Essays on Renaissance Music in Honour of David Fallows: Bon jour, bon mois et bonne estrenne

Essays on Renaissance Music in Honour of David Fallows: Bon jour, bon mois et bonne estrenne


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This volume celebrates the work of David Fallows, one of the most influential scholars in the field of medieval and Renaissance music. It draws together articles by scholars from around the world, focusing on key topics to which Fallows has contributed significantly: the life and works of Guillaume Du Fay and of Josquin Desprez, archival studies and biography, sacred and secular music of the late mediaeval and Renaissance period, and reception history. Studies include major archival discoveries concerning the identity of the composer Fremin Caron; a reconsideration of the authorship of works within the Josquin canon, notably Mille regretz and Absalon fili mi; a fresh look at key works from Du Fay's youth and early maturity; accounts of newly discovered sources and works; and an appraisal of David Fallows' contribution to the early music performance movement by Christopher Page, former director of Gothic Voices. The collection also includes two newly published compositions dedicated to the honorand. Fabrice Fitch teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music; Jacobijn Kiel is an independent scholar. Contributors: Rob C. Wegman, Jane Alden, Bonnie J. Blackburn, Honey Meconi, Gianluca D'Agostino, Andrew Kirkman, Jaap van Benthem, Margaret Bent, James Haar, Alenjandro Enrique Planchart, Jesse Rodin, Lorenz Welker, Kinuho Endo, Joshua Rifkin, Thomas Schmidt-Beste, Richard Sherr, Peter Wright, Fabrice Fitch, Tess Knighton, Warwick Edwards, Adam Knight Gilbert, Markus Jans, Oliver Neighbour, Anthony Rooley, Keith Polk, John Milsom, Jeffrey J. Dean, Eric Jas, Peter Gülke, Iain Fenlon, Barbara Haggh, Dagmar Hoffmann-Axthelm, Leofranc Holford-Strevens, Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl, Esperanza Rodríguez-García, Eugeen Schreurs, Reinhard Strohm

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ISBN-13: 9781843836193
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer, Limited
Publication date: 07/21/2011
Series: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music Series
Pages: 448
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Table of Contents

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Preface - Fabrice Fitch and Jacobijn Kiel
Foreword: David Fallows and the Performance of Medieval Music - Christopher Page
Fremin le Caron at Amiens: New Documents - Rob C. Wegman
Ung Petit cadet: Verbal and Visual Play in the Wolfenbüttel Chansonnier - Jane Alden
A New Tenor on So ys emprentid - Bonnie Blackburn
Shedding New Light [Literally] on the Rochester Fascicle: A Preliminary Report - Honey Meconi
Two musical letters from Aragonese Naples - Gianluca D'Agostino
Johannes Sohier dit Fede and St. Omer: a Story of Pragmatic Sanctions - Andrew Kirkman
Intermedio I: Yes, We Were Young... - Jaap van Benthem
Petrarch, Padua, the Malatestas, Du Fay and Vergene bella - Margaret Bent
A Suggestion about Fauxbourdon - James Haar
Du Fay's Plainsong Paraphrase Settings - Alejandro Planchart
With a Flourish: Melismatic Writing in Du Fay's Early Songs - Jesse Rodin
Portugaler: Guillaume Du Fay's contribution to instrumental music? - Lorenz Welker
A Reconsideration of the Mass Cycle by Arnold de Lantins and Ciconia in Bologna Q15 - Kinuho Endo
Martini and Obrecht: Some Speculations - Joshua Rifkin
The Art of Cellular Counterpoint: The Motets of Petrus Wilhelmi - Thomas Schmidt-Beste
What Were They Thinking? Sola caret monstris at the Papal Court - Richard Sherr
A Gloria Newly Attributed to Byttering - Peter Wright
Intermedio II: Agricola VIII - Fabrice Fitch
A new song in a strange land? Garcimuños's Una montaña pasando - Tess Knighton
Isaac's pre-Italian songs: An over-optimistic hand-list - Warwick Edwards
Words and Music in the Sea of Long Waiting - Adam Knight Gilbert
'Dieu vous doinst hui en bonne estraine tout le desir de vostre coeur': Observations on Binchois' Margarite, fleur de valeur - Markus Jans
Three times seven Songs by Byrd - Oliver Neighbour
'I must complain': A Comparative Study in Variant Settings - Anthony Rooley
Heinrich Isaac and shifting musical perspectives, c.1485-1490 - Keith Polk
'Plaine de dueil et de melancolie': Tracing a Negative of Josquin des Prez - Jaap van Benthem
Surface, Structure and 'Style' in Absalon fili mi - John Milsom
Who Really Knows Who Composed Mille regretz? - Fabrice Fitch
Josquin, Two Contrafacta, and the Lost Stanzas of 'Comment peult avoir joye' - Jeffrey Dean
In pace in idipsum: a little-known motet attributed to Josquin - Eric Jas
Intermedio III: Verspätete Monologe - Brahms' Klavierstücke op. 116, 117, 118 und 119 - Peter Gülke
Confessional Companions: Herpol, Glareanus, and Friends - Iain Fenlon
Credit for Music in Court and City in the Low Countries, 1467-1500 - Barbara Haggh
David musicus, or: On the consoling power of string music - Dagmar Hoffmann-Axthelm
The Laudes Musicae in Renaissance Music Treatises - Leofranc Holford-Strevens
The Role of Music in 16th Century German City Life: A close look at the iconography of Hans Sachs' and Jost Amman's Ständebuch - Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl
The Perfect Spanish Chapelmaster: the Depiction of the Composer Ginés Pérez [d. 1600] in Felipe Pedrell's Hispaniae Schola Musica Sacra - Esperanza Rodríguez-Garcia
The 'topstukkendecreet' in Flanders and its musical context: the case of Glareanus' Dodekachordon - Eugeen Schreurs
The difference of early European music - Reinhard Strohm
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