Es hora de vencer al enemigo: Estrategias para ganar la guerra espiritual

Es hora de vencer al enemigo: Estrategias para ganar la guerra espiritual

by Chuck Pierce

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Es hora de vencer al enemigo: Estrategias para ganar la guerra espiritual by Chuck Pierce

¡Sus batallas espirituales son ahora!

 ¡Los tiempos están cambiando! Está ocurriendo un cambio histórico en la Iglesia de hoy día. En medio de este cambio el pueblo de Dios se puede confundir y perder el camino. Debemos recordar que el Cuerpo está llamado a ser cabeza y no cola.  

 En Es hora de vencer al enemigo, Churck D. Pierce trae su mensaje revolucionario sobre los tiempos al tema de la guerra espiritual. Con numerosas revelaciones proféticas sobre la nueva temporada que Dios está comenzando para las generaciones presentes y futuras este libro le ayudará a...

Ser liberado de los traumas, las pérdidas y el dolor vivido

Entrar a un nuevo  nivel de libertad y victoria •Entrar en la nueva temporada y los tiempos que Dios tiene para usted •Entender y conocer las artimañas de su enemigo •Comprender qué es la irritación y cómo romper sus garras  

 Dios reconcilia nuestro pasado de manera que el presente le abra paso a nuestro futuro

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ISBN-13: 9781616383435
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 09/21/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
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About the Author

Dr. Charles D. “Chuck” Pierce ha sido usado por Dios para interceder y movilizar la oración en todo el mundo. Es un ministro ordenado y sirve como presidente del ministerio Glory of Zion International Ministries en Denton, Texas. También es el presidente de Global Spheres, Inc., un ministerio para líderes apostólicos, proféticos e intercesores. Tiene un grado universitario de la Texas A & M y un doctorado en ministerio del Wagner Leadership Institute. Es el autor de varios libros, incluyendo Cómo redimir el tiempo y Cuando Dios habla.  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 There Is a Moment for ChangeFor the mind to break out of the last season’s mentality, there is war. Whether bowling or worshiping or learning a new system or way of doing things, there is war! The war is over a greater portion, an increase, a new way to prosper. As you read this book, pursue this concept in every area of your life. Be prepared to enter into your future.Chapter 2. See Your Future and Go BeyondWe are much more visual as a society in the world today. We now live in a season to see. What you should see first are the blessings that are there for you in heavenly places.In any season, you want to press toward unlocking and entering into all the blessings that God has ordained for you. God wants to increase your ability to see.Chapter 3 Doorways to Going BeyondI believe God is assembling a group that is saying, “We want that place called beyond!” In this chapter we will discover fifteen issues related to “going beyond.”Chapter 4 Pass Over—God’s Plan for FreedomIn this chapter we will see how the Passover points us to our own “pass over”into the freedom God has for us, and we will identify those things we need to pass over.Chapter 5 God’s Ten-Step Program to Freedom for IsraelThe Egyptians placed great faith in their gods, but their gods were really demons. In the ten plagues of Egypt, God was not just bringing random destruction on the land. He was demonstrating the foolishness of trusting in these false gods. God said His purpose was to bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. Each plague was a direct confrontation with one or more of the Egyptian deities. God wanted to show the Egyptians the futility of idolatry and give them an opportunity to turn to the true God.Chapter 6 The Blood KeyPassover is the celebration of the blood key to abundant life. The more you understand Passover, the more you appreciate Jesus. As we celebrate Passover, we are declaring our faith in the power of His blood and His redemption. When the celebration of Passover was stolen away, the power left. But when Passover is restored, the power returns. The good news is God is restoring Passover today. We are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb out of the hand of the enemy.Chapter 7 The Word KeyIn this chapter we will discuss the wilderness and how we interact with the Lord in a place of desolation. The word that we receive in our wilderness place can be a great key to help us to see past the wilderness and learn to overcome murmuring, complaining, and fear in the future.Chapter 8 Sinai—God Establishes a New OrderThere are times God sits you down and says, “Here are some things you need to know!” Sinai represented a season of instruction. When God brings you into that kind of season, it’s a very special time. Treasure it! What He teaches you in a season of instruction will equip you for all that lies ahead.Chapter 9 Jesus—Our Best Example in the WildernessIf we model after Jesus, we will always be victorious to come through and into the next season. Jesus moved through His wilderness stops. Each phase of expansion in your life has a wilderness front through which you must learn to war. You must always allow the Spirit of God to evaluate you in each of the phases.Chapter 10 See Past MammonThere is a great battle today over the transfer of wealth. I believe this battle is not just natural but supernatural. As any object, money is neither good nor bad in itself. The key issue for us is our relationship and dedication to the powers that lie behind and that control the supply lines of the money we receive. If we do not give and steward our resources properly, we become blinded by the deceitfulness of riches. The evil eye on the dollar bill becomes a demonic reality that blinds us, vexes our spirit, and causes us to lose our aligned benefits of God.Chapter 11 See Your Promise From God’s PerspectiveIn this season do not let fear win the battle! Fear is a spirit that attaches to our emotions and clouds our thinking process. Fear causes us to withdraw into poverty and a mundane lifestyle. War for the promise! He has your garden of restoration and abundance. Don’t be afraid to leave the past season behind. Remove any root of abandonment in you and strengthen your faith to go up against an enemy that appears stronger than you.Chapter 12 The Need for MendingThere are many ways to follow the Lord into healing. There are many methods and faith acts. However, I believe in order to be whole, one must find the root cause of his/her infirmity and then press through into the process of wholeness. Fragmentation attempts to keep us scattered! If we continue to carry within our souls the brokenness that can result from injustices and our mistakes, then we become fragmented. The scattered pieces of our soul must be gathered for us to be whole.Chapter 13 God’s Plan for WholenessWhen we experience the grace of God leading to salvation, that abundant grace permeates our entire being—body, soul, and spirit—with the ability to change every fiber of our makeup. As we yield to the ongoing, life-changing power of salvation, we can begin to understand wholeness. We are meant to be whole. Chapter 14 Breaking the Power of VexationThe enemy’s goal is to block a traumatized soul’s emotions. The ultimate goal of the enemy is to vex your spirit. This means a blockage of your communion and intuition. The enemy desires to stop you from pressing through and developing an overcoming testimony. I want to encourage you to leave trauma behind and remove the dam on your blocked emotions.Chapter 15 Guard Against the Enemy’s ToolsSatan is also watching for that opportune time to vex and blind us from seeing the best that God has for us. The purpose of this chapter is to reveal Satan’s hidden snares. We are called to see, but many times we must unveil the evil eye.Chapter 16 He Is the Father of Your SpiritHe is the Father of spirits. This is an important revelation to understand our makeup. He allows us to develop our soul, but He is the Father of our spirit and knows how to transform us from inside out. This is what makes us a child of God. This is why we can have an inheritance in Him.Chapter 17 A Renewed SpiritThe wind of the Holy Spirit coming into our human spirit regenerates and empowers us. This wind has a restoring quality. Even though we might be off our path or our senses seem to be scattered and we feel confused, our Deliverer can come and bring a wind of refreshing. This wind will bring cleansing and restore us to the full walk God has intended for us.Chapter 18 His Promise Is: “We Will Overcome”No matter where your life has gone astray, decreased, or experienced loss, you can profit again. You can win in the end, and your end can be greater than your beginning. Now is the time for you to let God unlock the might that is in you! When you see, then turn (the same word for “change”), you will hear the transition and be repositioned out of last season’s captivities and into next season’s freedom.Chapter 19 Nourishing Your SpiritThe spirit is the vital portion of life, the principle of life residing in man. This is the breath breathed by God into man and again returning to God, the spiritual entity in man. In other words, it is saying to let your human spirit be full. This word full literally means “to cram full, to satisfy.” Let your spirit be crammed full, fully satisfied.Conclusion: Going BeyondYou are made to be an overcomer! Overcome sin, the flesh, the world, and the devil. Your last battle in life is death. Because God fathered your spirit, if you will allow your spirit to fellowship, be nourished, and exercised, you will remain strong.

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