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Environmental Ethics - Readings in Theory and Application / Edition 4

Environmental Ethics - Readings in Theory and Application / Edition 4

by Louis P. Pojman


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Environmental Ethics - Readings in Theory and Application / Edition 4

The most comprehensive introduction to environmental ethics available today, this anthology is organized into two main parts. The first focuses on theory, the second on application. The fourth edition of this popular anthology, like its predecessors, includes numerous topic areas not covered in other anthologies. Featuring articles carefully selected for clarity and accessibility, the text follows a dialogic pro-con format presenting divergent positions on each topic. The bulk of royalties for this book are donated to groups dedicated to protecting the environment, such as the Wilderness Society and the Sierra Club.

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ISBN-13: 9780534639716
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 06/28/2004
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 700
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. INTRODUCTION. On Ethics and Environmental Concerns. What Is Ethics? Part One: THEORY. 1. Western Philosophy of Nature: The Roots of Our Ecological Situation. Introduction. 1. Genesis 1-3. 2. Lynn White: The Religious Roots of Our Ecological Crisis. 3. Lewis Moncrief: The Cultural Basis of Our Environmental Crisis. 4. Patrick Dobel: The Judeo-Christian Stewardship Attitudes to Nature. 5. Freya Mathews: The Ideological Implications of Greek Atomism. 2. Animal Rights. Introduction. 6. Immanuel Kant: Rational Beings Alone Have Moral Worth. 7. Peter Singer: A Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation. 8. Tom Regan: The Case for Animal Rights. 9. Mary Ann Warren: A Critique of Regan's Rights Theory. 10. Dale Jamieson: Against Zoos. 3. Philosophical Theories of Nature: Biocentric and Ecocentric Ethics, and Deep Ecology. Introduction. Does Nature have Intrinsic Value? 11. Holmes Rolston III: Naturalizing Values: Organisms and Species. 12. Ned Hettinger: Comments on Rolston's Naturalizing Values". 13. John Stuart Mill: Nature. Biocentric Ethics. 14. Albert Schweitzer: Biocentrism: Reverence for Life. 15. Paul Taylor: Biocentric Egalitarianism. 16. Kenneth Goodpaster: On Being Morally Considerable. Ecocentric Ethics. 17. Aldo Leopold: Ecocentrism: The Land Ethic. 18. Baird Callicott: The Conceptual Foundations of the Land Ethic. 19. Bill Throop and Ned Hettinger: Refocusing Ecocentrism: De-emphasizing Stability and Defending Wildness. 20. Michael Nelson: The Great New Wilderness Debate: An Overview. 21. Roger Paden: Two Kinds of Preservationist Ethics. Deep Ecology. 22. Arne Naess, The Shallow and the Deep Long-Range Ecological Movement. 23. Arne Naess, Ecosophy T: Deep versus Shallow Ecology. 24. Bill Devall and George Sessions: Deep Ecology. 25. Richard Watson: A Critique of Anti-Anthropocentic Ethics. 26. Murray Bookchin: Social Ecology versus Deep Ecology. 27. John Rodman: Ecological Sensibility. 28. James Sterba: Environmental Justice: Reconciling Anthropocentric and Nonanthropocentric Ethics. 4. Preservation of Species, Nature and Natural Objects. Introduction. 29. Donella Meadows: Biodiversity: The Key to Saving Life on Earth. 30. Lilly-Marlene Russow: Why Do Species Matter? 31. Stephen Jay Gould: The Golden Rule-A Proper Scale of our Environmental Crisis. 32. Martin Krieger: What's Wrong with Plastic Trees? 33. Robert Elliot: Faking Nature. 34. Christopher Stone: Should Trees Have Standing? 5. The Non-Western World and Environmental Theory. Introduction. 35. O. P. Dwivedi: Satyagraha for Conservation: A Hindu View. 36. Lily de Silva: The Buddhist Attitude Toward Nature. 37. Mawil Y. Izzi Deen: Islamic Environmental Ethics, Law, and Society. 38. Segun Ogungbemi: An African Perspective on the Environmental Crisis. 39. Ramachandra Guha: Radical Environmentalism and Wilderness Preservation: A Third-World Critique. 6. Obligations to Future Generations. Introduction. 40. Robert Heilbroner: What Has Posterity Ever Done for Me? 41. Garrett Hardin: Who Cares for Posterity? 42. Martin Golding: Limited Obligations to Future Generations. 43. Derek Parfit: Energy Policy and the Further Future: The Identity Problem. Part Two: PRACTICE. Introduction. 7. Population: General Consideration. Introduction. 44. Bill McKibben: A Special Moment in History: The Challenge of Overpopulation and Overconsumption. 45. Garrett Hardin: The Tragedy of the Commons. 46. Jacqueline Kasun: The Unjust War against Population. 47. Jodi Jacobson: China's Baby Budget. 48. Hugh LaFollette: Licensing Parents. 49. Clark Wolf: Population and the Environment. 8. Population and World Hunger. Introduction. 50. Garrett Hardin: Lifeboat Ethics. 51. William Murdoch and Allan Oaten: Population and Food: A Critique of Lifeboat Ethics. 52. Mylan Engel: Hunger, Duty and Ecology: What We Owe Starving Human Beings. 53. Jonathan Rauch: Can Frankenfood Save the Planet? 54. Tristram Coffin: The Damage Done by Cattle-Raising. 9. Pollution: General Considerations. Introduction. 55. Hilary French: You Are What You Breathe. 56. George Bradford: We All Live in Bhopal. 57. Gregg Easterbrook: A Moment on Earth: An Eco-Realism. 58. William Baxter: People or Penguins: The Case for Optimal Pollution. 10. Pesticides. Introduction. 59. Rachel Carson: Silent Spring. 60. Dixy Lee Ray and Louis Guzzo: The Blessings of Pesticides. 61. Michael Fumento: Environmental Hysteria: The Alar Scare. 62. David Pimentel: Is Silent Spring Beyond Us? 11. Atmospheric Conditions: The Greenhouse Effect. Introduction. 63. Christoper Flavin: The Heat is On: The Greenhouse Effect. 64. Dixy Lee Ray and Louis Guzzo: The Greenhouse Effect: Hype and Hysteria. 65. Bjorn Lomborg: A Rational Assessment of Global Warming. 12. Economics and the Environment. Introduction. 66. John Stuart Mill: In Defense of Steady State Economics. 67. William Rees: Sustainable Development: Economic Myths and Global Realities. 68. Herman Daly: Consumption: The Economic of Value Added and the Ethics of Value Distribution. 69. Mark Sagoff: At the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, or Why Political Questions Are Not All Economic. 70. David Schmidtz: On The Value and Limits of Cost Benefit Analysis. 71. Robert Goodland and George Ledec: Neoclassical Economics and Principles of Sustainable Development. 13. Ecology and Justice. 72. The Earth Charter. 73. Peter Wenz: Just Garbage: The Problem of Environmental Racism. 74. Marie Mies: Deceiving the Third World: The Myth of Catching-Up Development. 14. From Dysfunctional to Sustainable Society. Introduction. 75. Al Gore: Dysfunctional Civilization. 76. Laura Westra: Environmental Risks, Rights and the Failure of Liberal Democracy: Some Possible Remedies. 77. Alan Thein Durning: An Ecological Critique of Global Advertising. 78. Louis P. Pojman: The Challenge of the Future: Private Property, The City, The Globe and a Sustainable Society. 79. Todd Saunders: Ecological Communities and Design. 80. Louis P. Pojman: Pedaling Power. 81. Dave Foreman: Strategic Monkeywenching. 82. Lester Brown, Christopher Flavin, and Sandra Postel: A Vision of a Sustainable World.

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