Eschatology or Scatology: Judgement at the Crossroads

Eschatology or Scatology: Judgement at the Crossroads

by John O'Loughlin


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One can take humble or vulgar terms, including slang or casual obscenity, and seek to develop them philosophically in such a way that, through logical structuring, things come to light that would otherwise probably have remained buried and hidden from view. Sometimes it were better that such things did remain buried. If, however, one can bear to contemplate and grow to understand them better, then the reward is not insubstantial but arguably well-worth the trouble! So it has been here, and in this further instalment of homogeneously-structured aphoristic texts John O'Loughlin has come full-circle, as it were, and highlighted a significant distinction between the two types of people's radicalism which all those of an unworldly persuasion have to choose between, often unconsciously and according to the kind of society or civilization in which they find themselves or to which they ethnically relate - namely the Social Theocracy of the high road and the Social Democracy of the low road, the former incontrovertibly determined to bring one aspect of the world to Heaven, the latter just as incontrovertibly determined, in the author's estimation, to bring a neo-diabolic mode of Hell to the other aspect of the world; though to find out which is which you'll have to read this title and thus undertake a journey the likes of which you will never, in all probability, have taken before - one which may even overtake your prior expectations and leave you marvelling at the situation in which you then find yourself, for better or worse!

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ISBN-13: 9781505359916
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/03/2014
Pages: 62
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John O'Loughlin is a Galway-born London author who, at the age of 2½, was brought over from Ireland to England by his Aldershot-born mother and grew up first in Hampshire and then in Surrey, where he attended a variety of state schools. Most of his adult life has been spent at different addresses in the London Borough of Haringey, north of the Thames, to which he moved from Surrey in 1974, and all but a few of his books have been written there, the majority of which, like this one, are of an intensely philosophical not to say metaphysical and even ideological nature.

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