Erotic Tales

Erotic Tales

by unXpected


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ISBN-13: 9781475906974
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/04/2012
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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By unXpected

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 UnXpected
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-0697-4

Chapter One

Turning over, I reach for the "Baby wipes" I keep on my headboard. Ripping out a few sheets, I wipe my pussy free of his jizm, and toss the sheets in the bedside trash. I offer a few sheets to him, which he dabs at his penis, then rolls over on his stomach to fall asleep. All I'm thinking is; I hope he wiped his dick good. I hadn't planned on changing these satin sheets until the weekend.

Vince was the only guy I frequently had unsafe sex with. He was, besides one of my lovers, my best male friend. He's a good fuck. Vince, that is. A good head on his shoulders, with a decent job. I'm not sure what he does financial, and I don't ask questions. He's FINE as all hell. Nice body, curly black hair, brown eyes ... fine! Always ready for action, then again who wouldn't be? I'm a good catch; long legs, big breasts, natural hair, I pride myself on that. Au Natural, that'd be me. Admittedly, I have screwed up at certain points in my life, but no crying over spilled milk. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and go on. I am VERY self-sufficient. Put myself through college; run my own Travel Agency, on top of running an at home, Medical Transcription business. Both companies do very well, in spite of the hours I keep. My "friends" keep me in check, and with good company. They know I am not a one-man woman. If anyone doesn't like it ... too bad!

I'm from a mid sized family, which I try very hard not to socialize too much with. In the past there have been problems, drama, issues I'd rather not concern myself daily with. Do I miss them? Yes. Am I willing to sacrifice my sanity to deal with them? No.

Vince reaches out and pulls me closer. I go into his arms for tonight, because tomorrow who knows who will be here.

The next morning, I awake to Vince getting dressed in the semi darkness of the room. It's early, about 5:30 or so. He finally sees me watching him. He starts a slow, erotic, grinding, dance for me, hands positioned behind his head. I smile and throw a pillow at him.

"Your so silly", I mutter my voice still groggy.

He comes down to me, leaning, both hands on my bed, and in my face.

"Your breath stinks" he playfully admits.

"Yours does too" I reply.

He knows I can't stand the smell of toothpaste, which is why I keep a bottle of "Listerine" in the bathroom. I can deal with the mouthwash, but not the scent of toothpaste.

Covering my face with a pillow, he starts trying to pull it away to blow his breath at me.

"Stop Vince, you ass" I exclaim.

"OK, I'm leaving though, so give me a kiss".

I remove the pillow and grab him around his neck, forcing him to fall on top of me, as I plant a kiss on his cheek.

"You are definitely asking for it aren't you", he hugs me in return, and I let him go.

"I love you girl. That story you told me last night was a good one," he admits standing back up, "I'll call you later."

"Thanks Bye handsome, love you too." is my response.

I started this ritual, with him and a few of my closest friends. My passion is to make up fictional stories. I usually tell my lovers, during the act of "sexing", for my girlfriends, I test my stories on them for the erotic levels I can reach. So far, I was getting an exceptional response.

I wait until I hear the back door's lock click into place before falling back asleep.

Couple of hours later I'm awakened by my downstairs neighbor, and closest lesbian friend, Aubrey knocking, in her "coded knock", on my door. Groggy, hair disheveled, and naked, I make my way to the door. I unlock it, and return back to my bedroom, her following in my footsteps.

"Eww girl, you look jacked. When are you going to get yourself together, it's nice outside?"

I get back into bed, pulling the covers back over my naked body, and retort,


Falling onto my bed she reports,

"I seen your fine ass trick leave this morning. Girl, you need to snag him before I do".

"Yeah right", I sarcastically reply.

She smiles in return, "You don't need to be sleeping on me girl.... you just don't know".


"Girl, get up, throw some clothes on your naked ass. Ride with me to the coffee shop".


She just stops, and looks at me funny,

"Damn, I don't feel like getting dressed yet". I whine to her.

"Girl, you is always naked. I think you be trying to turn me on. I meet girls like you all the time. I turned a few out too".

I smirk and respond,


"Yeah, that is what you'll be screaming. I will lick you so good, mmm, I ain't even going there."

"Yeah, please don't."

I climb out of my bed, and head toward my bathroom.

"Hey, what story did you try out on him last night? Have I heard it before?"

Standing under the spray of water coming from my showerhead, I answer,

"I don't think you ever heard it before."

She comes in and stands in the doorway of the bathroom, as I soap up my body with my bath sponge.

"So, go ahead, tell me."

I smile at her through the see thru shower curtain,

"No, I got one for you though."

"One for me? You are really going to have to dig deep into your bag of tricks to get me going."

"Well, are you ready to hear one or what?"

"Go ahead, what's it called?"

Continuing to lather up,

"I don't have a name for it just yet. Just listen and tell me what you think."

Aubrey takes a seat on the closed toilet lid, as I begin my tale:

The room glows from the dozens of candles lit. The scent of vanilla dominates the room. This was so sweet, no music, no noise, just her and I. After lying down on the bed, I play with her hair, as she positions herself between my legs. I gather the strands between my fingers, to form a ponytail at the top of her head. She sucks erotically at my nipples, which turns me on. She slowly and meticulously lets her tongue circle my entire areola before taking my erect and throbbing nipple into her mouth. She applies little pressure, gnawing it between her teeth. As one nipple stands erect, she turns to "service" the other. I don't need to tell her the other was getting jealous, by just looking, she can tell.

The "hotter" I become, the more prominent I smell the scent of my sex. She must notice it too, because while sucking at one breast, one hand holds my tit at its base. She playfully drags her free hand, in a zigzag fashion, letting her fingernails stimulate up and down, one side of my body. Backing up from her position, she releases my nipple from her teeth, causing it to bounce taut, back to its place, then licks and kisses her way down my stomach. Traveling past my navel, she comes to rest above my shaved pubic area. She repositions herself between my legs, lying so her face is just above my passion. She drags her middle and forefinger together, thru my pussy, and down to my asshole, accumulating my juices, then brings her fingers back up, traveling the same route.

"Your ready for me huh?" she asks smiling, looking up at me.

I smile at her in return. My body answers for me. right now, all I want is to feel her mouth, tongue, and teeth deep within my twat.

She continues playing with my clit, in a nonchalant way. Teasing me. She knows i want her, and now is an understatement. She teases; sticking her fingers deep within my canal, and then pulls out and sucks them clean. I can tell she is no amateur, but she does have her work cut out for her. Over the years that I have been with women, none were successful at making me climax. I was getting use to the idea that maybe a women, would never be able to do it, but men, I had no problem with.

Finally, she whispers, "Hold it open for me".

I happily oblige.

At first she gingerly licks the folds within my pussy, as if to clear the juices that collected. She takes my hands from my slippery wet walls, causing them to slowly close around her mouth. She suckles and kisses at my clit, causing my body to gyrate, and grind against her mouth. She continues feeding off of my actions by placing her hands at my waist, bringing me closer to her. I had since pulled my hands free from her hair, and started twisting and pulling at my own nipples.

She was good and she knew she had me ... until ... suddenly she slows down the pace, and starts licking at my inner thighs.

"Oh girl, why'd you stop?" I whine.

She smiles, "I don't want you yet, you got to have patience".

At that moment I felt like a young child. I wanted to kick and stomp my feet. She shimmies up my body, resting her breast, stomach and pubic area against mine. Lightly grinding me, her breath lingers with my "love stench".

"You mad at me baby".

I don't answer right away. She licks near my ear, and down my neck where she starts making passion bites. She knows this is a weakness of mine. I start to grind against her. Her moaning, and sucking start to rekindle the fire she abruptly put out moments ago.

"Don't tease me, o.k." I whisper to her before I attack a portion of her neck, making my own passion mark.

She sucks in her breath, and releases my neck, as if concentrating on grinding me back. Since I shave myself bald, I feel her slippery wetness escaping the confines of her pussy lips, dripping and meshing with my own. I hold onto her neck hard with my lips. This mark was going to last, I was going to make sure of it.

As I finish my sentence, I turn off the shower, pull back the curtain, and reach for my towel on the towel rack.

"Go ahead girl, finish the story."

I smile, "So far, that's all I got".

She looks at me, flabbergasted, "You fucken bitch."

I laugh at her response, "What's the matter, did I get you."

I couldn't stop laughing as Aubrey gets up and returns to my room. After drying off, I join her there. She is lying on the bed, arms folded, criss crossed over her eyes.

"You be doing me wrong, all the way around."

"Girl, stop tripping." I reply as I apply scented lotion to my body before throwing on my undergarments.

"So what is your "tricks" story?" She asks, changing the subject.

"No story, he's just my friend."

"A friend with benefits. Is he married?"

"No, we're just sexing for the time being."

"That's cool. He any good?"

I just look at her.

"That good huh?"

"Ok, stop talking about him before I start getting horny."

"Don't worry about that, I'll take care of you." She offers.

I just laugh.

"Go ahead, laugh now. I'm going to catch you off guard one day and fuck the shit out of you."

I smile at her and reply, "Promises, promises."

"If I weren't so hungry, and his shit wasn't dripping it's way out your pussy you'd be in some trouble."

Now was my turn to respond,

"Ewww girl, you is so nasty sometime."

"And you love it." She retorts, smiling back at me.

Chapter Two

On our way to the coffee shop, we "jam" to the music coming out of the car's sound system. We both love our oldies, so we sing along with "Earth, Wind, and Fires—Boogie Wonderland".

It was definitely a nice day. We have the windows down. We look good. Aubrey wore her hair in a short cut style, which looked good with her V-neck half shirt and denim mini skirt. I have my halter tube top on, with a denim skirt. My long hair was braided up front with a straw set in back. I found this style very convenient to my lifestyle. Wrap it in a silk scarf at night, then, pull it into style in the morning. It's a wonder what natural hair can do.

Entering the shop, we head to the fresh bakery section. An older women, stood at the counter waiting to be served. She takes one look at us, and starts "preaching".

"Why do you girls continue to degrade yourselves? Can't bend over too far. Why would you want to show your goodies to the world?"

I look towards Aubrey who never is at a loss for words. She, surprisingly but nicely states,

"We'll be alright ma'am."

The lady would not let up.

"Mmm, you girls need to go to church. God don't like ugly."

The women seemed to be a "Sidewalk preacher". The kind of person who preached, regardless, if you wanted to hear it or not.

Aubrey continues to hold her tongue for quite a while, and then I hear:

"I said we'd be alright, grandma, damn!"

The older woman sucks her teeth, and moves on continuing to mutter under her breath.

"Dag, did she have her glass of "haterade" this morning or what? What would she have done had I bent over and showed her "my goodies" as she calls it? No panties on either." We laugh together as we head over to the cashier to order up breakfast and pay.

Getting our order, bags in hand, we head back to the car. I decided on a small coffee, and a buttered blueberry muffin. Aubrey decided on a small coffee, croissant with egg and cheese.

"You better slow down with all that eating girl, you always got a sandwich." I warn her.

"That's ok though, I am not trying to impress NO—BODY!"

"Well good for you, hootchie."

We laugh and get into her Chevy and head back home.

About an hour, after we returned to Aubrey's condo, her doorbell sounds. We are lounging in her living room, watching one of the many daytime court shows, "Judge Mathis" he was our favorite. Down to earth, talking in "our" language. Nice looking too.

Aubrey goes over to her intercom and asks who it is? It's her current girlfriend. I should have taken my cue, and left, but Aubrey begs me to stay. When Rhonda got into the apartment, she kiss' Aubrey passionately on her lips. Everything about her demeanor said she was happy to see her. That is, until she turns around and sees me. Aubrey leads the way into the living room where I still sit, lounging on the couch. I watch Rhonda from the corner of my eye. She was not at all happy that I was here, and it would be only a matter of time before she started her "Bitch Act".

"Want half of my coffee Hun?" Aubrey asks sitting down.

"No, but I would like to spend some quality time with you, ALONE!"

I take the hint and stand up, "Girl, I'll catch you later." I head toward the door.

"No, don't leave." Aubrey begs rising from the couch to follow me, "At least wait until this segment goes off." She pleads.

"No, I'll catch you later, just give me a call when your sidekick leaves. Maybe we can get together then."

I said it on purpose, knowing I would get a rise out of her. She, for some reason, thought we were sexing, that is why she hated me. We could tell her until we were blue in the face that nothing was going on. Still, she refused to believe us.

Her response, "Let her go, she should be with her own partner anyway."

Aubrey and I stop and turn back to look at her. Aubrey looks back at me, exasperated. I return her look, "I'm not even going there".

She finishes walking me to the door, apologizing for her girls' ignorance.

"That's cool, this time, but you better school her because next time it's on."

"I'll take care of it, I promise."

Before I get up the stairs she hollers out, "I'll call you later."

Returning back upstairs, I start straightening up my bedroom, as I listen to the conclusion of Judge Mathis. After the segment ends, I head towards the kitchen to put the dirty glasses from last night in the sink, when my cell phone rings. The caller i.d. reads that it's my girl Sara.

"What up girl" I greet her.

"You so stank" she responds in a playful manner. "What's up with you today?"

'Nothing yet, why, what's up?"

"Well, I need to go get my dress altered, wanna ride along?"

"Sure, you gonna scoop me?" I ask.

"Yeah, give me 5 to 10 minutes".

Pressing the off button, I head into my walk in closet to change my clothes. I decide on a colored wife beater t-shirt, and some denim hip hugger shorts with sneakers. Although Sara was cool, she tends to get into trouble when she's out. Arguing, which sometimes leads to fighting. I always dress appropriately when I hang out with her, just in case.

Fifteen minutes later, I'm sitting in the front passenger seat of Sara's top of the line 2012 Mercedes Benz. It's like riding on a cloud.

Sara is a military brat, and an only child. Her father holds a top level position in the military, and he makes sure his "baby", had wants for nothing. She is a very pretty girl, her dad, a very dark skinned black man, his wife, a petite, but very vocal Korean women. Their mix created the slant eyed beauty, who maneuvers this car like a madwomen.

The second time that we take a hairpin turn; I throw my hand to the dashboard. Sara lets out her high pitch hyena like laugh.

"You need to slow your ass down girl! I do want to live out the remainder of this day!"

"You'll live, shut up" she retorts still laughing.

A few more crazy turns, and we arrive at the seamstress'. While Sara changes into this tight, midnight blue, draped off the shoulder, floor length evening gown, she chats bringing me up to speed on where she is wearing this too.

Admiring the dress, "Girl, that is a "banging" dress," I state.


Excerpted from EROTIC TALES by unXpected Copyright © 2012 by UnXpected. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Erotic Tales 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To "Nasty" you know what Erotic is? If you are indeed a "kid" as you say, pick up your schoolbooks and learn something. You apparently need to learn definitions. The author did a good job at bringing Erotica to her adult readers. Although I would like to see the 2nd book, asap.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is disgusting all a kid wanted was a nice book and bi get this piece a trash! Ya need to stop making these nasty books because