Esbats and Moon Magic: BWC School of Witchcraft

Esbats and Moon Magic: BWC School of Witchcraft

by Black Witch S

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No matter who you are, or where you come from, I guarantee that you have had a relationship of some kind with the moon. Be it a spiritual relationship, as a Wiccan pagan or witch, or perhaps it has been an astrological relationship of some kind. Perhaps it is as a Farmer or a fisherman who understands how the moon effects the tides and the crops. Or maybe you have just observed people acting a little crazy on the full moon? The power of the moon does have a real and visible effect on everything it shines on.

While the sabbats are solar festivals that celebrate and honor the Sun, God and male energy, esbats are rituals celebrated by witches and pagans to revere the moon, and the feminine energy represented by her lunar cycle. Esbats are known as "working" rituals. This is usually the time set aside for a coven, groups or solitaries to perform magick, such as casting spells for the success of a new endeavor, healing rituals, etc.

Wiccans and many witches, observe the moons phases to enhance the power of their own magick. Each phase of the moon is for a specific type of spell casting. This is why most spells are cast at night, not just because it’s dark outside, but because the moon offers specific magickal enhancements.

There is no right or wrong way to honor the moon. Praise, love, and appreciation are emotions that project positive energy regardless of the ritual from which it derives. The universe receives energy, and provides energy. The moon can greatly effect the transmission of this energy.

Learning how to draw down the moon and how to celebrate the new Moon is an enjoyable experience. Plus, this celebration is fun and easy to share with the whole family including children. While I will provide you a suggested format for conducting moon rituals, you will be encouraged to adapt or change my ritual to adjust to your own lifestyle and desires. Enjoy the Moon!

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Publication date: 11/13/2015
Series: Your Online First Degree in Witchcraft - A Wiccan Themed Course
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Welcome to my Smashwords Personal Bio! I am a Chaos Witch who practices a variety of magickal styles. I believe everyone should have a foundation of understanding the basics, before entering heavier magickal practices. Wicca provides a good and solid foundation. Personal background: Australia born & raised, and currently reside between Las Vegas in the USA, Kata in Thailand, and Sydney, Australia. I travel frequently to meet with other covens, voodoo practitioners, witches, & occultists. Sometimes I travel with my coven - a group of 13 witches, both male and female, from all walks of life, and from different witchcraft traditions. Offer to readers: Feedback Gift Once you purchase & read my book, I would love for your feedback. Did you find the content relevant and useful? Did I leave anything out? What would you change or add to make this lesson more useful? Complete the form on our website Once you complete this form, email and tell me what book from this series for free. BWS

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