Environmental Decision Making and Risk Management

Environmental Decision Making and Risk Management


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British environmental scientist Langford (1962-2002) specialized in environmental risk and human health related issues. The 22 articles here, written during the final decade of his life, cover human health and epidemiology, risk perception and social psychology, environmental valuation, and policy analysis. Among the specific topics are multivariate spatial models for event data, perceptions of risk for malignant melanoma skin cancer from sunlight among young people in Britain and New Zealand, elicitation and truncation effects in contingent valuation studies, and implications for environmental justice of the relationship between socio-economic indicators and air pollution in England and Wales. The articles are reproduced from their original publication. Only names are indexed. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Table of Contents

Part IHuman Health and Epidemiology
1'Multivariate spatial models for event data', A.H. Leyland, I.H. Langford, J. Rasbash and H. Goldstein, Statistics in Medicine, 19, 2000, 2469-783
2'The potential effects of climate change on winter mortality in England and Wales', I.H. Langford and G. Bentham, International Journal of Biometeorology, 38, 1995, 141-713
3'Multi-level modelling of geographically aggregated health data: a case study on malignant melanoma mortality and UV exposure in the European Community', I.H. Langford, G. Bentham and A.-L. McDonald, Statistics in Medicine, 17, 1998, 41-5720
4'Mortality from non-Hodgkin lymphoma and UV exposure in the European Community', I.H. Langford, G. Bentham and A.-L. McDonald, Journal of Health and Place, 4(4), 1998, 355-6437
5'Multilevel modelling of the geographical distributions of diseases', I.H. Langford, A.H. Leyland, J. Rasbash and H. Goldstein, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics), 48(2), 1999, 253-6847
6'Environmental temperatures and the incidence of food poisoning in England and Wales', G. Bentham and I.H. Langford, International Journal of Biometeorology, 45, 2001, 22-663
Part IIRisk Perception and Social Psychology
7'Perceptions of risk of malignant melanoma skin cancer from sunlight: a comparative study of young people in the UK and New Zealand', I.H. Langford, R.J. Day, A.-L. McDonald, I.J. Bateman, S. Moulden-Horrocks and C. Saunders, Risk Decision and Policy, 3(3), 1998, 233-4471
8'Comparing perceptions of risk and quality with willingness to pay: a mixed methodological study of public preferences for reducing health risks from polluted coastal bathing waters', I.H. Langford, S. Georgiou, R.J. Day and I.J. Bateman, Risk Decision and Policy, 4(3), 1999, 201-2083
9'A quantitative test of the cultural theory of risk perceptions: comparison with the psychometric paradigm', C. Marris, I.H. Langford and T. O'Riordan, Risk Analysis, 18(5), 1998, 635-47103
10'Public perceptions of health risks from polluted coastal bathing waters: a mixed methodological analysis using cultural theory', I.H. Langford, S. Georgiou, I.J. Bateman, R.J. Day and R.K. Turner, Risk Analysis, 20(5), 2000, 691-704116
11'An existential approach to risk perception', I.H. Langford, Risk Analysis, 22(1), 2002, 101-20130
Part IIIEnvironmental Valuation
12'Using a generalized linear mixed model to analyze dichotomous choice contingent valuation data', I.H. Langford, Land Economics, 70(4), 1994, 507-14153
13'Elicitation and truncation effects in contingent valuation studies', I.J. Bateman, I.H. Langford, R.K. Turner, K.G. Willis and G.D. Garrod, Ecological Economics, 12, 1995, 161-79161
14'Multivariate mixed models for open-ended contingent valuation data: willingness to pay for conservation of monk seals', I.H. Langford, A. Kontogianni, M.S. Skourtos, S. Georgiou and I.J. Bateman, Environmental and Resource Economics, 12, 1998, 443-56180
15'Determinants of individuals' willingness to pay for perceived reductions in environmental health risks: a case study of bathing water quality', S. Georgiou, I.H. Langford, I.J. Bateman and R.K. Turner, Environment and Planning A, 30, 1998, 577-94194
16'A meta-analysis of wetland contingent valuation studies', R. Brouwer, I.H. Langford, I.J. Bateman and R.K. Turner, Regional Environmental Change, 1(1), 1999, 47-57212
17'Public attitudes to contingent valuation and public consultation', R. Brouwer, N. Powe, R.K. Turner, I.J. Bateman and I.H. Langford, Environmental Values, 8, 1999, 325-47223
18'Integrating stakeholder analysis in non-market valuation of environmental assets', A. Kontogianni, M.S. Skourtos, I.H. Langford, I.J. Bateman and S. Georgiou, Ecological Economics, 37, 2001, 123-38246
Part IVPolicy Analysis
19'The future of community nursing in the United Kingdom: district nursing, health visiting and school nursing', A.-L. McDonald, I.H. Langford and N. Boldero, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 26, 1997, 257-65265
20'Cross-disciplinary evidence for hyperbolic social discount rates', N. Henderson and I.H. Langford, Management Science, 44(11), 1998, 1493-500274
21'The Axford debate revisited: a case study illustrating different approaches to the aggregation of benefits data', I.J. Bateman, I.H. Langford, N. Nishikawa and I. Lake, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 43(2), 2000, 291-302282
22'The relationship between socio-economic indicators and air pollution in England and Wales: implications for environmental justice', H. McLeod, I.H. Langford, A.P. Jones, J.R. Stedman, R.J. Day, I. Lorenzoni and I.J. Bateman, Regional Environmental Change, 1(2), 2000, 78-85294
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