Escape From Riddler's Pass

Escape From Riddler's Pass

by Amy Lynn Green

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Escape From Riddler's Pass by Amy Lynn Green

With their search for the Scorpion’s Jewel completed, Jesse, Rae and Silas return to rescue their injured friend, Parvel, only to find he has been kidnapped by the Rebellion. While trying to evade the Patrol, this time the Youth Guard’s journey leads to the mountains, where they are held captive by a dwarf. Underground, the young warrriors discover a lost civilization, and a new friend with vital information to help them on their way. But the Rebellion headquarters are hidden within a dangerous maze of tunnels, and accessible only by solving a series of riddles. Will Jesse and his friends discover the secret to the Rebellion’s tunnels and reach Parvel before it is too late? Or will they be doomed to dwell in darkness forever?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781593174873
Publisher: Warner Press
Publication date: 07/01/2011
Series: Amarias Adventure Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 172
Sales rank: 727,078
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Amy Green is a native of Indiana and has recently written for Evangel, "The Secret Place," "Devo’zine," and WBCL radio. Her sci-fi version of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego appeared in "Clubhouse" magazine, and she will soon see one of her plays published in "Plays" magazine. A professional writing major at Taylor University, Green exhibits a sincere passion for serving others, defending truth and teaching the Bible through her writing.

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Escape from Riddler's Pass 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Escape From Riddler's Pass (The Amarias Adventures Book 2) Author: Amy Lynn Green Publisher: Warner Press Published: 7-1-2011 Pages: 172 ASIN: B005GGT892 Rae, Silas and Jesse return to Mir without the Serpent's Jewel, but they do have the knowledge that the king not only set them up for failure but sent Demetri a former Youth Guard and presently Captain of the patrol Guard to kill them all. Jesse and the others have rushed to Mir to save Pavel whom Jesse told Demetri about when they had been held in the dungeon when they were caught trying to steal the Serpent's Jewel. They arrive back at Kayne's ahead of Demetri but find the rebels have kidnapped Pavel and taken him back to there stronghold in district 2. Without stopping they gather supplies and prepare to rescue Pavel. As Demetri and the guard are at the front of Kayne's hut Jesse and the others sneak out the back. They travel without stopping to a hidden cave and take shelter in it. Jesse tells them of the Race of people wiped out long ago during a great war with the king's armies and the underground city they built underground using tunnels to connect the different sections of the city. Demetri uses Aleric's powers in dreams to follow them to the hidden cave. Being forced further into the abandoned caves of the Roarics, a race of people conquered by the king over 25 years before. While venturing farther into the caves to get away from Demetri who has found them again Jesse and the others find out that the Roarics are not all gone and the caves have not been totally abandoned. Moreover, the Roarics are not happy about outlanders being in their tunnels and capture Rae, Silas and Jesse. Silas, Jesse and Rae have learned the art of working together, but Silas lets his desire for revenge rule him placing all of them in danger. Rae has learned to temper her act first and ask questions later for the most part but a lapse sets them on a path none of them expected. Jesse still feels as though the others do not value him as a full team member and the health of Pavel is still unknown. Each adventure brings the trio closer together but the past also puts distance between them. Can the three young heroes learn to embrace their differences and see that those same differences are their greatest strengths? Can they finally loose Demetri? Will Demetri succeed in capturing and killing our three heroes and the remnants of the Roarics? What so Jesse and the others do with their knowledge of the Kings actions against the Youth Guard? This is the second book in the Amarias series and I recommend you read book 1 The Quest for the Serpent's Jewel first. It is a very quick read and although listed as a young adult I found it quite a fun read. Ms Green will bring the characters alive with her words. You can close your eyes and bring the makeshift encampment into vivid detail in your minds eye. Kayne and his home will seem so real you will smell the smoke coming off the cooking fire. Stop for a while to let yourself be drawn into the world of the Amarias Adventures. I have greatly enjoyed this series so far. I am eagerly awaiting for the release of book 3 and not just so I can check out if it as a book my nephews want to read.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Taking up where <b>Quest for the Scorpion&rsquo;s Jewel</b> left off, <b>Escape for Riddler&rsquo;s Pass</b> is exciting and action-packed as Jesse stands by his new friends in the Youth Guard in their search to save one of their own who has been kidnapped by the Rebellion in District 2. Jesse, Silas and Rae are now on a journey that leads them through the caves of the Roaric dwarves and on to Riddler&rsquo;s Pass, hoping all the while to find Parvel still alive. As they near Riddler&rsquo;s Pass, the three young people are captured and face some of their darkest moments that will test them to their limits and beyond. Will they all survive and bring Parvel out with them? Will Parvel&rsquo;s God protect and guide them? Escape from Riddler&rsquo;s Pass is a wonderful addition to this action-paced young adult series, full of scenic detail and characters that have gained even more depth than book 1! The trials they face are larger than life and require something more than just a good plan. Jesse is a positive role model, once again for younger readers who crave larger than life adventures! I received this book from NetGalley and Warner Press in exchange for my honest review. Author: Amy Green Series: #2 in Amerias Adventures Published: July 1, 2011 Publisher: Warner Pr # Pages: 172 ISBN: 1593174330 ISBN-13: 9781593174330
TheStuffofSuccess More than 1 year ago
The hero of this book is a young crippled boy who relies on brain versus brawn.  This is an excellent young adult book.  Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel was book 1 is a good book full of adventure and faith - yet also a great many questions.  In this story they (Silas, Rae and Jesse) have finished their quest for the Scorpion Jewel and are trying to rescue a kidnapped friend, Parvel, from the deep mines. They have to work together to solve riddles but then manage to get captured themselves.   They learn some strong lessons in this book and continue to build their friendships and their faith.  The story is action packed and moved swiftly.  Definitely no time to lose interest.  I do love this series and give it 5 stars.   I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
Escpe from Riddler's Pass starts right after Quest for Scorpion Jewel ends. Jesse found out why the captain Demetri has been trying to kill the King's youth guard. It is on order of the King himself. The King gathers the brightest and smartest every 5 years trains them and sends them on dangerous missions and most do not survive. King has planned this because they are the ones who might join the rebels and dispose him. Captain Demetri is hurring to jesse home town where they had to leave Parvel. Parvel was injurred from poison arrow and Kanye was taking care of him. He had no idea that he was in danger from the patrols. Demetri feels that he can beat Jesse, Rae & Silas kill Parvel and lay a trap for them. But the 3 of them beat him to Kanye and find out that Parvel was kidnapped by the rebels of distric 2 and taken to the deep mines. They go after Parvel with Demetri chasing them all the way. He even knows about the cave and tunnels where the drawfs used to live in there underground city. It was destroyed 30 years ago and all the drawfs were killed. Or so they thought. Till a drawf caught them and was taking them to his new city but Jesse convinced him that a patrol was in the tunnels and would find them. So they caused a cave inn behind them. After they escape from being kept by the drawfs they find the mines that the rebels are using and they figure out the riddles to bypass the traps. The whole book goes from one action to another action and drama. Keeps your attention the whole way. They learn about themselves and about their friends. risking to save each other lives. Trying to figure what the right way is. Make better choices and think of each other first. I will read more from Amy Green in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review