Erinwen Vosvandor: The Thiradean Wizard: The Dragon Stone

Erinwen Vosvandor: The Thiradean Wizard: The Dragon Stone

by Cole Bruce


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Erinwen Vosvandor
The Thiradean Wizard
The Dragon Stone

In the 3rd book of the Erinwen Vosvandor book series, Erinwen and his friends try to find out about the Dragon Stone before Rorvosdon finds it first. During; Erinwen, Emivilina and Rofgardson go to the Thiradean Theatre, head inside the Sagomanok's Creepy Thiradean Store, go back to the Thiraneim Magic Battle Coliseum again where they met and head to the Dungeon of Mount. Londoiean, where they find the lost Sweet Dwellers. In this book, Erinwen will find out once and for all about his past life that will take a turn for the worst on him. However, in this story, Erinwen starts to become ill with Dream Catchers and their master, the Dream Killer in his head; they try to make him turn evil. Also, another big thing about this book is that Emivilina finally falls in love with a Derastiton Green Phoenix player, who treats her meanly, which doesn't settle with one wizard... Erinwen.

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ISBN-13: 9781726411264
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2018
Pages: 104
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