Erano solo ragazzi in cammino

Erano solo ragazzi in cammino

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
'Numbers, numbers, numbers. Who fu<_>cking cares about numbers?' Rayne thought in her head, tapping her pencil on the mahogany desk. <br> "Miss. Kane, the answer please" Mr. Edwards called, fixing his ugly plad shirt <br> "oh... umm its A, sir." Rayne replied hiding her face under her beanie <br> The teacher glanced at his math textbook, "sorry its C. But thank you for your participation." <br> The class snickered <br> "Kane. Kane. Got a kid who got know brain." Clip whispered behind her, leader of the click <br> Rayne gritted her teeth with annoyance <br> Mr. Edwards walked up to Clip and handed him a detention notice, "i'll see you after class, Mr. Hernandez." He eyed Clip, "anyway, next problem class." <br> Rayne wasn't listening. She kept her eyes glued on her textbook <br> "Miss. Rayne Evermoor Kane, come to the principal's office immediatly" <br> "Rayne" Mr. Edwards gestured to the door <br> She looked up "huh? Oh yeah. Right" she muttered and left <br> "Kane. Kane. Got a kid who got no brain!" The class chanted as she walked out <p> She walked into the office as the secretary looked up from her paperwork, "she's in her peace room. Please have manners. She has a flu" the secretary called up to her <br> She nods, pretending to listen as she gave the secretary a fake smile. Rayne nervously grabbed the knob and walked in the 'peace room' <br> "omm...." Ms. Gleason meditated, in a criss cross position. <br> Rayne jumped in surprise, seeing the principal like that <br> The principal broke from her meditation, "oh hello, Rayne, please, make yourself comfortable. Lets have a talk. A serious talk" <br> Rayne didn't want to sit. She wanted to get out of here. There was a little bird fluttering around inside her chest, and it made her blurt out, "your putting my back to L.D right?" <br> Ms. Gleason wrinkled her nose, "no, no. Nothing like that. This has nothing to do with school, Rayne. This is a personal situation. Umm... its about your father, Maxwell Kane. Also known as, Killer Kane" <br> Her uhm, father. Which made her wish all of a sudden she had to go to L.D class <br> The principal took a deep breath, "a request has been forwarded to me from the parole board. A request from your father. Rayne, your father wants to know if--" <br> "I dont want to hear it!" Rayne covered her ears, holding the door knob tightly, "dont want to hear it! Dont want to hear it! Dont! Dont!" <br> What happens if you go nuts in the 'Peace room'?, Ms. Gleason calls in the school nurse, and the two of them were trying to hug Rayne and calm her down <br> "Rayne?" Ms. Gleason was trying to pry her hands off Rayne's ears, "Rayne, please forget about it, okay? You dont have to anything you dont want to. And i'll make sure of that, i promise. I swear to my honor, he cant make you do anything you dont want to do. Im going to be very clear to the parole board, and to his lawyer. Very clear indeed." <br> Finally Rayne takes her hands off her ears, wich was useless because she could still hear everything she said, and in a big surprise, Rayne was sitting in the corner of the room. Down on the floor with her knees all hunched up, and she didnt even know how she got there..... <p> Thanks for the lovely comments! As you should know, the boy comes later. Along with the adventure. Please comment if want to continue! <br> *~Thyssle~*