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Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Book of Business Forms / Edition 1

Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Book of Business Forms / Edition 1

by Michael Spadaccini

ISBN-10: 1932156674

ISBN-13: 9781932156676

Pub. Date: 07/29/2004

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

Tired of reinventing everyday business documents? Now there's an easier way. From hiring the right people, to selling your products or services, 199 up-to-date business forms help you administer activities accurately and consistently. Such written agreements prevent misunderstandings and reduce potential liabilities, while saving you time and money. These highly


Tired of reinventing everyday business documents? Now there's an easier way. From hiring the right people, to selling your products or services, 199 up-to-date business forms help you administer activities accurately and consistently. Such written agreements prevent misunderstandings and reduce potential liabilities, while saving you time and money. These highly effective forms are all available on CD-ROM, ready to adapt specifically to your business.

Applicable across many industries and easily customizable to the particular needs of your business, these are tools and forms to:

  • Select the best employees
  • Achieve 100% safe inventory
  • Get paid for your products and services
  • Control business operations to generate a profit
  • Streamline and control purchasing
  • Maintain consistent personnel policies and records
  • Minimize liability when terminating employees
  • Standardize business operations
  • Generate financial records
  • Increase sales and better serve customers

This comprehensive handbook covers specific business issues as well. If you have a website, the website terms of service form is your legal disclaimer. If you need to add employees, the complete company employee handbook outlines policies and procedures. Trademark violations are addressed by the cease and desist letter.

When you need to "Get it in writing," don't reinvent business process. Use these proven tools to get the jobs done right - first time, every time!

Michael Spadaccini currently practices law, with specialties in business and corporate law, domestic and international trademark development, enforcement, litigation, and licensing. Based in San Diego, California, he is the author of The Complete Corporate Guide: Incorporate in Any State and a period securities law newsletter entitled The Securities Law Report.

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Entrepreneur Press
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Edition description:
Book and CD-ROM
Product dimensions:
8.30(w) x 10.60(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.Human Resource Recruitment Tools1
1.Application for Employment--Short Form2
2.Application for Employment--Long Form4
3.Authorization to Release Employment Applicant Information8
4.Pre-Employment Reference Check via Phone9
5.Pre-Employment Reference Check via Phone (Version Two)10
6.Pre-Employment Reference Check via Letter12
7.Applicant Comparison Summary Form13
8.Applicant Rating Form, Part One14
9.Applicant Rating Form, Part Two15
10.Offer of Employment and Employment Contract16
11.New Employee Announcement18
Chapter 2.Employee Records and Human Resource Management19
12.Employee Master Database21
13.Company Employee Handbook22
14.Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Handbook44
15.Employee Personal Information45
16.Employee Vacation Request46
17.Payroll Deduction Authorization47
18.Payroll Deduction Authorization48
19.Direct Deposit Authorization49
20.Pay for Meal Period50
21.Personnel Requisition (Non-Management)51
22.Personnel Requisition (Management)52
23.Salary Recommendation Form54
24.Job Announcement: Open Position55
25.Job Posting: Open Position56
26.Job Position Description57
27.Personnel Data Change Form59
28.Employee Status Change60
29.Career Development Worksheet for Management Employee Career Interests61
30.Career Development Worksheet for Non-Management Employee Career Interests63
31.Employee Career Development Worksheet Objectives and Results65
32.Employee Incident and Discipline Documentation Form66
33.Disciplinary Notice67
34.Employee Performance Review68
35.Time Sheet--Hourly Employees71
36.Annual Attendance Record72
37.Request for Leave of Absence Without Pay73
38.Request to Inspect Personnel File74
39.Employee Grievance Form75
Chapter 3.Employee and Workplace Safety77
40.Emergency Instructions78
41.Employee Telecommuting Memo79
42.Supervisor's Report of Work Injury81
43.OSHA Form 300: Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses84
44.OSHA Form 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses85
45.OSHA Form 301: Injuries and Illnesses Incident Report86
Chapter 4.Employee Termination87
46.Voluntary Resignation88
47.Employee's Separation Checklist89
48.Manager's Pre-Dismissal Checklist90
49.Employee Exit Interview91
Chapter 5.Miscellaneous Personnel Forms93
50.Job Applicant Dismissal94
51.Job Applicant Dismissal (Version 2)95
52.Job Applicant Invitation96
53.Employee Referral97
54.Applicant Referral Update98
55.Employee Referral Award99
56.Notice of Established Workday and Workweek100
57.Time Log101
58.Client Time/Expense Sheet102
59.Independent Contractor's Agreement103
60.The Manager's Guide to Employee Stock Option Plans--A Concise Overview104
61.Stock Option Memorandum to Employees107
Chapter 6.Sales and Revenue Analysis Tools109
62.Sales Call Log110
63.Client/Prospect Contact Log111
64.Sales Prospect File112
65.Customer Satisfaction Survey113
66.Customer Service Request114
67.Product Information115
68.Order Card116
69.Work Order/Request for Quote117
70.Sales Order Form118
71.Daily Sales Recap119
72.Month-to-Month Sales Comparison Log120
73.Cash Receipts Control Log121
Chapter 7.Credit, Billing, and Collection Tools122
74.Authorization to Release Credit Information124
75.Business Credit Application125
76.Personal Credit Application128
77.Credit Approval Form130
78.Credit Terms Agreement131
79.EasyPay Automatic Payment Agreement132
80.Response to Request for Adjustment of Account133
81.Credit Terms Reminder Letter134
82.Past Due Reminder Letter135
83.Past Due Reminder Letter136
84.Past Due Demand Letter137
85.Job Invoice138
86.Customer Invoice139
87.Customer Statement140
88.Request for Payment141
89.Short Pay Inquiry Form142
Chapter 8.Contracts and Agreements143
90.Bill of Sale144
91.Unsecured Promissory Note145
92.Secured Promissory Note and Security Agreement146
93.Simple Commercial Lease149
94.Consulting Services Agreement152
95.Multimedia Development Contract154
96.Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement158
97.Mutual Compromise Agreement and Mutual Release160
Chapter 9.Corporation Governance Forms163
98.Notice of Special/Annual Meeting of Shareholders164
99.Minutes of Annual or Special Meeting of Shareholders165
100.Minutes of Annual/Special Meeting of Directors166
101.Action of Corporation Directors by Written Consent167
Chapter 10.Business Operation Tools168
102.Vendor Information Sheet169
103.Vendor Price and Comparison Analysis170
104.Daily Production Planning/Schedule171
105.Production Completion Notice172
106.Marketing Department Budget Recap173
107.Sales Price Estimate174
108.Job Costing Report175
109.Job Costing Comparison Report176
110.Ratio Analysis Worksheet177
111.Commission Report Worksheet178
112.Production Efficiency Worksheet179
Chapter 11.Basic Accounting181
113.A Brief Explanation of Accounting182
114.Chart of Accounts Maintenance187
115.General Journal188
116.Journal Transactions189
Chapter 12.Cash Disbursements and Purchasing190
117.Purchase Order191
118.Expense Report192
119.Petty Cash Voucher193
120.Check Requisition194
Chapter 13.Inventory Movement and Valuation Tools195
121.In-House Stock Requisition196
122.Shipping Verification197
123.Physical Inventory Count Sheet198
124.Physical Inventory Gain or Loss199
125.Raw Material Shrinkage Report200
126.Physical Inventory Valuation Report201
127.Book Inventory Valuation Report202
128.Physical vs. Book Inventory Cost Variance Report203
129.Inventory Status Sheet204
130.Authorization to Destroy Inventory205
131.Property Loss Report206
Chapter 14.Financial Reports207
132.Period-End Closing and Analysis209
133.Actual vs. Budget Income Statement214
134.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Cash Balance215
135.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Marketable Securities216
136.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Accounts Receivable217
137.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Inventory218
138.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Prepaid Expenses219
139.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Accounts Payable220
140.Balance Sheet Support Schedule--Notes Payable221
141.Cash Flow Forecast--12-Month222
142.Cash Flow Forecast--Five-Year223
143.Income Statement--12-Month224
144.Income Statement--Quarterly225
145.Quarterly Balance Sheet226
146.Year-End Balance Sheet227
Chapter 15.Miscellaneous Forms228
147.Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter229
148.Fax Cover Sheet230
149.Message Notes231
150.Web Site Terms of Service232
151.Notification of Infringement Letter Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act237
152.Counter-Notification Letter Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act238
Chapter 16.Partnership Forms239
153.Delaware Certificate of Limited Partnership240
154.Sample General Partnership Agreement241
155.Partner Ledger248
156.Minutes of Partnership Meeting249
157.Action by Written Consent of Partners250
Chapter 17.Limited Liability Company Forms251
158.LLC-1, California LLC Articles of Organization253
159.Sample Letter to Secretary of State Accompanying Articles of Organization254
160.Sample Letter to Registered Agent Accompanying Articles of Organization257
161.Short-Form Operating Agreement for Member-Managed LLC258
162.Long-Form Operating Agreement for Member-Managed LLC264
163.Short-Form Operating Agreement for Manager-Managed LLC276
164.Long-Form Operating Agreement for Manager-Managed LLC282
165.Membership Ledger294
166.Investment Representation Letter295
167.Appointment of Proxy for Member's Meeting296
168.Call for Meeting of Members297
169.Notice of Meeting of LLC Members298
170.Minutes of Meeting of LLC Members299
171.Action by Written Consent of LLC Members300
172.Written Consent of Members Approving a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Organization Changing an LLC's Name301
Chapter 18.Corporation Forms302
173.Sample California Articles of Incorporation305
174.Sample Delaware Certificate of Incorporation306
175.Sample Nevada Articles of Incorporation (Long Form, with Full Indemnity Provisions)307
176.Optional Provisions for Inclusion in Articles of Incorporation310
177.Sample Letter to Secretary of State Accompanying Articles of Incorporation311
178.Sample Letter to Registered Agent312
179.Sample Action by Incorporator Appointing Directors and Approving Bylaws313
180.Sample Corporate Bylaws314
181.Sample Minutes of Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors321
182.Shareholder's Agreement323
183.Share Transfer Ledger328
184.Investment Representation Letter329
185.Appointment of Proxy for Annual or Special Shareholder's Meeting330
186.Long Form Appointment of Proxy for Annual or Special Shareholder's Meeting331
187.Call for Special Meeting of Shareholders333
188.Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders334
189.Minutes of Annual or Special Meeting of Shareholders335
190.Action by Written Consent of Shareholder(s)336
191.Call for Special Meeting of Directors337
192.Minutes of Annual Meeting of Directors338
193.Minutes of Special Meeting of Directors336
194.Action of Directors by Written Consent340
195.Written Consent of Directors Approving a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation Changing Corporation's Name341
196.Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation Changing Corporation's Name342
197.Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation Electing Close Corporation Status343

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