Enough Is Plenty: Public and Private Policies for the 21st Century

Enough Is Plenty: Public and Private Policies for the 21st Century

by Anne B. Ryan


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ISBN-13: 9781846942396
Publisher: Earth Books
Publication date: 11/15/2009
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements x

Introduction 1

Thinking about progress 4

Plan of the book 6

You, the reader and me, the writer 10

1 Reflecting on Enough 12

Enough and ecology 15

Enough and aesthetics 17

Enough and Morality 18

Enough and Spirituality 20

Making progress 22

What enough is not 23

Cope, critique, resist and create 25

2 When we Ignore Enough

The contemporary capitalist economic system 29

A monetarist outlook 30

Economies of scale and the global stage 35

Who is in charge? 37

Who benefits? 41

Hollow benefits in affluent countries too 42

Insecurity becomes endemic 45

Escaping before the crash 47

3 Suicidal Agriculture 50

Beginnings 52

The biological risks of industrializing agriculture 55

Animal suffering 57

Effects on human health 59

The greenhouse gas emissions 61

Changes in the Common Agricultural Policy 62

The social and human effects of industrial agriculture 63

Work and industrialized agriculture 66

Long supply chains 68

Conclusion 69

4 Regulating for Freedom 71

Accepted: the need to reduce and regulate carbon emissions 74

Needed: a fair process for regulation 75

The global commons 75

Individuals first: why the framework gives quotas to people not government 79

The practicalities of a fair system 80

Why tradable individual quotas are better than other options for reduction 82

Complementary interventions 87

Can Contraction and Convergence actually happen? 89

The Cap and Share campaign: first steps 92

Conclusion 93

5 Financial Security 94

Financial security for all 95

Linking security, reduced demand, and reduced growth 96

Equity: a prerequisite for security 98

Problems witha minimum wage 99

Problems with welfare 99

Paying for a Citizens' Income 101

How much? 105

Who gets it? 106

Who qualifies as a citizen? 108

How work could be transformed when decoupled from money 110

Conclusion 114

6 Future Food 116

Intelligent Agriculture 117

Balancing urban and rural 121

Social life 122

Getting there: reform of the Common Agricultural Policy as a model for western countries 123

Creating Intelligent Agriculture outside formal structures: a worldwide food movement 126

A food culture 127

Getting rid of the obsession with cheap food 128

Formal structures to support the food movement 130

Is food security really possible? 137

7 Policy and Principles 139

Keystone attitudes 143

8 Citizen-Leaders in the Movement for Enough 146

Citizen-leadership 147

Cultivating the middle ground 149

The value of the ordinary 152

Redefining wealth: qualitative development 154

Power and imagination 157

History 159

New stories about change 160

9 Our World, our Selves 163

The capacity to think 165

The capacity to feel 165

Contemplating dependency 173

Care 174

Uncertainty and mystery 179

Conclusion 182

Tasks for the daring 184

Coping well in the present 185

Enough of this book 188

Chapter Notes 190

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