Enslaved by Orcs: A Slave of the Tribe (Fantasy Wrestling Rimming Erotica)

Enslaved by Orcs: A Slave of the Tribe (Fantasy Wrestling Rimming Erotica)

by Tiffany Bell

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Sellia, a smug elven thief, has been captured by a tribe of orcs after being caught stealing an ancient relic from them. She must wrestle a curvy female orc warrior for dominance, but the catch is what happens if she loses.

This 6,600 word short story contains depictions of orc-on-elf sex, anal sex, wrestling, cream pies, ass worship, breath control, lesbian rimming, domination, and humiliation.

An excerpt from Enslaved by Orcs: A Slave of the Tribe, Part 1
* * * * * * * * * *
The crowd cheered enthusiastically. Sellia’s eyes narrowed as she was lectured by the orc woman on the ettiquite of the game she hadn’t even agreed to play. As if the elf would even admit this brutish display of power to mean anything to her. Sellia was better than this crude, tribal village. She took in a deep breath and coughed as her lungs were able to fill up again.

Immediately, she felt Revara’s fingers grab the back of her collar and yank her already ruined shirt backwards. Sellia was tired of being hurt while her clothes were removed, so she let her arms go limp and allowed the female orc to pull the shirt off her body.

She still wore her bra and panties, though they weren’t exactly in immaculate condition after rolling around on the floor and being dragged around on her ass. Her pale, white skin was on display for the crowd to gawk at. Sellia crossed her arms over her chest to cover her petite breasts from view of the ogling eyes of those male orcs, despite the fact they were still covered by her bra.

Revara stepped forward, smirking widely as the crowd began chanting something that the elf couldn’t understand. Sellia raised her hands and prepared herself for the fight to continue, but the orc had other plans. She continued advancing on the elf, causing her to back up to keep a safe distance between them.

Sellia’s eyes widened as she felt the rough hands of the crowd groping and grabbing at her. She yelped in terror as her remaining undergarments were pulled and ripped from her body, revealing all of her pale, pert flesh. Their hands grabbed at her breasts, squeezing her tiny, pink nipples, and delving between her thighs to rub at her pussy. A deep blush covered her cheeks as she was molested.

The weirdest part of it all was seeing the orc starting to disrobe herself. She pulled off her flimsy top, revealing her large, round, green breasts. They were rather impressive, considering they didn’t sag too much for their massive size. Her dark green nipples were already extremely hard. She reached down and untied a knot on her loincloth, letting it fall away to reveal her bald pussy. The horde of watching orcs went wild and began chanting her name again. “Revara! Revara!”

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BN ID: 2940015609707
Publisher: Tiffany Bell
Publication date: 09/26/2012
Series: A Slave of the Tribe , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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