Essence of Gluic

Essence of Gluic


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ISBN-13: 9780985915940
Publisher: Anthony G. Wedgeworth
Publication date: 08/29/2010
Series: Thorik Dain's Journey , #3
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

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Essence of Gluic 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
N_McGlynn More than 1 year ago
War is coming and who do you trust? The war between Darkmere and Ambrosius is coming to a head and who's side will you be on. Thorik is traveling the lands trying to round up support for Ambrosius in this war of creatures and cultures, all the while trying to save his grandmother's soul. And if that's not enough to do, he falls into a demon's territory and is nearly killed, has to find a book in a meadow of floating bubbles that can kill you or send you to who knows where, fights a killer lava creature named Grub, escape from the city of Ergrauth without loosing his soul, find out who has been spying on him, and keep the peace within his "family pod" with new member Bryus Grum. But really, that's not much right??? I could not put this book down. At times I was petrified, and at times I was laughing out loud, but I always had to keep going to see just what was going to happen next. I can't wait to read Battle of Australis and find out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Iowa author Anthony Wedge-worth's third installment in his Thorik Dain series, Essence of Gluic, transports the reader to a Terra Australis on the brink of apocalyptic war, and only Thorik Dain and his ragtag band of companions can prevent it. The story begins with Thorik on a journey in an effort to free his grandmothers' soul from the enchanted dagger Varacon, but upon learning of the impending war that would spell annihilation for Terra Australis, Thorik must attempt to save the world, as well as his grandmother. His path is certainly not easy, as tension and dissension within his group of companions creates some unexpected obstacles and keeps things very interesting. Wedgeworth's distinctive characters and vibrant locales continue to make Wedgeworth's Terra Australis, one of the most interesting and unique worlds in fantasy literature in this writer's opinion. However, it is also a rather short book, coming in just shy of 300 pages. While this writer found himself wishing for a longer book, it's rather short duration makes it an easy snow-day read for the less voracious reader. From the depths of the underworld, to Govi Glade, and finally to Ergrauth, the city of imprisoned souls, Essence of Gluic leaves you eagerly awaiting the next installment in this captivating fantasy series.
Tiger_Holland More than 1 year ago
In this third adventure in the Thorik Dain series, readers learn that the young num Thorik is semi-responsible for the death of his grandmother--well, his uncle Brimelle blames him for it, at least. Fortunately, Grandma Gluic isn't gone for good. Her essence has been contained in the dagger Varacon, and if Thorik travels to a distant location and finds the right spellbook, he can bring her back to life. But this intricate fantasy world is full of enemies and challenges, and Thorik has to undergo plenty of hardships before he can even begin to restore Gluic. One of my favorite elements of the book was the interaction between Avanda and Thorik. They've been through a lot together, and Avanda has her mind made up that Thorik is the one for her, but Thorik initially sees Avanda like a kid sister. Also, Thorik's still hung up on Emilen, a beautiful girl who betrayed him in the recent past. He's not sure if he can trust again, and even if he can, he's on a quest to save Gluic, so romantic concerns have to be set aside. Avanda is mostly okay with waiting to discuss their possible future together until the big mission is over--a refreshingly sensible approach for magic-using adventurers who face death nearly every day. My favorite setting in the book was the underworld realm of Della Estovia--think the mines of Moria mixed with Hades--where Avanda and Thorik accidentally find themselves. This holding place for the dead is ruled by a demon called Bakalor, who can walk through the earth's crust and travel through solid rock. Thorik and Avanda are subjected to a sort of life-stealing torture which ages them, and their fate looks dark indeed when they escape from Bakalor only to be recaptured. They finally do return to the surface, only to be met with skepticism by Thorik's uncle, who doesn't believe they've been to the legendary Della Estovia even though they're visibly a decade older than they were when they went underground. But Brimmelle is also embarrassed that his mother's soul is currently held inside a dagger--he's just the type who, despite living in a world full of magic, doesn't trust anything out of the ordinary. Thorik's a very solid hero, always making the tough choices and doing the right thing. The POV of the novel moves around but centers on Thorik most of the time, which really injects hope into the darker parts of the story, because he is such a reliable character. Other people might be scheming, doubting, and backstabbing, but Thorik's going to be selfless and loyal, no matter what. He and Avanda make a very nice team, and they take turns saving each other, so it's not all one-sided heroism. I had some difficulty with the more "gross" sections. Bryus Grum is an old Alchemist, and can do some really disturbing things with his body. Early on, Bryus pops one of his eyes out of its socket so he can lower it down a hole and have a look around in the darkness, and later he loses an arm and has to have a new one re-attached. Another icky moment happens when Thorik slides down to a hole and ends up covered with guano and guano-eating roaches and centipedes that start to chew on him. If readers can handle the creepy-crawly scenes, they should be fine with the rest of the novel.