Epeti ua liua ile mumu: Picture Book For Children Age 3-5 (Samoan Edition)

Epeti ua liua ile mumu: Picture Book For Children Age 3-5 (Samoan Edition)


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When Manfred bullies and teases him, Egbert turns very red. Angry and red. What can one do about it? Egbert has a plan and an adventurous idea ...

Cuando Oscar se burla de el y le molesta, Egberto se pone aún más rojo. Furioso y rojo. Que se puede hacer? Egberto tiene un plan y una idea aventurera...

Wenn Manfred ihn auslacht und ärgert, wird Egbert besonders rot. Wütend und rot. Was kann man da machen? Egbert hat einen Plan und eine abenteuerliche Idee...

Quand Manfred se moque de lui et l'embête, Egbert devient tout rouge. Furieux et tout rouge. Que faire ? Egbert a un plan et une idée audacieuse...

Quando Manfredo fa il prepotente e lo prende in giro, Alberto arrossisce tanto. Si arrabbia e arrossisce. Cosa si può fare? Alberto ha un piano e un'idea avventurosa ...


"Very Nice book! My daughter loves it!" -- Amazon Customer Review from the United States

"Muy bien. El libro lo compre para mi niña de 9 años para que vayamos introduciendo el alemán poco a poco. Le gusta y es fácil de leer." -- Amazon Customer Review from Spain

"Die Kinderbücher von Philipp Winterberg et al. zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass sie neue Perspektiven im Umgang mit essenziellen Themen wie Freundschaft, Achtsamkeit, Akzeptanz und Toleranz sowie Glück eröffnen. Die Illustrationen aller Bücher sind nicht nur kindgerecht bzw. aus Kinderperspektive erstellt, sondern fördern auch Phantasie, Kreativität und Weiterdenken, stärken das Selbstbewusstsein und motivieren dazu, sich intensiver und ergänzend mit dem Thema zu beschäftigen, und das unabhängig von Mutter- und Ziel(lern)sprache" -- Fachverband Chinesisch, CHUN - Chinesischunterricht

"Lustig geschrieben und schön zum selber gestalten... :-) Meiner Tochter gefällt es sehr gut!!! Mehr Bücher in dieser Form, wünschenswert, unbedingt!" -- Amazon Customer Review from Germany

"I got this as a present and it was well received." -- Amazon Customer Review from the United Kingdom

"Wir sehen die Kinderbücher als echte Bereicherung für den Deutsch-Unterricht in der Primarstufe, für den DAZ- Bereich und darüber hinaus als Vorleseempfehlung für alle Eltern und KindergartenpädagogInnen." -- Österreichisches Schulportal

Free Self-Print Editions in 50+ Languages

Egbert Turns Red is available for free in over 50 languages at the author's website. With every purchase of a print edition you support this project and help to keep the free editions available.

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ISBN-13: 9781978098121
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/09/2017
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.05(d)

About the Author


Philipp B. Winterberg M.A. studied Communication Science, Psychology and Law.
His books introduce new perspectives on essential themes like friendship, mindfulness
and happiness. They are read in languages and countries all over the globe.

Bibliography - Selected Works

* Am I small? (100+ Languages)
* Egbert Turns Red (50+)

* In Here, Out There! (40+)

More: www.philippwinterberg.com

A World Children's Book for Every Country on the Planet

From Afar to Zulu: The picture book Am I small? (ISBN: 149230977X)
has been translated into over 100 languages since its publication.

The story by author Philipp Winterberg is available for every country
in the world in at least one national language. It is the world's first
children's book covering the entire globe.

In Am I small? young and old readers alike accompany the girl Tamia

on a journey full of wonders. Together they discover that size is relative
and that Tamia is just right the way she is. "Enchanting" judges the trade
journal Eselsohr; "wonderful for bilingual families, and kindergartens,"
says the Börsenblatt and the American book review magazine Kirkus
Reviews kindly compliments "for children who enjoy lingering over
pages full of magical creatures and whimsical details [...] told in simple
and engaging words and imaginative pictures."

More than 200 translators have already participated in the World Children's
Book. Sometimes the research took months, "I had to look for a Tibetan

translator for almost a year," says Winterberg. The book is now also
available in hundreds of language combinations, such as Spanish-Tagalog
or German-Tigrinya - a language spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea, whose
script is reminiscent of children's drawings.

In the years and decades to come the World Children's Book project will
continue to grow. The aim is to gradually translate Am I small? into
over 500 languages.

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