Essence of Beaufort and the Lowcountry

Essence of Beaufort and the Lowcountry

by Caryl Sweet



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ISBN-13: 9780967420004
Publisher: Newnham, KC & Company
Publication date: 10/28/1999
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Three Steps of Beaufort                         Brandon Cooper  
While I Slept                                          Melba Cooper 
The Marsh                                             Bekah Bowen  
Moss                                                     Shaquetta Ruth  
I'm A Raccoon                                      Marrion Jarrell Chisholm
Lowcountry Sky                                    Story Wiggins
Childhood Memories                             Nancy Ricker Rhett
South Carolina                                       Reginald Washington 
Law Enforcement Complex                    Kyle Blankenship 
Shore IV Elisions                                   Charles H. Ash 
Finger Snapping Trout                            Scott Gordon  
Ease's Chapel                                        Charles H. Ash 
Sea Island Scape...                                Scott Gordon 
A Tree                                                   Pepcie Anthley 
Rope                                                     Scott Gordon
Oyster Boats in Summer                        Ellen Malphrus 
Dockdaze                                              Melba Cooper 
Beaufort Waterfront Park                       Walter Dennis 
BlufftonOs Brighton Beach                     Carolyn C. Smith   
The Summer Palace                               Carolyn Enloe Bremer 
Times Have Changed                             Annelore Harrell  
Sandcastling                                           Melba Cooper  
Farming                                                 Graham Sanders 
Beaufort                                                Maggie Cann 
Marsh                                                   Ryan Bellamy 
Beaufort is...                                          Sean Roos 
Coosaw Community Center                  Wilhelmina Mitchell
The Teacherage                                    Hildred Fern Collier
Penn Center: . . .                                   Nancy  Gebhardt 
PACE Youth Counselors                      PACE Program Participants 
Sea Island Quilters                                Anne Louttit 
St. Helena Island Artisans                      Diane Britton Dunham  
Li'l Devils                                              Josh Konoza  
Gnats                                                    India Waters 
Good Neighbor                                     Sam  Louanne LaRoche  
It's So Hot                                            Walter Dennis  
An Old New Friend                              Hildred Fern Collier  
Henrietta & Wilhelmina                         Wilhelmina Mitchell  
A Conversation w/ Uncle Henry            Wilhelmina  Mitchell  
Sleeping Beauty Awakened                   Akiba Kiiesmira  
The Yard                                              Sandra Baggette 
Why Beaufort is Special                        Student Writings 
Beaufort                                                Janay Glover  
Beaufort                                                Matthew Tate 
The Waterfront                                      Ethan James 
Call it a Love Story                                Nancy Gebhardt 
Where's Your Horse, Abe?                    Joe Adams  
Reading at the Dynamo Cafe                  Sheila Tombe 
Tales of the Tin Palace                            Laura Von Harten 
Natural Beauty                                       Kirk Dempsey  
The Settlement                                       Melba Cooper  
Living on the Edge                                  Benton Lutz  
Wonders of Beaufort                              Michele Horne  
A Contemplation . . .                              Brewster Milton Robertson  
The Creative Arts                                   Ethard Wendel Van Stee  
The Old Are Us                                     Wilhelmina Mitchell  
Comeyuh Come Home                           Natalie Daise 
Always Move                                        Courtney McElveen  
No Storms                                             Mark Baird 
Oak Magic                                            Stephen Gordin  
Collected writings                                  Students  
Beaufort County Library                        Cherelle Patterson 
Rock Bottom on Hilton Head                 Patricia Deaton  
I Love The Ocean                                 Andrea Richardson 
I Like the People                                   Tyler Wester 
901 Bay Street                                      Nancy Ricker Rhett  
Writing in Beaufort Cafes                       Michael Haynes  
The Graduate                                        Sheila Tombe  
Jet Encounter                                        Melba Cooper  
Marine Corps Housing                          Sheila Tombe  
Sacrificial Fox                                       Ellen Malphrus  
For One Thing . . .                                Charles H.  Ash  
Afternoon Sea Breeze                           Scott Gordon  
The Wave of the Future                         Scott Gordon  
The Magic Bus                                      Gabrielle Baggette Watson  
Back to the Garden                                Jacki  Martin  
A Personal Perspective                          Caryl Sweet  

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What People are Saying About This

Barbara Pinkerton

One of the authors in this remarkable collection of poems, essays, photography and artwork writes, "They practice magic down here in the Lowcountry... " Essence of Beaufort casts its own magical spell and will enrich any reader with its insights. Learn about Hilton Head's vanishing Marsh Tacky, St. Helena's Penn Center, Bluffton's Brighton Beach and the history of buildings on Bay Street. Delight in stories of why people settled in Beaufort and revel in poetry that celebrates the marshes, the sunsets, and the wildlife. Be enchanted by striking artwork and photographs thoughtfully woven together with the written works. Life-long residents and newcomers, professionals and lay-people, octogenarians to eight-year olds contribute to the charm of this book, a book for everyone who cherishes the past and greets the future with optimism.
— (Barbara Pinkerton, S.C. award winning short story writer and author of Good Blood, Bad Blood)

Harriet Keyserling

This delightful book truly portrays the essence of Beaufort. Oldtimers and newcomers, young and not-so-young, have contributed their thoughts and their art to make this a book everyone will want to own.
— (Harriet Keyserling, author of Against the Tide: One Woman's Political Struggle)


Here is what the essence of Beaufort is to me: no matter where else I am on earth, I always hear Beaufort calling my name. Once I lived in a sixteenth century house in Rome, Italy and kept writing love letters to the creeks and marshes of Beaufort, South Carolina. I collected these letters and named them The Prince of Tides.

Later, I would live in an apartment next to the Piazza Farnese in Rome, then moved to a house in Brookwood Hills in Atlanta, then on to a house in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Beaufort hunted me down at every stop, stalked me in my waking hours, and haunted me from midnight to dawn. The love letters to Beaufort kept pouring out of me, but this time I called them Beach Music.

All people in this book know what I am talking about.
—Pat Conroy

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