Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension

Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension

by Erin Michelle Galito, Pam Galito
Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension

Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension

by Erin Michelle Galito, Pam Galito


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“You were never meant to remain ignorant to the presence of God, nor to the energy within you that is God. You were never meant to experience struggle, pain, or anything like this. Instead, you were meant to live a life filled with well-being, joy, and love.

“We are here to assist in the awakening of all people to the awareness of God within all. The time is now to wake up, for what is coming is much greater than has been previously allowed or believed. It is happening. It is a culmination of God’s will, as well as that of humans, for the asking of this to occur has been going on for so long. God hears this, and so it is time. Somewhere within all humans there is a knowing that it is time for the total awakening.”
~ The Ascended Masters and the Archangels

These essays are channeled messages to assist you in your Ascension. The Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and all of the Highest Order of the Light have provided wisdom, practices, and processes to help you to grow in your awareness and understanding of the Truths of God. You will be guided to release yourself from the confusion of the ego consciousness in order to ascend into the Golden Age.

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ISBN-13: 9781504363211
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/14/2016
Pages: 210
Sales rank: 702,553
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Essays of the Light

Channeled Guidance for your Ascension

By Erin Michelle Galito, Pam Galito

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Erin Michelle Galito
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6321-1



Our message is to assist in the awakening of all people, to assist in raising their consciousness and, in turn, their awareness of God within themselves and within all. It is to begin to awaken the awareness and understanding of the truth of God within all and what that means. It will also increase awareness of the truth of the connectedness between all people and with God. It is to understand the truth that All Is One, and to allow God to show you how to work with one another in this time of awakening. During this shift, things will be brought to the surface and many people will need guidance. This guidance will be revealed as people allow God into their lives, accepting and embracing the truth of what is coming - and what is coming is God.

What this means is peace, higher vibrations, higher consciousness, of course, greater awareness and understanding. In time, all will understand what is really true, which is, of course, that this world that you live in is an illusion. God is All That Is. We are here to assist in the awakening of all people to the awareness of God within all. The time is now to wake up, for what is coming is much greater than has been previously allowed or believed. It is happening. It is a culmination of God's will, as well as of humans', for the asking for this to occur has been going on for so long. God hears this and knows, of course, that it is time. Somewhere within all humans there is a knowing that it is time for the total awakening and for this shift to occur.

Please keep this in mind at all times throughout your daily life. As you do so, you will bring forth, or call forth, more and more understanding and awareness to assist you in making this transition yourself.

We want to explain that none are without God, for it is impossible to be truly without God. It is only the unhealed mind that believes that it is without God. The perceptions and minds of all humans are being healed, and will be healed, as time moves forward, as the shift is occurring. The awareness will grow, and more and more of you will be able to perceive the truth. More of you will experience and be aware of the many layers and dimensions that are a part of God and that are all around you, and always have been all around you.

We are attempting to deliver as much as is possible into this book, so that people will not be completely taken off guard by the changes, the shifting, the coming of God, and what all that is. We want there to be an available explanation, so to speak, of what is happening and of what people are experiencing.

Everything is always moving forward. You cannot sit still in old beliefs. You cannot allow yourself to remain in the old teachings. Instead, open your mind to the truth, which is that God is always expanding. Therefore, human consciousness is always expanding. It is time that you come to this awareness, so that it will be allowed to occur at a faster rate and with greater strength. At this time, so many of you are sharing what has been, not even coming close to allowing the truth that all is always becoming more. Open yourself to receive what is becoming more. Our message is to lift you out of the cycle of what has happened in the past, relying on what has already been, as though it is gospel, so to speak. As though it is the be-all and end-all, for it is not. All teachings, all scriptures, have expanded. But this has not been clear. Out of fear of knowing your true power, you have consigned yourself, so to speak, to what has already been. Your true power comes from God; your true power is already within you.

We are not accusing anyone of committing anything or doing anything, but there is a continuation of the cycle of teaching what has already been in such a way that it does not open the mind to the expansion that is always going on. Instead, we hear, "These are the truths, or this is what you need to understand. Now understand it, and this is all that you need to understand." This is not true, for it causes you to become stuck, relying on one source, one person, or idea, when God consists of many.

God is not one-sided, and yet, God is changeless. We want you to understand that God is multidimensional, has many layers, and yet is unchangeable in truth. The truth is the unchanged aspects of God. These include the higher vibrational emotions, such as joy, grace, unconditional love, and peace, for God and these emotions are the same. The truth is also such concepts as all are innocent, and that you are always with God, for God is within you. These are the unchanged aspects of God, the pure, unadulterated truths of God. We want humanity to experience all of this at all times.

We present this book to raise the awareness and consciousness of as many people as possible. We are in hopes (and it is more than in hopes, for we know that it will!) that it reaches the tipping point, so that the energy will then raise the consciousness of all of you. You will begin to entrain to the higher vibrational consciousness, as well as into awareness of and into alignment with God. As more of you reach this higher consciousness, more will also entrain to it. That is the point of the book.

And so it is. We shower you with blessings and our love, and we give thanks. Namaste.



We have come forth to assist in the Ascension of human kind. The Ascension is the incremental, upward movement, or more accurately, the raising up of vibration and consciousness to a higher level that has not yet been collectively seen before on this plane of existence (this dimension). It is the shaking out of the old in order to welcome the new. It is the releasing of density in order to experience the true lightness of your being and the earth's being. Yes, as your consciousness raises, so does the consciousness of Mother Earth, in order to house the new, higher level of consciousness that will be, and is becoming, the norm.

In a nutshell, Ascension is your awakening to the knowing of the Unity of all things and the recognition of the Christ within you and within all. You will not find Christ outside of you. Rather, you will find Christ is within you and has been there all along. The time for thinking that what you need is outside of you is over. It is time to recognize that all you have ever needed is, and has always been, within you. Connecting with the Christ within causes the raising of vibration of all at a more rapid pace than without doing so. By doing so, you help all people on the planet at this time and in the future. (There really is no time or space; it is just a perception.) When you do this, you send out a pulsation, which acts as a ripple effect, reaching outward to touch each individual, every single one, and this is how all will ascend. As you access the higher feeling vibrations such as joy and love, you assist in a way that is like extending a helping hand, but you do so energetically.

This is the time of awakening. You are awakening from the dreams of limitation and confusion of this world into the knowing and understanding that this world is not the reality you thought that it was. The veil has lifted and continues to lift even more every single day. If you are not already experiencing this, you will soon see new things, such as energies and nonphysical beings of the Light. They have always been there, but gone unnoticed. Also, at this time your bodies are upgrading in order to house the higher frequency consciousness that you are raising to.

We would like to work with you to give you the easiest transition you could possibly have, and we will begin this now. If you are of the ones who are seeing dark energy beings at this time, know there is nothing to fear and that you can release yourself from this. You can begin to see the pure beings of the Light that surround you at all times as you shift your focus from being afraid of the seeming dark beings to asking for the assistance of the beings of the Light. These angels and the like will help bring you up into the Light where we all stand. Place your attention on and in the Light, knowing that there is only love and there is nothing to fear. Fear is but a tactic of the ego which wants you to remain ignorant and afraid, to keep you within its grasp.

The ego is terrified of Ascension, and it is terrified of love. (Yes, you can laugh, and we encourage it!) Above all else, ego is terrified of God/All That Is/Source, when there is nothing to fear. Source is only love. Source only sees you in all your innocence, beauty, and absolute perfection. All judgment that you hear in the back or front of your mind is ego. It needs to be ignored and released through adjustment of your thoughts and thinking. The ego is a crafty thing. Sometimes, it pretends to agree with you. When you side with it, it then turns everything it was pretending to agree with you on against you. You must become privy to its technique of subterfuge. Know that no matter what, you are pure, you are love, and you are loved!

You are living in a world that is a matrix of illusion. The matrix is a system of energy put together to create the illusion of what you see all around you, and is what you believe is reality. But nothing here is really real. Only that which is in the Mind of God is truly Real. Your body is a part of this illusion and is hooked up to and into the matrix in many ways.

You have a choice of believing what you see or not. By choosing to think differently about what you see, you begin to free yourself from all illusion, the illusion the matrix creates. You learn the truth, that this world or so-called reality is not what you think it is. In fact, it is false and is not real at all. The illusion has created a false sense of apartness or separation from God. This sense of apartness or separation is a lie. You are never apart from or separate from God, except in your mind. Now is the time to release yourself from the chains of the falsehood that is this world. It is time to awaken further to the truth of your being, and that is that you really are One with God. It is time to return from a dream that includes death into the Reality that is only life and love. Life and love are synonymous. There is no death.

We can feel much resistance to this truth from many but eventually you will see. In the long run, you have no choice but to see, either here or in the beyond. All return to Source/ Creator/God/All That Is, where you will find not death, but everlasting life.

Throughout this shift you will experience newer and newer ways of thinking and being. You will begin to really see. You will come to accept that all of everything and everyone is a part of the Whole, and in turn a part of you, as all are One with God. In this realization, you will forget your delusions of enemy. See thine enemy as a piece of you, as all are One. Begin to realize that enemies do not exist. The idea that they do is an idea of the ego.

Ego does not really exist, because in the mind of Source, it is not real. Only that which Source holds in Its mind is really Real. All else does not exist. We will tell you that the thoughts of Source are only of joy, of love, of grace, of peace, of worthiness, and any number of positive feeling thoughts and expressions. All negative thoughts are of ego. Although negative feeling thoughts seem to feel powerful, they are nothing because they are outside of Source. They have not the power of Source behind them. So, you can conclude that not only do they not exist, but in order to align with Source, you must reach for those positive feeling thoughts. That is where you will find power. Choose to feel good and you are then in alignment with the power of Source, the only true power, the only power you truly want. In that power is love. Love is power. Give thanks for this fact. You are now free.

We are ready and all is well. We await your presence. We are always shining bright for you, so you always know you are never in the dark. We ask that you choose to enter the Light. It is in making the choice to enter the Light that we can begin to really help you. The turbulence that you create via your resistance will be diminished. You will be able to experience our help more quickly and easily as you remain in the Light. We send love, we send Light always, and we ask that you open your heart to receive the new world that awaits you.

And so it is. We shower you with blessings and our love, and we give thanks. Namaste.



What is truth, but God? What and who is God, but joy? Knowing this will bring the ease, peace, and joy that you are seeking. You are seeking these things, you know. Even when you think you are not, you must trust us, for you all are truly seeking connection with God. In order to recognize your connection with God, you must match these qualities, for they are the qualities of God. This is true for all, because All Is One.

You will come to understand that only Light truly exists, for Light is the Mind of God. Only that which exists in the Mind of God can be true. It is all that exists. All else is but that which does not last and can only fade with time. That which is eternal is in alignment with God, and has the energy that matches the Mind of God.

Your consciousness is rising at this point in time, raising up to meet and match the energy that is God. God is within you, you know. Always has been and always will be. This is a truth that was lost, but is now being offered and discovered once again. You must accept this, for it is truth, and truth is eternal.

We want you to understand Who You Really Are, What You Really Are, and the truth of your beingness as it is, and remains, ever connected and ever held high in the Mind of God. Understand that this means that you are, and will always, remain a perfect image in the Mind of God. You are a perfect creation in the mind of God, for what God has created is, and will always remain, whole and perfect. This truth is held steady by God, because it is truth, and it is what God has created.

Nothing that God has created will ever perish. Everything that God has created is everlasting, eternal, never-ending, and infinite by nature. God has created you in God's own image, which means at your core, Who You Really Are is as perfect as God has given you to be, and as perfect as is God.

What are the qualities of God? God is a very patient and loving parent, allowing of whatever comes into being. But at this time God is calling all of you back to be one with All That Is, once again. Who You Really Are, is unlimited in nature. You must connect with Who You Really Are, which is your Higher Self, in order to benefit fully from all that is available to you. This means letting go, really letting go, and allowing All That Is God to come forward into your experience, as it is meant to be.

You were never meant to remain ignorant to the presence of God, nor to the energy within you that is God. You were never meant to experience struggle, pain, or anything like this. Instead, you were meant to live a life filled with well-being, joy, love, and the like. Many things are possible that are of a nature that is outside of this world. Begin to allow this. Let go of your ego fears of the unknown, for we would like you to know that the unknown that you so fear is only that which is your True Self. Any and all thoughts that are of a disruptive nature are ego. These thoughts can be ignored and brushed aside, for ego is not only unreal, but is also unnecessary. The unknown may seem to be a frightening abyss, but in reality, it is the Mind of God, which is always love, always joy. The Mind of God is one of peace.

Intricately woven pieces and parts of one all-encompassing tapestry is God, is the Universe, and All That Is, all of which is God. Within you resides this same tapestry. It includes all of what you have been, as well as all of what you are becoming. It contains all levels of knowledge and understanding. It is the vastness of All That Is, for you are All That Is. This tapestry extends from within you to all others and all of everything, for this is also All That Is. All That Is, is all that is the Light and all that is Light. Light is your true essence.


Excerpted from Essays of the Light by Erin Michelle Galito, Pam Galito. Copyright © 2016 Erin Michelle Galito. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Erin Michelle's Story, xiii,
Introduction, xvii,
Hear the Voice of God.,
Why This Book, 1,
The Time of Ascension, 5,
The Truth of Your Being, 10,
God Is All/All Is One, 14,
Beauty and Peace Are All Around You, 16,
Awaken to Your Majesty, 18,
It Is God's Will That You Return, 20,
Unconditional Love, 23,
Ascension and The Universal Law of Attraction, 26,
Your World Is An Illusion, 30,
Source, 32,
Original Intent, 33,
Change Your Negative Thoughts to Appreciation and Gratitude, 34,
Visualizing, 40,
Be the Neutral Observer of Your Unhappy Thoughts, 41,
Don't Push for Your Answers, 43,
Stepping into Your Power, 45,
Choose to Feel Good, 47,
A Healed Mind, 48,
About Life Lessons, 49,
Density, 50,
Deciphering What Is Ego, 51,
Higher Level Creation, 53,
How to Change the World, 55,
The Body, 58,
Gratitude and Appreciation, 60,
Use Affirmations and Meditation to Cultivate Self-Love, 61,
Ego Wiles, 63,
Unconditional Love, 66,
Your Self is Pure and One with God, 68,
God Is Not Separate From You, 70,
Relinquish the Ego to End Your Confusion, 71,
You Are Innocent and Spotless, 75,
Hold Yourself High, 77,
Why Ascension?, 81,
What is the Raising of Mass Consciousness?, 84,
Your Personal Journey, 86,
Nothing of Ego Is Worthy of You, 89,
Seriousness Holds You Back, 92,
The Work Is Internal, 94,
You Are Here to Create with Joy, 97,
Lose the Seriousness and Experience Joy, 98,
Align with Joy, 100,
Build a Strong Foundation of Truth, 101,
Building to Bliss Consciousness, 103,
The One Mind of God, 106,
It Is Time for Ascension, 108,
Not Guilty! There Is No Sin, 110,
Ascension Brings Only Good, 111,
What is God?, 113,
Awaken From Your Nightmare, 115,
To Fully Move Forward, 116,
God's Desire for You, 117,
Open Your Heart to the Love of God, 118,
You Are Perfection, As God Created You, 120,
How You Perceive the World Is Reflected Back to You, 122,
Go Within and Shift Your Consciousness, 123,
Guidance That Comes from God, 124,
The Nature of God and You, 125,
Come Closer to God, 126,
Your Connection with God, 128,
You Are Meant to Be Free, 129,
Your Focus Affects Your Subconscious, 130,
A Singular Focus on God Consciousness, 132,
Your Joy Benefits All, 133,
Your Powerful Mind, 134,
Appreciate Diversity, 136,
Your Focus Will Shift, 139,
The Power to Change the World, 141,
Accept God's Delivery of All That You Want, 142,
Tell Your Story from a Higher Perspective, 144,
Witness Your True Power, 146,
Your Story Creates Your World, 148,
What You Really Want, 150,
Your Inner Being Is Guiding You to Alignment, 152,
Your Inner Being Leads You to Joy, 155,
The Universe Is a Multidimensional Multiverse, 156,
Reach Your Highest Potential Now, 158,
Tune In to Your Intuition, 160,
Experience the Truth of You, 163,
The Mind of God Does Not Judge, 165,
Judgment and Decision-Making, 167,
The Neutral Observer and the Ego Parade, 168,
The Healed Mind and the Unhealed Mind, 170,
Change Your Focus to Cause a Major Shift, 173,
Worry Is Counterproductive, 177,
The Healed Mind Reaches All, 179,
Ask for Assistance, 180,
Appreciation, 182,
You Are Never Alone, 183,
The Great Moving Forward, 185,
Acknowledgements, 189,

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