Essential ASP.NET 2.0

Essential ASP.NET 2.0

by Fritz Onion, Keith Brown
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Essential ASP.NET 2.0 by Fritz Onion, Keith Brown

"No one knows ASP.NET like Fritz Onion. And no one knows .NET security like Keith Brown. Combine the two and what do you get? The most comprehensive and enlightening book on ASP.NET 2.0 industrywide. I'm sure you'll find the book you're holding was worth every penny."

--Aaron Skonnard, member of technical staff and cofounder, Pluralsight

" Essential ASP.NET 2.0 gets under the hood and dismantles the engine before your eyes. Fritz and Keith understand that we as developers need to understand how it works and this book does exactly that. Their explanation of the ASP.NET 2.0 page event sequence is worth the price of the book alone."

--Shawn Wildermuth, Microsoft MVP (C#), "The ADO Guy"

" Essential ASP.NET 2.0 is an incredibly useful must-read for any developer.Many books drag you through theory and mindless detail, but this one actually sets up the problems you may encounter with ASP.NET 2.0 and rolls out the alternatives."

--Patrick Hynds, Microsoft Regional Director and President, CriticalSites

"This book is essential for any ASP.NET developer moving from version 1.x to 2.0. Onion and Brown not only cover the new features, but provide a wealth of insight and detail about how to use them effectively."

--Ron Petrusha, author of Visual Basic 2005: The Complete Reference

"Drawing on their deep technical knowledge and real-world experience, Fritz and Keith take the reader into some of the less explored and much improved areas of ASP.NET such as diagnostics and state management and performance. Readers will turn to this book over and over again."

--John Timney, Microsoft MVP, Senior Web Services Consultant,British Telecom

"Fritz and Keith, both established developers and writers in our industry, have succeeded again--enlightening us on the latest advancements found in ASP.NET 2.0. If you're new to ASP.NET or a seasoned veteran, you'll benefit tremendously from their overview, analysis, and sample code."

--Joe "MSJoe" Flanigen

"This book seeks not only to explain how to effectively build Web sites with ASP.NET, it also gives the reader an idea of how the process works. This insight is essential to creating applications that work with the infrastructure rather than fighting it."

--Justin Burtch, Vice President, Newbrook Solutions

Essential ASP.NET 2.0 is the Microsoft developer's definitive reference for ASP.NET 2.0 programming. It covers all you need to know to build robust, well-designed Web applications with ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and .NET 2.0. ASP.NET MVP Fritz Onion and Developer Security MVP Keith Brown draw on their unparalleled experience working with ASP.NET 2.0 and teaching it to professional developers. From data binding to security, UIs to performance, they demystify ASP.NET 2.0's most difficult areas, and introduce little-known techniques for leveraging it to the fullest.

The perfect companion to his previous classic, Essential ASP.NET with Examples in C#, Essential ASP.NET 2.0 offers hundreds of new C# examples that illuminate today's best Web development practices. (Both C# and VB 2005 versions of all code examples can be downloaded from the companion Web site.)

Topics explored in-depth include:

  • Application architecture
  • Code behind
  • Master pages
  • Themes and skins
  • Navigation controls
  • Data binding
  • State management
  • Security
  • Web Parts
  • Diagnostics
  • Performance optimization
  • Asynchronous tasks and pages

Simply put, if you want to design and build better ASP.NET 2.0 Web applications, Essential ASP.NET 2.0 delivers everything you need: insider's knowledge, proven best practices, and outstanding code samples.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780132701570
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 10/30/2006
Series: Microsoft Windows Development Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 416
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Fritz Onion is cofounder of Microsoft .NET training provider Pluralsight, and author of Pluralsight's ASP.NET curriculum. He teaches ASP.NET development worldwide. The author of the highly acclaimed Essential ASP.NET with Examples in C# (Addison-Wesley), Onion is a columnist for MSDN Magazine, and a regular speaker at TechEd, VSLive!, and PDC.

Keith Brown is cofounder of Pluralsight and contributing editor for MSDN Magazine. He is the author of Programming Windows Security and The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security, both from Addison-Wesley.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Hmm, the Foreword says the MySpace web pages are written in ASP.NET. One of the most heavily trafficked web sites in the world. An impressive paean to ASP, and no doubt the authors cite this to reassure any questioning readers about how ASP can scale up almost arbitrarily. Most of the book seems dedicated to explaining the salient usages in the new version 2. Where these exist with an eye to improving the design of dynamic pages. Of the new features, Web Parts could be the most useful to some programmers. An extension of the SharePoint Services released in 2003. They are souped up UI widgets, for the making of portals. What Microsoft did was try to factor out the most common needs of many portals, and implement these for you, as much as possible. The Parts can still be modified by the programmer. But simply having them can save a lot of coding. Which reduces coding time and improves robustness. Another nice aspect associated with Web Parts is the idea of a zone. This lets you demarcate a page into non-overlapping rectangular regions. In each, you can then separately lay out a set of Parts. Much more powerful than the default HTML layout abilities. Or, indeed, what Java gives you with its default Layout Managers, that JSP programmers might have to use. As a Java programmer myself, I have often found its Layout Managers to be frustratingly too limited a view shared by many other programmers. Zones are a big improvement.