Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life

Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life

by Kristine McGuire
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Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life by Kristine McGuire

An eight-year journey through the occult and into freedom
Though Kristine McGuire was raised in a Christian home, at an early age she became fascinated by the occult. At sleepovers she and her friends told fortunes and held séances. As a teenager she was convicted and put all games of mysticism aside. She went to a Christian college and married a Christian man. But despite her decision to follow God, a longing for the occult persisted, leading her to leave her church and husband and to fully embrace witchcraft.
 Escaping the Cauldron takes you deep inside Kristine’s eight-year journey as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter. Part Bible study, part memoir, it exposes the subtle occult influences that affect us as it reveals how God mercifully delivered her out of the occult altogether and restored her faith and life in Christ.

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ISBN-13: 9781616386979
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 09/04/2012
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,314,583
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kristine McGuire spent eight years blending Christianity with the occult. She has been a Solitary Eclectic Christian Witch, a clairsentient medium, and a lead investigating member of a paranormal enthusiast group. Kristine is a popular blogger and speaker. Her writing has been featured on Faithful Devotions, Focus on the Family, and Crosslinks websites. You can learn more about her at

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction: What People Seek xxi

Part 1 The Occult, Wicca, and Witchcraft

1 The Occult 1

2 What Is Witchcraft? 7

3 Meeting the Goddess 12

4 The Christian Witch 22

5 Creator or Creation? 30

6 Magick: Not Prayer With Props 34

7 Eastern Meditation: Gateway to the Occult 40

8 Divination and Familiar Spirits 45

9 Prodigals Can Always Come Home 52

Part 2 Ghosts, Mediums, and the Paranormal

10 Pursuing the Paranormal 59

11 Spirits: Angels and Demons 65

12 Origins of a Ghost Hunter 70

13 Dangerous Games 80

14 Ghost Stories 84

15 Mediums and Psychics 88

16 Spirit Guides 95

17 When Demons Scream 101

18 Deliver Me From Evil 108

Part 3 Where Do We Go From Here?

19 Give Me a Spotter's Guide! 117

20 How Should Christians Respond? 120

21 Spiritual Gifts 126

22 The Dangers of Dabbling 134

23 What About Harry Potter? 138

24 The Twilight Saga 142

25 Scary Movies 147

26 The Origins of Halloween 153

27 Spiritual Warfare 160

Part 4 The Extra-Special Stuff

28 You Can Know Jesus-Ask Me How 169

29 What to Do About Yoga? 174

30 Time for the Q and A 177

Appendix A A Glossary of Occult Words 185

Appendix B My Ghost-Hunting Days 202

Appendix C My 2009 Mission Trip to Costa Rica 205

Appendix D A Note From Kristine 209

Notes 210

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Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Everyday Life 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Some people believe that there is no harm in watching a scary movie like, Paranormal Activity. I mean it's not real, it's just a movie. Other's think there is nothing wrong with the Wiccan religion, or witchcraft as long as your intention is to help and not harm people. What about watching shows like The Ghost Whisperer or Ghost Hunters? Is there any danger in what you are watching? How about horoscopes, tarot cards or innocent toys like Magic 8 balls or Ouija boards? The truth is there is more to these than just simply being movies, television shows or an innocent interest in them. All of these have a basis in the occult and no one can tell you more than a reformed witch, now Christian wife and mom who exposes what that lifestyle is all about in her latest book, Escaping the Cauldron! Kristen McGuire now shares her chilling interest in witchcraft, spells and the ghost haunting investigations she used to be a part of for more than eight years. Along the way, she shares just how Satan captures the interests and how most people believe there is no harm in dabbling in them. How wrong they are! Using scripture to highlight what God's perspective is in all of these things, the reader is in for a chilling reality check and can see for themselves just how prevalent and accepted these practices are becoming and what we as believers can do to help those that are lost and struggling. When I received the offer to review this book, I knew I had to read it. Mostly because as a young child, I could relate to the very same things that drew Kristen into the occult and how innocent the lure can be. Like her, my interest began as a way to find fulfillment for being a lonely child growing up while my parents were going through a divorce, and since my mom worked, I spent time looking for things to do. It began in the public library looking at books on spell casting and witchcraft with the intent of making good things happened. I would later find myself on the chilling end of Satan's lure but was saved when I turned my life to Christ. I received Escaping the Cauldron by Kristen McGuire compliments of Glass Roads Public Relations for my honest opinion and think every single Christian parent needs to read a copy of this. Like Kristen, there are ways that your children and teens can be hiding this and this is a great resource to know what signs to look for to see if your child is dabbling in the occult. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars because we can't pretend the stuff that is happening around us and on TV and the movies is not affecting us in negative ways. I applaud Kristen's efforts for sharing her testimony and can only see this as a benefit to those who are trapped in the lure of the magical world.
jeffmclain More than 1 year ago
Many people report many crazy things happening around us, that many would describe as the supernatural world or the paranormal. In recent years, there has been a re-surging interest in these unexplained sightings and forces. This interest has been especially echoed through the themes of movies, television shows and book titles. The interest in these far from the norm experiences, peaks questions in all of us. They play part of the bigger questions. What is out there? What is life like after death? What powers exist in this world that we don’t know? The paranormal gets associated with people’s grieving processes, spiritual journeys and sometimes as attention-getting tactics by the wacky. Over the years, I’ve seen a few things one may classify as sights of the paranormal. Sometimes these are things I try to justify and explain away due to some-what explainable conditions. Sometimes, like in an experience I had a few years ago with my friend Matt Wiggins, you experience something that is seemingly impossible to explain away. Most of us live in a skeptical view of the paranormal and these so-called supernatural experiences, because (1) they exist outside of the natural world (2) they are sometimes less than credible (3) so many times, they are faked. The question is; When something’s strange in your neighborhood? Who you going to call. Ghostbusters? Kristine McGuire just released a book called ‘Escaping The Cauldron‘, in which she carefully treads her reading onlookers through a reflective story, during her eight years as a witch, medium and ghost-hunter and through her life-long fascination of the paranormal. The book is everything someone who has had experiences or interest in the paranormal will want it to be. However, at the same time it has the carefully knitted dangers, warnings and answers to freedom that every victim of that world needs to hear. The stories are captivating, crazy and fully engaging. Sometimes, they make you want to say no-way! The few experiences she shares are eerie, to say the least – from realistic visions, to hauntings to communication with spirits. As contagious as her book is, it never gives into sensationalism. Kristine is a small-town girl, with a Christian family upbringing. Like all of us, she flirted with different experiments to her life’s journey for answers – till one day, she fully indulged into a search of the weird and mysterious, that led her finding home as a Wiccan. It wasn’t long to her physical and ‘spiritual’ mentors helped her achieve notoriety and wisdom in this translucent world. From there, she began to develop her skills as a medium and eventually to use her ‘sixth sense‘ to become what we may call more than a ghost hunter, but rather a ghost whisperer. Her new skill sets and hobbies ate up all of her time – destroying her family life, her marriage and her childhood faith. Kristine’s book covers so many arenas it’s hard to explain in a simple book review; she tells her story, exposes her thinking at the time (many times things we all can identify with) and is even honest about some of the fake things out there. This book is also part testimony, as it testifies to how dark, deep and lost she became into this invisible world – and it bear deep witness to the hope and healing she found in the truth and teachings of Jesus, when she entered a place of seemingly no-return. That being said, the book is also part Bible study and offers help for those that are too interested or too involved in these similar interests. Lastly, the book is a manual for followers of Jesus and the Christian Churches who often are too quick to discredit or too quick to ward off this growing phenomena. It’s out there, people drowning in it are out there and we need to be able and willing to provide answers and help for them. ‘Escaping The Cauldron‘ and Kristine McGuire’s Remixed Blog, are living guidebooks for this new era. Kristine McGuire has been there, done that, invites you along for the journey and arrives you at the hope-filled destiny. After reading this book your reality will be stretched, your knowledge will be strengthened, your faith equipped and taught the ability to recognize the occult in everyday life. I encourage you to buy this book, see what this world is really about and find the response we as followers of Jesus are called towards. The Grace of God is as mysterious as the paranormal witnessed and sought after by so many. God graciously used Kristine’s journey to bring back to her family, bring her out of an 8-year journey into the occult and even used her as a instrument of the Holy Spirit to heal the pain of others.
BetsyGA More than 1 year ago
To be honest, I ordered the book because the author is a friend. When the book came I was really impressed with the quality and honesty of the writing. If you have questions about the beliefs and practices of people involved in the occult or witchcraft and wonder how this lifestyle aligns with the teaching of the Bible, this is an excellent source of information. Kris's openness in sharing her experiences and what God taught her are an encouragement to all of us who seek to find love and acceptance in our lives. More than just a personal narrative, this book provides openings for honest and sincere self evaluation of what you are allowing to influence your life. The encouragement and practical steps offered to establish a closer relationship with Christ are relevant to all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SATower More than 1 year ago
.A ghost hunter’s view of dabbling in the occult The author lays the groundwork by describing her childhood interest in spooky things which she attributes as her reason for later occult involvement. Her story which should be the primary focus, almost takes a back seat to the contrived discussion topics and the bullet-point occult definitions. The book is a simple read and ideal for the young adult reader. The cover states “she fully embraced witchcraft” but by her own admission she never stepped out of the “broom closet” while she was involved. With that said, the author provides interesting descriptions of her paranormal investigations, specifically the investigation God used to bring his prodigal daughter to a place of repentance and restoration. Escaping The Cauldron is Ms. McGuire’s personal memoir sharing her occult involvement and testifying to God’s mercy and forgiveness. The book encourages Christians to reach out in love to those involved in occult practices rather than fear. I appreciate the author’s boldness in sharing her testimony and in so doing, spreading the message that all things are possible with God. S. A. Tower, Author of Taken From The Night - A Witch’s Encounter With God