Enterprise [Music from the Original Television Soundtrack]

Enterprise [Music from the Original Television Soundtrack]

by Dennis McCarthy


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Enterprise [Music from the Original Television Soundtrack]

When the producers of the fifth Star Trek series decided to use a vocal track over the show's opening credits, controversy immediately erupted among fans. After all, Star Trek had a rich legacy of memorable instrumental themes, from the bold fanfare that opened the original series to Jerry Goldsmith's triumphant march used in Star Trek: The Next Generation (a theme originally written for Star Trek: The Motion Picture) to Dennis McCarthy's plaintive opening for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and, finally, Goldsmith's rich, intrepid theme for Star Trek: Voyager. For Enterprise, the producers broke with tradition by choosing "Faith of the Heart," penned by hitmaker Diane Warren and sung by Russell Watson, to accompany the show's opening collage depicting the history of spaceflight. It's an interesting if somewhat bewildering choice and one that continued to divide fans. Thankfully, the song plays much better on album than on television, seeming somehow easier to take while continuing to sound a bit out of place within the context of Dennis McCarthy's underscore. Two versions of the song are included on this CD, a full-length rendition which opens the album and, at the other end, the shortened version used on the show. The bulk of the album is dedicated to McCarthy's score to the pilot episode, "Broken Bow, built primarily around the pleasant, Americana-style "Archer's Theme" (originally intended for use under the main titles). The music unfolds in a style typical for later Star Trek projects, avoiding the strongly melodic (and sometimes melodramatic) strains present in the original series and presenting more of an orchestral tapestry. McCarthy creates a strong sense of mood, using some effective percussion passages to represent the villains while keeping his main focus on building textures to underplay the action on screen. While this technique is usually more effective onscreen than on disc, here it works fairly well on its own. There's nothing spectacular here, but Enterprise does make a representative and worthy addition to the Star Trek musical canon.

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Release Date: 05/14/2002
Label: Decca
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Enterprise [Music from the Original Television Soundtrack] 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While we had to wait for some time after the premiere of Enterprise for this CD to come out I believe that it was worth the wait. The theme chosen for the series is a vocal ''Where my heart will take me'' which is also known as ''Faith of the Heart'' and expresses what this show is about. Its about going where no one has gone before. Dennis McCarthy has composed a wonderful score and Archer's Theme is the instrumental theme for Enterprise. It all fits together like the music for the other series its just in this case, Enterprise is a different type of Star Trek and hence has a different type of theme. The enchanced CD has the music video of Russell Watson performing ''Where my heart will take me'' and has info on the crew and series as well.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I never had a interest in watch the show "Enterprise" when it first aired. I figured how good could it be.I love Star Trek and Star Trek TNG. Well,while recovering from major surgery I ended up watching it. AND I LOVE IT!! I love the theme and the opening! It is its OWN show and not trying to copy off the others in some way. And i love the theme so much that i am buying the sound track album from it.
Milbrath More than 1 year ago
Not the usual spectacular Star Trek music but it's good insturmental music if you're just looking for something nice to fill the air. Now the Star Trek Generations music, that is really good orchestra music! The Overture especially.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An interesting CD that organized the tracks well to give us an emotional journey through promise and exploration to danger and tension to ultimately an uplifting end. Would have liked better features in the enhanced CD content, but altogether it's an enjoyable listen.