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Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

by Rachel Eagen

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Children's Literature - Amanda MacGregor
As this title of the "Chemtastrophe!" series suggests, environmental occurrences, from how much rain falls to how long it takes garbage to break down in landfills, all happen because of chemistry. A brief overview of science in general and specifically chemistry prepares readers to understand how chemistry works all around us. "Fun Facts" sidebars reveal chemistry-related tidbits like the fact that there are approximately 95,000 chemists working in the United States today. Inset "How We Know" sections offer historical information about such topics as the toxic gas leak in Bhopal, India that eventually killed more than 15,000 people. Additionally, the scientific method is outlined. Each book in the series provides two simple experiments for readers to try on their own, like investigating what makes some things stretchy and making non-toxic cleaning products from household materials. Also, this volume presents information on important chemists in history, including Democritus, who started atomic theory, and Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry. Each volume of the series includes a table of contents, a glossary of bolded terms from the text, an index, and a list of resources for learning more. Large, colorful stock photographs and many sidebars add visual appeal and help break up the generally dry text. As a whole, the series is marred by redundant information; even each individual volume suffers from rehashing the same tired examples and facts. The teenagers featured on the covers may make the series appear appropriate for older readers, but the content and rudimentary experiments suggest a younger audience. This cursory examination of chemistry adequately demonstrates how the science affects our daily lives, but will not give readers an in-depth understanding of this complex branch of science. Reviewer: Amanda MacGregor

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