Environmental Science / Edition 1

Environmental Science / Edition 1

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McGraw-Hill Companies, The
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Environmental Science / Edition 1

Unlike any other introductory environmental science text, Robert Kaufmann and Cutler Cleveland's Environmental Science takes a fresh approach to the subject by weaving themes of energy and materials, economic systems, and policy throughout the entire text. A story of real science is simply told through examples of cutting-edge content, real-world applications, and a distinctive conceptual illustration program.

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ISBN-13: 9780072984293
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 02/01/2007
Pages: 552

Table of Contents

Introduction to Environmental Science

1 Environment and Society: A Sustainable Partnership?
Building a Framework to Study Environmental Problems

2 The Laws of Energy and Matter

3 Systems: Why Are Environmental Problems So Difficult to Solve?
How the Natural Environment Works

4 THe Physical Systems of Planet Earth: The Engine of Life

5 The Flow of Energy in Biological Systems: Why Does It Matter?

6 The Flow of Matter in the Environment: Why Does It Matter?

7 Biomes: Where Do Plants and Animals Live?

8 Succession: How Do Ecosystems Respond to Disturbance?
How Human Systems Work

9 Carrying Capacity: How Large a Population?

10 An Ecological View of the Economy

11 The Driving Forces of Environmental Change
Global Environmental Challenges

12 Biodiversity: Species and So Much More

13 Global Climate Change: A Warming Planet

14 A Reduction in Atmospheric Ozone: Let the Sunshine In
Living Off the Land: Soils, Food Production, and Forests

15 Soil: A Potentially Sustainable Resource

16 Agriculture: The Ecology of Growing Food

17 Forests: So Much More Than Wood
Air and Water Resources

18 Water Resources

19 Air Pollution: Costs and Benefits of Clean Air
Energy and Materials

20 Fossil Fuels: The Lifeblood of the Global Economy

21 Nuclear Power

22 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

23 Materials, Society, and the Environment

24 A Sustainable Future: Will Business as Usual Get Us There?

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