Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse

Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse

by Susan M. Omilian, JD


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No longer a victim, beyond a survivor, she is a "thriver" on the brink of a new life. She's a new breed of woman moving on after abuse and she wants her revenge. Living well is her best revenge. She is pushing through her fears to find positive energy and forge a new future for herself and her children.
Ready to take this life-changing journey of self-discovery from victim to survivor to "thriver" and permanently break the cycle of violence in your life?
Author Susan Omilian has used her seven-step motivational process to assist hundreds of women on their journey over the last fifteen years. Now in book form with easy-to-use worksheets, invigorating writing exercises and inspirational thriver success stories, readers will...
See their journey from struggle to transformation to happy ending.
Quiet critical voices and awaken their Happy Person Inside.
Attract positive energy to push through their fears.
Set new, achievable goals to put them in the thriver zone.
The innovative material in this guide is valuable not only for victims of abuse but also for their families, friends, counselors, therapists, crisis center staffs, and attorneys. It is a resource for these helpers and supporters, offering a process for the journey to thriving for those caught in this web of abuse.

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ISBN-13: 9780984250929
Publisher: Butterfly Bliss Productions
Publication date: 09/12/2016
Series: Thriver Zone Series , #1
Edition description: None
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Susan M. Omilian JD is an attorney and women’s rights advocate. She has helped hundreds of women on their journey from victim to survivor to thriver for the past four decades. Her award-winning work allows women to permanently break the cycle of abuse and create new, vibrant futures for themselves and their children. She is the author of Awaken. She lives in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Table of Contents

About the Author ii
About the Speaker iii
Note from the Author - Maggie's Story and a New Beginning 1
How to Use This Book 3
Getting Started 5
STEP 1 - See Your Journey 25
THE EXERCISE: Feeling the Right Brain
THE EXERCISE: Honoring Our Stories (Fairy Tales)
STEP 2 - Quiet the Inner Critic37
THE EXERCISE: Facing the Inner Critic
STEP 3 - Connect with the Happy Person Inside You 43
THE EXERCISE: Writing A "Happy Person" Letter
STEP 4 - Get Positive Energy 49
THE EXERCISE: Choosing What's Important to You
THE EXERCISE: Getting Unstuck
THE EXERCISE: Getting to Gratitude
THE EXERCISE: Celebrating What Makes You Happy
STEP 5 - Vision a New Life 65
THE EXERCISE: Seeing the Future
STEP 6 - Overcome Fears 73
THE EXERCISE: Pushing Through Our Fears - If I Had No Fear
THE EXERCISE: Finding a Positive Pattern - Peak Experience
STEP 7 - Set New Goals 83
THE EXERCISE: Setting New Goals from Top Down
Profile of a Thriver 97
Meet the Thrivers! 129

What People are Saying About This

Lundy Bancroft

“This book offers faith, courage and dignity to women who have survived the destructive and selfish actions of abusive men. Susan's message is 'Don't settle for anything less than a life that is better than ever.' She knows that women can do it and by the time a woman has worked her way through this excellent guidebook for healing, she will believe it, too.”—Lundy Bancroft, author, Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

Evan Stark

“Susan begins with a rare insight—that what makes a battered woman is not what the abuser has done to her but what he has kept her from doing for herself—and then takes her readers on a jubilant journey of self-realization. On the way, Susan helps them remake their world and get back in touch with their power and possibility.”—Evan Stark PhD, MSW, Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Newark and author, Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life

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