Entry-Level Mistress

Entry-Level Mistress

by Sabrina Darby


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Daniel Hartmann and Emily Anderson have every reason to hate each other. Her father destroyed the lives of his parents and he in turn sent her father to jail. Now Daniel's a successful billionaire and artsy Emily is his newest employee. Both of them intend to make the other pay for the sins of the past, but revenge has never been so sweet.

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ISBN-13: 9781482388756
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/06/2013
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Sabrina Darby has been reading romance since the age of seven and learned her best vocabulary (dulcet, diaphanous, and turgid) from them. The day after her wedding she woke up with an idea for a novel and she's been writing romance ever since. Her debut book with Avon Red, On These Silken Sheets, was a Favourite Erotic Romance finalist in the Australian Romance Readers Awards and a Best First Book finalist in the National Readers' Choice Awards. Her Regency novella, The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe, released from Avon Impulse in July 2012. Entry-Level Mistress is her first contemporary romance.

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Entry-Level Mistress 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
AustenStudent More than 1 year ago
Emily Anderson is out for revenge against Daniel Hartmann, the man she believes responsible for sending her father to jail. But it’s a lot more complicated than that, as Daniel also blames Emily’s father for the death of both of his parents. She once had an upbringing of privilege and comfort that was snatched away. She has always been curious about the man her father always blamed for his imprisonment and problems so, when a job opens up at Daniel’s company, she impulsively applies for the job. I don’t own a television so all references to a television show called Revenge are lost on me. I simply read this book because I love Sabrina Darby's voice and her sensual and gripping stories. She's a very talented and perceptive writer who has a way of creating characters, mood, and emotion without a lot of extra descriptive fluff. It's spare, direct, and minimal; she can convey a lot in a compact style that is very powerful. There is an eleven year age difference between Emily and Daniel—she’s your typical troubled twenty-one year old while he is a thirty-one year old marketing billionaire, with a life of glamour and glitz.  Emily’s summer job turns into a torrid affair with the big boss, forcing her to question her motives and her career. They both studiously avoid the topic of their mutual pasts and merely focus on the moment. Daniel and Emily fall in love despite their unclear intentions at the start of the story. The only disappointment for me is the almost convenient plot twist near the end, but this is for purely personal reasons, so it may not bother other readers. I won’t disclose it because it will ruin the story. This is Darby’s first contemporary romance; she also creates wonderful historical stories that are just as sexy and fun to read.  Sabrina Darby is an author to watch and is one of my favorite writers. I will read anything she writes and, with this book, I have read everything she has written. But I want to read more.
TiffanyB-O More than 1 year ago
A very quick read maybe too quick. Emily starts this novel dead-set on destroying the man that destroyed her father and sent him to jail thus ruining the life she had. Then she meets Daniel and can't help but fall in love with him. Now I will say Daniel and Emily's hot relationship is intense but the rings hallow. I didn't have any issues with the age difference but it seemed that the only similarities they shared was a shady history in which Emily's family lost everything due to Daniel's need for revenge. There was a glossed over revelation of what happened. Emily's revenge plan seems to never materialize; sure I know she's young and dumb but there wasn't even a really half baked plan she just instantly falls into bed with him and then goes wishy washy on if she really loves him or not. Daniel unfortunately comes off like typical guys do in this ever familiar genre...rich, overbearing, billionaire telling the young naive girl what to do, when to do it and then trying to push her away after she does it. The issue here with this novel is its's such a quick read you really get no insight into WHO Daniel really is. All and all its not a bad book but it would be better with more fleshing out.
LuckyIrishGal More than 1 year ago
Intense attraction between two people that have an intense history. It is complicated, but though they never officially met, the H/h already had every reason to avoid pursuing the attraction. Maybe that itself was part of the attraction. It was a hot, sexy pairing but also had a sad undercurrent. 
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
I had fairly high hopes for this book. The blurb made it sound interesting, and who doesn’t like a good revenge story, after all? There was some good and no actual bad to this story. It just didn’t have quite the oomph I expected, given the blurb. Emily starts out as a relatively strong (albeit somewhat unbelievable – more on that in a minute) character. She gets an internship at Daniel Hartmann’s company with the intention of making him pay for sending her dad to jail many years earlier, and pretty much destroying her family’s fortune. I can get into that. However, as even Emily admits, the plan wasn’t a particularly strong one. After all, how’s she going to destroy his company from within…as a new hire…in the marketing department. One issue I had with Emily herself that I had were her wishy-washy attitude toward Daniel himself. She’d admittedly been fascinated/a little obsessed with him since childhood (he’s 13 years older than her, which almost puts him in squicky old territory for me). Then as soon as she meets him, she gets lust for him and almost immediately starts sleeping with him (there are a couple of dates before then). I could see if she were trying to lure him to his doom, a-la-Siren fashion, but that didn’t seem to be the reason. I also don’t get where she got all her money to spend. She’s an entry-level marketing assistant. Yet she drops money at every opportunity buying high fashion, etc. I thought her family was broke. She’s 21. I don’t get it. I did like the fact that she’d put a time limit, more or less, on her revenge plans since she had an art fellowship come autumn that she intended to go to. And she did go as planned, though things (naturally) didn’t go quite as she intended on that end. Clearly this revenge wasn’t the be all and end all of her existence, and given what she believed on Daniel, it easily could have been. Kudos to Ms. Darby for not making Emily solely revenge-oriented. That can often be overdone and it wasn’t in this case. It was much harder to get a read on Daniel, given the book was first-person POV with Emily. So much of the book was just … meh. Daniel, other than being quite bossy and arrogant about her coming when called/texted (and she did), wasn’t a big alphahole, which was nice. But I never really got a feeling for him as a person, just a (given Emily’s profession) lump of clay moved around as necessary. So, overall, the book was okay, but not spectacular for me. I wish there’d been more drama and actual revenge-getting moments than what we got, along with avoiding the oh-so-typical cliche moment (not going to spoil it, but there was an eye-roll moment after Daniel and Emily broke up at one point where she makes a particular discovery). I liked Ms. Darby’s writing and I’m sure I’ll pick up another book by her in the future. This one just gets a 3-star rating from me, unfortunately. Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.