps.

Speaking of fathers, we draw our family name from our fathers, but to me, it is the mothers that deserve the credit for being there throughout one's life, in the good and the bad. For example, like today with many fathers away at war, it is the mother that bears the heaviest burden for the illegal on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To make matters worse, state governments have comprised with the Federal Government for their National Guard (militia) units to be included as part of the Department of Defense's active duty military in the Middle East. This scenario places the military dependents in the hands of parents or designated guardians which results, in my opinion, in mental stress to the dependents.

As a rural Kentuckian, our home environment was austere, family ties were strong, patriotism was alive and individual integrity was commonplace. At home, we were taught the history of our families, and the relationships with other families that made up our family tree. Likewise, we were taught our nation's history was not flawless, but the best country in the world's history. (Without a doubt, our country had periods and do so today that were/are ethically wrong and against the laws of the United States).

In Laurel County, which is in Southeast Kentucky, at the time of my student years, our education system was fiscally based on an agriculture economy. Naturally, the agriculture based economy created educational inequality for Kentucky's Fifth U.S. Congressional District. The Central and Northern areas of the state had multiple economic bases from manufacturing, tourism, and of course, agriculture. Today, the state's educational system is financed in part by Kentucky's State Lottery and taxes from property, vehicle tags & registration, and a small tax charge is billed on just about every non-government service used.

An example of the disparity between the Northern schools and those in Laurel County became apparent when I was a Junior at Hazel Green High School, Hazel Green, Kentucky. There was to be a state math contest at Georgetown College in Central Kentucky, where all high schools were represented. Hazel Green sent a team, of which I was a member. We learned first hand, the greater emphasis on math by the industrial based school systems. We were embarrassed.

Education in Southeastern Kentucky did not end at the public school, but continued throughout the year, year after year. However, the continuous education was religiously handed down from one generation to another, and too often administered to church goers by individuals seeking additional income, swindlers, and individuals without integrity.

Hold on! I probably hit a nerve when I wrote ministers without integrity. What I am saying is that to an educated, non-brainwashed person, such as, for example: Noah's Flood, plagues in Egypt, and Jews fleeing Egypt. Let me enlighten you to the truth regarding the tales and fables identified:

Noah's Flood: There was no flood that covered the earth, destroyed life on earth, except for Noah and his family. In fact, a number of civilizations in the Middle East used a flood story, but with different actors and mode of escape. Use your head, the Ark would be impossible to build. Oh, with God's help. Please.

Plagues in Egypt: In the past few years, the African country, Cameroon suffered the same scenarios as the alleged Egyptians at the charge by Moses. The truth in Cameroon and ancient Egypt was movement of the earth's plates which resulted in toxic gases rising from the underground. (Jerusalem is due an earthquake within the near future. The United States is not the only country in the world with earthquake faults).

Jews fleeing Egypt: The Arab Hebrew were a Nomadic people that would enter another country in search of food, water, etc., for their clan and animals. However, the Arab Hebrew did not want to blend in with the society. No! Their claim of being God's Chosen People led to the same turmoil in Egypt, as the United States is encountering today. Sure, most likely a number of Arab Hebrew departed Egypt seeking another Arab ethnic group to intimidate and or murder. (Egypt still has Arab Hebrews among their population). They allegedly found the Palestinian (Canaanites) to murder and take their land. Should sound familiar.

Oh, I almost forgot a greater scam by Arab Hebrews, which is Moses and the Ten Commandments. Individuals familiar with the Bible's version of the flight from Egypt and the infamous movie "Ten Commandments" should find the following interesting:

An expedition, by a noted U.S. movie producer, attempted to retrace the route taken by the Arab Hebrews out of Egypt. Of interest was the mount where Moses, allegedly, received the Ten Commandments from God. The team discovered an encampment and evidence of encampment described in the Bible on top of a mountain-not Mount Siani.

The movie version revealed God through his control of the elements carving the commandments into stone tablets. Based on scripture, it is my opinion, that Moses or whomever, chiseled the tablet themselves. Allegedly, when Moses or whomever, came down from the mountain with the tablets his face was so burned he had to wear a veil. It is my accusation that the burned face came from camp fires needed for heat and light to chisel the stones. No supreme entity was present.

Our Ministers, Sunday School teachers, and of course, family members stressed upon us parts of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Jesus Christ was the main character throughout my childhood. Overall, the county was Protestant, including Catholics, but I did not know any individuals whose religion was Judaism.

Our community has changed now with a large influx of those of Judaism from states north of Kentucky. By way of their money, our community has become corrupted to the point of setting aside the U.S. Constitution. For example: at South Laurel High School's 209 graduation speech, a senior addressed the assembly where he told of Jews fleeing Egypt. Religion has no more place in the schools than politics. Schools should be the arena where truth is spoken.

Growing up during the 1950's, Americans felt secure, both economically and physically. Our President was General Dwight David Eisenhower, with an appointed Presidential Cabinet of Americans not hyphenated Americans. The Congress of the United States emulated the guidelines set forth by the Constitution of the Unites States. Americans were in Washington. Our founders would have been satisfied.

Race relations in Laurel County, as I recall, were without incident. Black Americans went to Black Schools, and Whites to White Schools. I remember one time at London's Indoor Theater, I sat in the balcony, but later learned the theater was segregated. Black Americans were to sit in the balcony. I went back to the balcony whenever I wanted. As far as communication with Black Americans, my only contact was with a family that did plumbing work. (An Aunt hired the family to put in the plumbing in one of the houses she had built for sale). Going further, in my home, Mother welcomed anyone to share our food and hospitality. She was a true American.

Family life, most of my life, was without a father. Even before Mother and my Father were divorced, my Father frequently came home on weekends; however he had no association with me. (He worked in Norwood, Ohio). So, at eleven, Mom was both mother and father. But even without a father, relatives supported Mother, and I was able to attend 4-H Camp, join the Civil Air Patrol, and visit my Aunts in Michigan and Ohio. (While in Michigan, my Aunt took me to Canada, to my first Big Boy Restaurant, and to the beautiful Roman style movie theaters in Detroit).

Laurel County is a sportsman dream. Locals fish, hunt for small game, coon and fox hunt. The area now has elk, deer, black bears and turkeys. You can swim in the many local ponds and lakes. Our state park, Levi Jackson, is part of the Cumberland Trail used to settle Kentucky and travel west. Likewise, Laurel County was selected by the late movie star Burt Lancaster to film the movie "KENTUCKIANS." Of note, London is the county seat of government, and is the home of the Federal Government's Judicial System for Southeastern Kentucky.

As with any beautiful land of mountains, trees, waterways, etc., life threatening situations often arise. This was the case for a short periods in parts of Laurel County prone to flood. However, the flooding situation was short lived as the U.S. Corps of Engineers used their engineering skills to build dams and other projects that ended the flooding. Also, from the flooding projects came a marvel of the Eisenhower Administration - U.S. Interstate 75. (A highway beginning in Canada and ending in the state of Florida).


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Table of Contents


Family Origins....................1
Pre-Military Years....................6
Lackland Air Force Base, Texas....................12
Homestead Air Force Base, Florida....................17
Kunsan Air Base....................28
Bangkok, Kingdom Of Thailand....................44
Kingdom Of Loas....................68
Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan....................95
Joint Casuality Resolution Center (Jcrc)....................99
Pease Air Force Base....................115
Clark Air Base, Republic Of The Philippines....................121
Travis Air Force Base, California....................126
Middle East Saudi Arabian Experience....................131
Interim Employment Between Saudi Arabia Assignments....................144
Department Of Veteran Affairs....................148
Israel, Judaism, & Zionism....................155
The Future....................169
THE TRIBUTE....................175

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