Environment And Regional Trade Agreements

Environment And Regional Trade Agreements

by Oecd Publishing, Sourceoecd (Other)


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Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) have increased significantly in number over the past few years. They have become so widespread that practically all WTO members are now parties to one or more RTAs. The number of RTAs which include environmental provisions is also increasing. However, these provisions, and the experience related to their negotiation and implementation, have not been examined in depth yet.

This study contributes to filling this gap. It provides an overview of approaches to environmental issues in RTAs and summarises country experiences in their negotiation and practical application. Regional and bilateral trade arrangements are surveyed, including customs unions and free trade agreements. The study is based on the analysis of RTA texts, and on literature examining their actual implementation, as well as on first-hand comments and input from experts from both OECD and non-OECD countries.

The study includes chapters on environmental impact assessment of trade agreements; environmental co-operation; environmental standards and enforcement of environmental laws; procedural guarantees, enforcement and dispute settlement mechanisms; parties' right to adopt or maintain environmental regulations; and opportunities for public participation in the context of RTAs. The study ends with a summary of OECD and non-OECD countries' key experiences with the negotiation and implementation of different types of environmental provisions in RTAs.

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