Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2011: Preparing Your 2010 Taxes

Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2011: Preparing Your 2010 Taxes

by Ernst & Young


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ISBN-13: 9781879161009
Publisher: Ernst & Young, LLP
Publication date: 11/30/2010
Pages: 1008
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.80(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

Ernst & Young is the foremost tax authority in the country and the world. Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. Worldwide, the firm’s more than 140,000 people are united by shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality. Ernst & Young is committed to making a difference by helping its people, clients, and wider communities achieve their potential.

Table of Contents

The Latest 2009 Tax Law Changes


Tips To Slash Your Taxes This Year and Next


Reminders That Keep Track of Important Tax Records


How to Avoid Some of the Most Common Filing Errors


New Tax Laws and Regulations and How They Affect You


Continuously Updated Web Site!




50 Overlooked Deductions


How to Avoid 25 Common Errors


Chapter 1-Filing Information


Chapter 2-Filing Status


Chapter 3-Personal Exemptions & Dependents


Chapter 4-Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax


Chapter 5-Wages, Salaries and Other Earnings


Chapter 6-Tip Income


Chapter 7-Interest Income


Chapter 8-Dividends and Other Corporate Distributions


Chapter 9-Rental Income and Expenses


Chapter 10-Retirement Plans, Pensions, and Annuities


Chapter 11-Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits


Chapter 12-Other Income


Chapter 13-Basis of Property


Chapter 14-Sale of Property


Chapter 15-Selling Your Home


Chapter 16-Reporting Gains and Losses


Chapter 17-Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)


Chapter 18-Alimony


Chapter 19-Education-Related Adjustments


Chapter 20-Moving Expenses


Chapter 21-Standard Deduction


Chapter 22-Medical and Dental Expenses


Chapter 23-Taxes You May Deducts


Chapter 24-Interest Expense


Chapter 25-Contributions


Chapter 26-Casualty and Theft Losses


Chapter 27-Car Expenses and Employee Business Expenses


Chapter 28-Tax Benefits for Work-Related Education


Chapter 29-Miscellaneous Deductions


Chapter 30-Limit on Itemized Deductions


Chapter 31-How to Figure Your Tax


Chapter 32-Tax on Investment Income of Certain Children


Chapter 33-Child and Dependent Care Credit


Chapter 34-Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled


Chapter 35-Child Tax Credit


Chapter 36-Education Credits and Other Education Tax Benefits


Chapter 37-Other Credits Including the Earned Income Credit


Chapter 38-Self-Employment Income:How to File Schedule C


Chapter 39-Mutual Funds


Chapter 40-What to Do If You Employ Domestic Help


Chapter 41-U.S. Citizens Working Abroad: Tax Treatment of Foreign Earned Income


Plus 10 more chapters, and 100s of charts, tables & forms!

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