Essays On Social Issues & How They Impact African Americans And Other People Of Color

Essays On Social Issues & How They Impact African Americans And Other People Of Color

by Antonette Jefferson


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Essays on Social Issues spans the gamut of social and political issues in law, literature and social work. It provides a diverse perspective on the practical implications of social policy, marginalization, and The Arts as it relates to people of color. Not only does this research consider traditional and conservative perspectives, but it also embraces radical and progressive paradigms.
Research conducted by and for the African American community, as well as the plethora of perspectives that abound in communities of color necessitate a work that espouses these beliefs and allows readers to investigate a multifaceted understanding of issues impacting people of color. The Obama context gives need for a re-evaluation of the overall "context of color."
In addition to the Diasporic issues and work relevant to The Arts, Essays on Social Issues addresses a number of specific societal issues as they relate to people of color, and primarily African Americans. Prison Privatization, the Criminal Justice System, and Hip Hop takes an in-depth look at the intersection between these three enterprises and determines the implications of this complex relationship. Highlighting risk and protective factors for female offending, domestic violence among law enforcement, social policy, mental health, globalization and capitalism, the Black family, voting, the Black Perspective and Afrocentric Theory allows for a holistic analysis of historical and contemporary issues that continue to shape majority and minority opinions about people of color and their contributions to society.

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