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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Epioptics-9: Proceedings of the 39th Course of the International School of Solid State Physics

Epioptics-9: Proceedings of the 39th Course of the International School of Solid State Physics

by Antonio Cricenti


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ISBN-13: 9789812794024
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/15/2008
Series: Science And Culture Series - Physics Series
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     v
Longitudinal Gauge Theory of Surface Second Harmonic Generation   Bernardo S. Mendoza     1
Parameter-free Calculations of Optical Properties for Systems with Magnetic Ordering or Three-dimensional Confinement   F. Bechstedt   C. Rodl   L. E. Ramos   F. Fuchs   P. H. Hahn   J. Furthuller     28
Excited State Properties Calculations: from 0 to 3 Dimensional Systems   M. Marsili   V. Garbuio   M. Bruno   O. Pulci   M. Palummo   E. Degoli   E. Luppi   R. Del Sole     41
Dielectric Response and Electron Energy Loss Spectra of an Oxidized Si(100)-(2 x 2) Surface   L. Caramella   G. Onida   C. Hogan     62
Dielectric Function of the Si(113)3 x 2ADI Surface from ab-initio Methods   K. Gaal-Nagy   G. Onida     70
Modeling of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon (a-Si:H) Thin Films Prepared by the Saddle Field Glow Discharge Method for Photovoltaic Applications   A. V. Sachenko   A. I. Shkrebtii   F. Gaspari   N. Kherani   A. Kazakevitch     76
High Spatial Resolution Raman Scattering for Nano-structures   E. Speiser   B. Buick   S. Delgobbo   D. Calestani   W. Richter     82
Investigation of Compositional Disorder in GaAs[subscript 1-x]N[subscript x]:H   R. Trotta   M. Felici   F. Masia   A. Polimeni   A. Miriametro   M. Capizzi     103
Vibrational Properties and the Miniband Effect in InGaAs/InP Superlattices   A. D. Rodrigues   J. C. Galzerani   Yu. A. Pusep   D. M. Cornet   D. Comedi   R. R. La Pierre     109
Electronic and Optical Properties of ZnO between 3 and 32 eV   M. Rakel   C. Cobet   N. Esser   P. Gori   O. Pulci   A. Seitsonen   A. Cricenti   N. H. Nickel   W. Richter     115
Order and Clusters in Model Membranes: Detection and Characterization by Infrared Scanning Near-Field Microscopy   J. Generosi   G. Margaritondo   J. S. Sanghera   I. D. Aggarwal   N. H. Tolk   D. W. Piston   A. Congiu Castellano   A. Cricenti     124
Chemical and Magnetic Properties of NiO Thin Films Epitaxially Grown on Fe(001)   A. Brambilla     130
Nonlinear Magneto-Optical Probing of Magnetic Nanostructures: Observation of NiO(111) Growth on a Ni(001) Single Crystal   V. K. Valev   A. Kirilyuk   Th. Rasing     137
Photoluminescence under Magnetic Field and Hydrostatic Pressure in GaAs[subscript 1-x]N[subscript x] for Probing the Compositional Dependence of Carrier Effective Mass and Gyromagnetic Factor   G. Pettinari   F. Masia   A. Polimeni   M. Felici   R. Trotta   M. Capizzi   T. Niebling   H. Gunther   P. J. Klar   W. Stolz   A. Lindsay   E. P. O'Reilly   M. Piccin   G. Bais   S. Rubini   F. Martelli   A. Franciosi     156
Probing the Dispersion of Surface Phonons by Light Scattering   G. Benedek   J. P. Toennies     162

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