Erk In Confusion: The Blue Shoe

Erk In Confusion: The Blue Shoe

by Robert Rycroft

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Edgar Winston Sidebottom had just been sacked from his car salesman’s job, on Brisbane’s notorious Magic Mile at Moorooka, Brisbane The management had a warped sense of humour. Only a mob of sadists would have sacked a bloke on his birthday. Friday the twenty-sixth of May 1996 was not one of Edgar's better days. At age fifty-five, they considered him too old to be pounding the blazing hot concrete of car yards. So they said! The bastards gave him one week’s pay in lieu of notice. Eddie, as those in the trade knew him, apparently took it nonchalantly without rancour. His sales weren't that bad, but the second-hand motor trade was going through a cyclic bad spell. Someone had to go! So they said!
Watmough rarely appears in the flesh, but is ever present in the minds of those who cannot, or are prevented from, working out his true identity. What is his clandestine connection with Sidebottom?
Eddie rarely got upset about anything; outwardly that was. To sack a man on his birthday wasn't the end of the world. There was just one huge hidden problem. Sidebottom's birthday wasn't any old birthday, for a number of reasons. He was like a displaced person, a refugee perhaps. That he had a birth date at all was a miracle. Who he was remained a mystery, which he was determined to keep to himself.
Eddie would have found another job in the car trade. He always did. His long suffering wife, Connie, a State Registered Nurse, had other ideas. With her long-service leave overdue, she wanted a working holiday in the UK. He didn’t! She wanted to discover his true identity. He definitely did not. It had nagged her for years. He capitulated!
The Sidebottoms found temporary work, at a nursing home for the mentally ill in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. The real trouble starts, after Eddie innocently retrieves a child’s shoe, from a beck flowing into the River Wharfe. His curiosity cost him dearly.
In 1998, Phillip Armstrong is the unsuspecting surveyor who gets drawn into the saga. The ramifications beggar belief.
Set in West Yorkshire, England, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Brisbane, Australia, this is author Robert Rycroft’s, seventh and final novel in the Cartwright Saga Series.
The author has the unusual propensity of adding photographs to his novels. Surely somebody should have told him by now that, novels don’t have photographs?

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Publisher: Robert Rycroft
Publication date: 07/25/2018
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About the Author

Robert Rycroft was born at Bradford, the once famous woollen capital in the then West Riding of Yorkshire. His father was an Erk, an ordinary airman in the pre-WWII Royal Air Force, who served eight years, many in Mesopotamia. Robert joined the RAF in 1952 as a Trenchard's brat, aircraft apprentice; another Erk! He served seven years, several on Canberra bomber squadrons, finally on Bloodhound MK I guided missiles. He married in 1962, emigrated to Australia in 1974 and brought up three children, who subsequently married Australians. Robert, now 80 in 2016, a Christian, still lives at Normanton, West Yorkshire, UK. He has dual citizenship. His love of motorcycles, fast cars and aircraft, inspired Robert to write his seven novels in The Cartwright Saga series. Unsurprisingly, the main character is a hapless Erk called Ronald Cartwright, who runs foul of MI6 and the Australian ASIO. Sadly, after nearly fifty three years happily married, Robert’s wife died of cancer in 2015. Understandably, the final novel, “Erk in Confusion” has been delayed until 2016/17. Per ardua ad astra; the RAF motto!

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