Erasing: Shadows Book 1

Erasing: Shadows Book 1

by K. D. Rose


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What if to save the ones you love, you had to unlock the key to a different reality?

Generations of mystery smash together when a seemingly traditional family must shatter their illusions of normality to confront themselves and their friends, leaving no possibility unexplored in order to rescue-well, who exactly? Watch the Ross family, the High Five Gang, and multiple generations dig into an innovative explosion of imagination where they must confront numerous realities, real-world danger, and worst of all-their own teenage hormones!

In a place where nothing is as it seems and shocks are around every corner, even the people you thought you knew may find themselves strangers in this moving and provocative reality-bender. With breathless pacing and psychological intrigue, Erasing: Shadows and the High Five Gang will keep you guessing until the very end.

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ISBN-13: 9781771012324
Publisher: Breathless Press
Publication date: 01/08/2014
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)

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Erasing: Shadows Book 1 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
DesPutaski More than 1 year ago
What would you do if your toddler started to disappear right before your eyes? Literally, one body part at a time just vanishing? Chances are I would slip right off the deep end! As a mother, losing one of my kids was always (and probably always will be) one of my greatest fears. And while Mira Ross does freak out over her three year old just vanishing… she knows a thing or two about where he got off to. At first, I had some trouble wrapping my mind around what was going on. Michael and Mira Ross, along with their friends the “High Five Gang”, can travel to the astral plane. Even though most of them have not traveled in ten years, they are all willing to start again to save little Brandon. What starts as a simple search and rescue turns into a race to save someone’s life. It brings their friends and family closer together. This isn’t the first book I’ve read about traveling to another plane of existence; but it’s definitely one of the most unique! The astral world is the same as the real world, yet it’s not. There are dangers all around (be sure not to step in the holes) and the scenery of the world changes with the mood of the person creating that world. The world building is exceptional and you can almost feel the changes happening as the astral world is changed over and over. My only criticism would be that the reader is sort of thrown into this travel with no basic background of what it really means. There are bits and pieces of information throughout the book, such as being able to travel “full body” as opposed to just having your spirit or soul there (but it wasn’t thoroughly explained, so maybe it’s just an image of the person traveling). But how would people appear differently? And then there is mention that people who travel full body “feel” different when they touch people in the astral world; are they solid as opposed to not quite solid? And I would have liked to have a little more background on the High Five Gang; you really do have to infer a lot about the friendships/relationships there. They’ve been friends since childhood (and are now in their 30′s), they have traveled extensively between the worlds together, but most of them stopped about ten years ago to settle down; with the exception of Michael’s brother, Jonathan. he continued to travel and learn more about traveling and the worlds from Stu. I would have liked to learn more about Stu, but perhaps his story is for another book (based on a conversation he has with Michael’s mother). And then there is Michael’s mother. Her characters transformation through the story is one of the best. We learn so much about her and why she has the relationship with her son/daughter-in-law that she has. But, as always, there is a fine line that an author has to walk in the first book of a series. You don’t want t lay all the cards out on the table, because then what will you learn by reading the rest of the series? I think Ms. Rose laid an excellent foundation for this series. I am hopeful that a lot of questions will be answered as we “travel” on more adventures with this group. Even having felt a bit lost at times, overall I think this was a great story. The imagination that went into creating this world and mode of travel is beyond anything I have seen in quite some time. The characters, while not developed to their full potential, keep you engaged and wanting to learn more about them. I am definitely going to be “author stalking” on this one to find out when the next book is available!
Tina_Chan More than 1 year ago
I wasn't sure what I expected when I picked up Erasing: Shadows, but it definitely wasn't this. Even though this book is categorized as "New Adult Paranormal", it is not your typical "new adult" nor "paranormal" novel. This is a book that will bend you imagination and stretch your mind--personally, I would loosely categorize this book under "speculative fiction." Let me explain: The majority of this novel takes place in the "astral." The best way I can describe the astral world is that it is like another dimension; it's a whole other world on a separate dimension. The astral is a mysterious place; some things truly exist in the astral, others are simply illusions. People with a certain gift can travel to the astral, either physically or spiritually. Sometimes people travel to the astral by accident. Within the astral is even more worlds (ie. the world of Nothing, the world of Illusion, the world of Death.) Although the astral can be a beautiful place to be, it is also dangerous. The characters aren't your usual cast either. The majority of the characters are all adults in their late twenties or thirties, with the exception of Stu, who is 19. However, things start to get sticky when Mira, a thirty-something-year old character, encounters a terrible accident in the astral world. All of a sudden, she regresses in age until she is a child. Now Mira is stuck in the astral world with no knowledge of how to travel from the astral to the real world; in other words, she thinks the astral world is the "real" world. Events that occur in the astral causes Mira to switch ages several times throughout the nove; sometimes she's 4 years old, other times she's 15 years old. Needless to say, this makes the characters very different from your typical novel (let's be honest, how many times can you say that you've read a New Adult book in which one of the main characters is a 4 year old?) The plot resolves around the rescue mission of Mira. When Mira goes missing in the astral, Michael, her husband, must relocate members of the High Five gang, a group of friends that used to explore the astral in their teenage years, and find Mira and help her remember her "real" life. The book was narrated from 3rd person POV, as such, I found it a bit difficult to strongly connect to any of the characters (or perhaps it was the age difference that kept on throwing me off.) However, the plot/concept of astral was very intriguing and kept me flipping the pages. I think one of my favorite characters is Stu, partly because I could relate more to him (at least age wise) and also because his character changed a lot (in a good way) throughout the book. I would recommend Erasing: Shadows to anyone who likes stories dealing with alternate worlds/universe, sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Julie for Read Your Writes Book Reviews 3 Stars - It's Okay/Enjoyable I don't usually read paranormal type books and this one was very hard to follow. Erasing Shadows is about a married couple, Michael and Mira, who met when they were very young and learning to travel the astral plane. Mira experiences a traumatic event when she witnesses her three-year-old son disappear before her eyes (while in the real world). She travels to the astral world to find him but ends up regressing to a time before she even learned how to travel the astral world. There are tons of rules and trying to distinguish the real world from the astral world was very difficult for me. If you like books such as this, then it's probably a really good book. I didn't care for it but that's only because of the type of book it was. Michael ends up helping to save Mira from her regressed self with the aid of his astral traveling friends and even his very experienced astral traveling mother. Michael and Mira's daughter starts gathering friends to travel the astral world but doesn't tell her parents and it appears a sequel to this book is about Madison's travels. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in reading it. Source: Author