The Essential Guide to Family & Medical Leave

The Essential Guide to Family & Medical Leave

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(I believe this one will be the longest.)<br>Name: Wispleap.<br>Date She Joined LeafClan: 3-5-13.<br>Gender: Female.<br>Mate(s): Sunstrike, Formerly, Suneagle, Formerly, Blueclaws.<br>Kits: [&female] Moonflight, Truelight, Dawnspot, [&male] Thornclaw, and Duststorm.<br>Grandkits: [&female] Rushriver, Spottedcreek, [&male] Twilightkit, Cedarflame, and Bravelight.<br>Sisters: Dismay Stormcloak, Raggedflame, and Rainfoot.<br>Father: Ninestar.<br>Mother: Skyrose.<br>Adoptive Mother: Leafwing.<br>Adoptive Father: Tawncloud.<br>Personality: Headstrong, edgy, loyal, quiet, joking, gentle, and loving. <br>Looks: A dark brown tabby with white paws and underbelly and hazel eyes.<br>Song: Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by Secret Sisters.<br>History: She was taken into Leafclan as a kit. Before Leafwing had a chance to raise her all the way, she died. So, Wispkit was raised by Wildheart, Dawnstar, and Spotheart. She grew up with Truestorm, Sharpbreeze, Dovethunder, Firetail, Flamecloud, Jadewhisper, Songflower, Lightshadow, Shadowclaw, and Shellsong. She was trained by Spotheart, her father-figure. Sunstrike fell in love with her, and she became his mate after the fifth time he askked. However, later that day, her real crush had come back after three weeks. Suneagle. They became mates, and she raised his little siblings, Thornclaw and Moonflight, as her own kits. She was the only mother they ever knew. She let Suneagle go, because her best friend, Dovethunser, was in love with him. She traded her happiness for her friend's. Though this made her sad, she was taken care of by Blueclaws. She had Duststorm, Truelight, and Dawnspot with him. She loved all five of her kits equally. She was quite happy for a while, but after Truestorm had died, she became distant. At that point, Leafclan was growing weaker because of Dawnstar's poor health. Soon, after Truelight had a mate, she ran off to join her half-brother's clan. This broke Wispleap's heart. However, what shattered it was the news that her daughter had died, along with two of Truelight's kits. Though one survived, Wispleap never came close to her. No, because Ferncloud adopted her and loved her dearly. In fact, Ferncloud still loves Rushriver as her own. For this reason, Wispleap never got into the middle of their bond. At that time, Duststorm had kits, and she loved seeing them grow up. However, Leafclan's light was growing dim. Both Dawnstar and Spotheart had died. Blueclaws had disappeared. Softstar and she were left in charge of the clan, but it grew small. Though Wispleap tried, tried hard, to revive it, she failed. Twice. She now retires to wandering, staying at clans for a small amount of time before moving on. She occasionally breaks down, re-living the pain she has felt and caused.<br>Random Trivia:<br>&bull;She has also gone by Wispflower, Wispeh, and Rue.<br>&bull;Shadowclaw has expressed feelings for her in the past.<br>&bull;She named Dawnspot after Dawnstar and Spotheart, Duststorm after Truestorm, and Truelight after Truestorm and Lightshadow. <br>&bull;She s also been described as gray, white underbelly, and lavender eyes. (See picture on deviantArt.)<br>&bull;She has a particular hatred for Aquawind, Petalstorm, Greystorm, Stone, and Nightstorm.<br>&bull;She and Sharpbreeze used to throw profane rhymes at each the middle camp. In front of Dawnstar.<br>&bull;She once ran after from Spotheart and Dawnstar with Truestorm.<br>&bull;There was a brief time when she lived in Ashclan.<br>Signature:<br>[&bull;Wispleap&bull;]