EOS: Abductor of Men: Poems

EOS: Abductor of Men: Poems


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EOS: Abductor of Men: Poems by George Wallace

In a bilingual collection (Greek-English) dedicated to the contemporary struggles of the Greek people, George Wallace rivets readers with his thoroughly original, modern day beat flow, elevating bakeries to the temples of gods and love to a powerful river. "Like no other poet you've read before...Wallace doesn't want to simply remake the conventions of the contemporary free verse poems as we understand them; he seems to want to remake the reader herself, to alter her aesthetically and psychologically," says Terri Brown-Davidson, Pedestal Magazine. With stunning translations to Greek by Lina Sipitanou, this book is like no other you've read before.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988400801
Publisher: Three Rooms Press
Publication date: 10/22/2012
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.20(d)

Table of Contents

Ena Mikpo ΠetpaΔaki: One Small Pebble i

To Σkoini ΠoΛΛΩn EΘnΩn: The Rope of Many Nations 2

To Tpeno Γia Th XaΛkiΔa: 20 ΣxeΔiaΣmata: The Train To Halkida: 20 Sketches 6

AΦΘono ΓaΛazio: Plenty of Blue 10

Γynaika me EΓΠΛoΓeΣ: A Woman of Choices 12

Anemh: Spinning Wheel 16

H KapΔia thΣ KaiΓotan h KapΔia Moy KaiΓotan: Her Heart was on Fire My Heart Was on Fire 18

Blue Jean Marco Polo 24

Na ΔeiΣ Ena KoΛimΠpi Σ' Enan Koko Ammoy: To See a Hummingbird in a Grain of Sand 28

YΠapxei Mia TpeΛa Σthn Akph Toy KoΣmoy: There is a Madness at the Edge of the World 30

Ena ΠpaΣino Πotami XΩpiΣ OxΘeΣ: A Green River Without Banks 34

AΛeΛΦh ΓyΦtiΣΣa ΣtiΣ TΣoykniΛeΣ: Sister Gypsy in the Thornbushes 36

ΣΠopaΛikeΣ ΛaΣΠoΛiΣΘhΣeiΣ Σth Bpoxh: Occasional Mudslides in the Rain 38

H Mhtepa Γh Δen ΠeΘainei: Mother Earth is not Dying 40

ΠpeΠiei na MΠainoyme Σton Φoypno Σan na htan naoΣ ΘeΩn: We should enter a Bakery Like it is a Temple of Gods 42

Xopeyoyme ΠanΩ Σe XaptonomiΣmata: We Dance on Paper Money 46

Ena Δentpo Πoy Δen to ExeiΣanaΔei: A Tree You Have Never Seen 48

To TpiantΦyΛΛo IΣΩΣ TΣimΠhΣei Mia MeΛiΣΣa: A Rose May Sting a Bee 50

O ΔyΣkoΛoΣ ΣtpatiΩthΣ: The Difficult Soldier 52

Σan ZΩo AΓeΛhΣ Πoy Katebhke AΠ' Ta ΣynneΦa: Like a Pack Animal out of the Clouds 54

OneipoΠoΛoΣ MaΓΓeΛanoΣ: Daydreaming Magellan 56

H Pozeta Kai Ta IepoΓΛyΦika Toy: Rosetta and his Hieroglyphics 58

OΛa Θa Γiane KaΛa: Everything is Going to be Okay 60

MiΛoyΣan ΓioΛΛh Ωpa: They Talked a Long Time 62

H AΛhΘeia Σxetika Me Ton EpΩta: The Truth About Love 64

HΣoyn Πotami Γia Mena KaΠiote Γiati EiΣai ΠpaΓmati Πotami: You Were a River to Me Once Because You Really are a River 66

Einai Anoish Σthn ΠoΛh: It Is Springtime in the City 68

OmopΦh Σan Ton HΛio Th Nyxta: Pretty as the Sun at Night 70

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