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Enough Really is Enough

Enough Really is Enough

by Vivien Heim
Enough Really is Enough

Enough Really is Enough

by Vivien Heim


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Lucie, a 60-something woman, is happily (more or less) settled in a relatively long-term but part-time relationship with Richard, who all her friends are convinced isn't right for her - reluctantly she suspects what they say is true but fear of being on her own stops her from challenging him. Eventually though she has enough of his sketchy behaviour and tells him to go, hoping that will be a shock to his complacency and prove to be just a break. After a while, and to her joy, he returns and says those three little words she's been longing to hear, going so far as to present her with a 'commitment* ring. Lulled into what proves to be a false sense of security, she's nothing short of devastated when soon afterwards she's unceremoniously dumped. Friends rally round but it takes an unexpected revelation to shock her out of her self-pity.

Shortly afterwards, completely by chance, she bumps into an attractive man. As she comes to realise he's much younger than her, she wonders whether the relationship's entirely appropriate, but his persistence plus incredible sex makes him far too hard to give up, After a wonderful weekend away, she discovers he's been living a lie but his plausible explanation persuades her to continue.

Her world is rocked when she's diagnosed with breast cancer; she goes through surgery followed by radiotherapy after which she endures the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with a prosthetic breast. If all that isn't enough Covid strikes the world which means that, in a heartbeat, she loses every bit of her work. Desperate for money, she takes in a transvestite lodger who proves to be a life-saver in many ways.

She's suddenly faced by a dilemma with her new man - can she continue when his thinking about how a relationship should be conducted is so fundamentally different to her own?

And then, out of the blue, Richard returns wanting to rekindle their romance. She agrees to meet him - will she accept his proposal?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781637679951
Publisher: Booktrail Publishing
Publication date: 09/22/2022
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Born in London on her mother's birthday, Vivien was the only child of Oscar and Susan Heim. Oscar was in the Army; the family spent a very happy few years in Malta, eventually returning to London before deciding to settle in Birmingham.Married at 24 and after what she calls 'an awful lot of faffing about', Vivien decided to pursue a career in education which proved to be a turning point in her life as it became clear this was the working love of her life. The untimely death of her mother came as a huge shock, a sorrow that came back to haunt her when she too contracted breast cancer many years later. After giving birth to her only daughter, Vivien suffered several tumultuous years; following the all to early death of a dear friend and her father within days of each other, the ending of her marriage, redundancy from the teaching job she highly valued, and battling breast cancer - life was hard. In order to support herself and her daughter, Vivien seized every opportunity that materialised - from taking in lodgers to share their home, to teaching, assessing vocational qualifications, teaching English as a foreign language, training, management consultancy, and life coaching. She has even been an official wedding registrar! It was mainly through the support network of her friends that she survived all this with head held high; a group of women (and the occasional man) who hold strong and true to each other to this day.As she felt she needed to concentrate on her daughter until she had left school, Vivien was in her 50s, having shied away from it entirely for over a decade, before she ventured into the world of online dating. These dalliances left her fearful, exposed and self-conscious, yet excited, comforted, and courageous. It was those experiences that inspired this, her first novel - Enough Really Is Enough.

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