by Ray Gordon

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BN ID: 2940154105795
Publisher: Chimera Books
Publication date: 05/11/2012
Series: Ray Gordon Erotic Stories
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 525,265
File size: 371 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

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'It's a shame Marianne wasted all that money on the course,' John remarked as Barry sat beside him.

'It wasn't wasted.' Barry's lips furled into a grin. 'She can't hypnotize people, but the course instructor has planted a trigger word in her subconscious - and I know the word!' he chuckled.

'A trigger word? What do you mean?' John asked, his eyes frowning.

'A word that sends her into a hypnotic state. When I say the word she'll do anything I ask - and remember nothing about it afterwards.'

'That's crap! You're having me on!'

'No, I'm not. I'll prove it to you when she comes back.'

'Trigger word, my foot!' John mocked.

'Shush! Here she comes.'

Sitting opposite the men, Marianne sipped her coffee and asked John about his thesis. He grinned, turning to look at Barry as he waited for him to utter the magical word and send the pretty girl off into some strange robotic state.

'Juxtaposition,' Barry articulated loudly and clearly.

Marianne's heart leapt, her hands trembling as she realized she was required to perform before John. Perform what? she wondered uneasily. Still holding her coffee cup, she awaited Barry's instructions, praying that he'd not ask her to masturbate. If the bastard does, I'll have to expose myself as a fraud!

'Stand up,' Barry ordered. Placing her cup on the table, Marianne stood before her audience, her heart banging hard against her chest as she wondered what she'd have to do to prove to John that she really was hypnotized. 'Do a little dance,' Barry laughed gleefully.

Leaping around the room, Marianne was relieved that a dance was all that was required of her.

'That proves nothing,' John jeered. 'You're both having me on. What do you think I am, stupid?'

'All right,' Barry replied. 'Marianne, stand in front of us and lift your skirt up.'

Frozen to the spot, the girl wondered whether to fake an illness or something, anything to halt the humiliation. 'Go on, do it,' Barry ordered impatiently as John scoffed at the very idea of trigger words and hypnosis.

Thankful that she'd washed her pussy and changed her panties, she stood before her spectators and lifted her skirt, revealing the tight pink material following the contours of her swollen vaginal lips, the neat dividing groove between her warm hillocks of girl-flesh.

'There, proof enough?' Barry asked triumphantly.

'That proves nothing,' John returned, much to Marianne's horror. 'We've all seen a pair of knickers before. That proves nothing, other than that Marianne's a gorgeous bird.'

'Bloody hell,' Barry groaned irritably. 'What do you want, blood? Er...

Marianne, keep your skirt up, and pull the front of your panties down.'

There was to be one ultimately humiliating test after another, it seemed.

Her hands now visibly shaking, Marianne knew that the time had come to end her game of deception. As she made her decision and lowered her skirt, Barry repeated his instruction with a hint of exasperation in his voice. 'Pull your bloody skirt up and your knickers down - and show John your pubes.'

The devil emerging? Or had Barry changed? Marianne wondered as she tentatively lifted her short skirt again. He'd always been so possessive, so jealous - but here he was, asking her to display her feminine intimacy to another man. Wondering just how far he'd go, she decided to play along, if only to discover the full depravity of the monster she now thought her boyfriend to be.

Her thumb between the tight elastic of her panties and her smooth stomach, she held her breath, wondering how she'd feel by exposing her blonde pubes, her pink crack, to her voyeurs. Barry was a bastard, but she'd get him! Somehow, the tables would turn and the day would soon come when the whole thing would backfire on him, she promised herself.

Pulling her panties down, her eyes blank, her face expressionless, she felt her womb flutter as John gasped. 'God, she must really be under,' he finally acknowledged as she pulled the flimsy material down a little further to reveal her inner lips protruding from her pussy-slit.

'What did I tell you?' Barry quipped smugly.

'Fuck me, will she do anything? I mean, absolutely anything?'

'You should have seen what I got her to do earlier. Christ, you should have seen her! I'll tell you what... No, it's not fair to use her like this,' Barry smiled, sending a wave of relief rolling through Marianne's racked mind. 'Pull your knickers up and lower your skirt and then go and sit down, love,' he said softly.

Which is the real Barry? she wondered as he clicked his fingers. Picking up her coffee cup, she smiled sweetly as if nothing had happened. She'd passed the ultimate test, she thought happily, praying that, in the future, Barry would only use the word when they were alone together. The game was going well. Not only had she convinced John, but Barry was now completely under her spell.

But, ultimate test or not, she realized that Barry wouldn't stop there.

His conscience had obviously won the day, and he'd not asked her to masturbate in front of John - but would it always win? Would his darker side demand that he humiliate her again and again? If that happened, then all she had to do was pretend that the trigger word no longer worked, that it had worn off.

Sipping her coffee, Marianne became aware of her vaginal juices seeping into her panties. To her horror, she realized that displaying her pussy to another man had sexually excited her. Her vagina aching, her clitoris stiffening, to her surprise she began to wish that Barry would order her to masturbate with the cucumber while John watched.

'You all right, love?' Barry asked, noticing her face flush.

'Yes, fine,' she smiled as her womb fluttered. 'I'm just a little hot, that's all. I'm going to ring Jill again. There's something I forgot to tell her.'

'OK, see you in a minute.'

Phoning her friend for real this time and with the lounge door closed, Marianne slipped her hand between her thighs and gasped. 'God, I'm wet!'

'Sorry?' Jill asked.

'Oh, hi, Jill - it's me, Marianne.'

'Hi! Who's wet?'

'I was talking to Barry about the... about the kitchen floor. Anyway, how are you?'

'I'm okay. How was the course?'

'It was fun. I failed, but it was fun. Listen, the course lecturer has given me a trigger word which...'

Her words tailed off as she realized that if anyone twigged that she was playing games, especially the indiscreet young Jill, Barry would eventually find out. Not wanting to ruin her fun, she decided to say nothing about the word. Too late!

'A trigger word?' Jill asked.

'Er... yes, he...'

'That's where someone becomes hypnotized when they hear a certain word, isn't it?'

'Yes, that's right.'

'So, the lecturer has implanted a word in your subconscious, then?'

'Yes, no... Look, I don't want Barry to know about it, Jill. If he knew the word, there's no saying what he'd get me to do.' Why am I saying all this?

'What's the word? I promise I won't tell him.'

'I'd rather not... Oh, I might as well tell you - it's "juxtaposition".'

'Does it work?'

She'd have to concoct lies now - lies to cover lies.

'Yes, the people on the course all had trigger words, and we all had a good laugh making each other do this and that. But I don't want anyone to know that the word still works. The man running the course became ill and went home before he could erase the word from my subconscious.'

'I'll pop in tomorrow and you can tell me all about it.'

'Okay, great. But remember, tell no one about the word.'

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Guest More than 1 year ago
The book is real interesting and recommended. It puts you into the groove for what you need