Equity and Difference in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health: A Narrative Approach

Equity and Difference in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health: A Narrative Approach


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Issues of equity remain an essential theme throughout the study and practice of physical education (PE), youth sport and health. This important new book confronts and illuminates issues of equity and difference through the innovative use of narrative method, telling stories of difference that enable students, academics and professionals alike to engage both emotionally and cognitively with the subject.

The book is arranged into three sections. The first provides an overview of current theory and research on difference and inequality in PE, youth sport and health, together with an introduction to narrative forms of knowing. The second section includes short narratives about difference that bring to life the key themes and issues in a range of physical activity contexts. The third section draws upon a selection of narratives to offer detailed, practical suggestions for how they might be used in, or inform, teaching sessions.

This is the first book to explore issues of equity through narrative, and the first to examine the pedagogical value of a narrative approach within PE, youth sport and health. With contributions from many of the world's leading equity specialists, it will be invaluable reading for all students, scholars and professionals working in PE,
youth sport, health, sports development, gender studies and mainstream education programmes.

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ISBN-13: 9781138795785
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/12/2014
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Fiona Dowling is Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. She has worked in teacher education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level for many years, after teaching in schools in England and Norway. Her research interests include teacher professionalism, gender in PE and sport, and qualitative research methodology.

Hayley Fitzgerald is Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Prior to this she was a researcher at Loughborough University, UK and managed a range of projects supporting young disabled people in PE and youth sport. Hayley has also worked for a number of disability sports organizations in England.

Anne Flintoff is Professor of Physical Education and Sport at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Her teaching, research and consultancy centre on issues of equity and social inclusion, particularly gender, in physical education and sport. Her recent work has focused on the experiences of black and minority ethnic students in physical education teacher education.

Table of Contents

Introduction Part One: Theoretical Perspectives Chapter One. Theorizing Difference and (In)Equality in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health - Anne Flintoff and Hayley Fitzgerald Chapter Two. A Narrative Approach to Research in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health - Fiona Dowling Part Two: Stories of Difference and (In)Equality Run Rabbit Run - Lisette Burrows Young Men, Sport And Sexuality: A Poetic Exploration - David Carless Inclusion in National Curriculum Policy and Physical Education - Dawn Penney ‘Miss Whitney’ And ‘Miss, Are You a Terrorist?’: Negotiating A Place within Physical Education - Anne Flintoff The Spark and Discouragement of an Innovative Male Physical Educator - Nate Mccaughtry and Kimberly Oliver Second Toe Syndrome - Catherine Morrison Gendered Running, Gendering Research: A Collaborative Trans Narrative - Heather Sykes and Satoko Itani Looking and ‘Feeling’ The Part - Anne Flintoff and Sheila Scraton Holly Goes To School to Become A PE Teacher… and Doesn’t! A Three Act Play - Antony Rossi Them, Us, We, Me: Negotiating Being a Muslim Girl In Australia - Kelly Knez and Doune Macdonald It’s Not for the School to Tell Us Charlie … After All, To Us You Are Healthy Big Emma Rich - Them Special Needs Kids and Their Waiters - Hayley Fitzgerald Making the Grade - Fiona Dowling Dances with Wolves - Kitrina Douglas 'You Hurt Me Fizz-Edd’: The Socially Classed Discursive Practices of the PE Lesson - Lisahunter Part Three: Engaging With Narratives Chapter Three. Engaging With Narratives In Order To Better Understand Difference and (In)Equality in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health - Fiona Dowling Chapter Four. Exemplar One: Health, Physical Education, Pupils, Parents and Teachers - Fiona Dowling Chapter Five. Exemplar Two: Disability and Difference in Schooling and Home - Hayley Fitzgerald

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