Entwining of Souls

Entwining of Souls

by Judy Roach


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Past-life karmic attachments are a reality.

Resolving them will bring you personal and spiritual freedom.
It is not unusual for people to endure experiences that have major transformational effects on their lives. Something as devastating as the loss or betrayal of a loved one can lead us down roads that we never expected to travel. Often it is only the individual who feels the repercussions of that change, but sometimes the effect can be so far-reaching that it affects the lives of many.

This is what happened to Judy Roach. Her extraordinary story commences in a 14th-century English building where, previously unaware of her psychic abilities, she secured the rescue of a child whose soul was trapped. Later this down-to-earth former British police officer was blindsided by the actions of others, leading her to seek legal and spiritual help that opened the doorway to new dimensions and access to her spirit Guide and Master Guide.
This is a story for the new millennium, one of belief, faith and travels afar. It is the story of a woman who conquered despair to create something truly amazing. In 1995 she was told by her Guide to buy a neglected six-acre property on the outskirts of a hot, windy crayfishing township four hours north of Perth, Western Australia. This enlightening book describes in meticulous detail the creation of the Healing Garden of Dongara and the Ten Year Mary Project 1994. As she worked with spiritual guidance and the earth energies, the property developed and soulmates from around the world were compelled to visit and re-live traumatic past-life karmic attachments in order to bring about resolution and healing.

The Ten Year Mary Project 1994 has been featured as a psychic project by a number of newspapers: The West Australian, Midwest Times, The Geraldton Guardian and Acres Australia.

I see this book as having a solid effect on those who read it, addressing the way spirit works and the timing, which I have found to be of paramount importance. The symbolic magic is the thing that stood out the most. - Marg Parker, Spiritual Counsellor.

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