Essential Manners for Men 2nd Edition: What to Do, When to Do It, and Why

Essential Manners for Men 2nd Edition: What to Do, When to Do It, and Why

by Peter Post

Paperback(Second Edition)

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“In the world of Jackass, Maxim, and The Man Show, men should welcome this book. It’s refreshing to have another voice.”
—Andy Spade, CEO and Creative Director, Kate Spade LLC

“A helpful manners survival guide for figuring out those sticky everyday situations.”
—Joshua Piven, coauthor of The WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook

The name “Emily Post” is synonymous with etiquette, good manners, and decorum—and, with this newly revised and updated 2nd Edition of the New York Times bestseller Essential Manners for Men, Peter Post, Emily Post’s great-grandson and director of The Emily Post Institute, Inc., once again does the great lady proud. In this invaluable handbook, Post addresses the topics men really need to master to succeed in business and in life—how to act and to conduct themselves in a plethora of common and not so common circumstances in the office, at a wedding, on social media, when dating, etc. Essential Manners for Men, 2nd Edition is a book that belongs on the shelves of every man and the woman who loves him.

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ISBN-13: 9780062080417
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/08/2012
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 274,820
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.04(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Peter Post, great-grandson of Emily Post and a passionate golfer, is the author of the New York Times bestseller Essential Manners for Men, Essential Manners for Couples, The Etiquette Advantage in Business (with Anna Post, Lizzie Post, and Daniel Post Senning), and his weekly business etiquette column Etiquette at Work in the Boston Globe. The father of two grown daughters, he lives with his wife in Vermont.

Table of Contents

Preface: Men Want Answers xv

Introduction: They Just Snickered xvii

Part 1 Daily Life

1 The "E" Word 3

Etiquette Is … 3

Being Inconsiderate and Being Disrespectful Go Hand in Hand 5

2 The Top Three Issues in Daily Life 8

#1 Bad Habits Lead the List 8

#2 Making a Mess and Not Helping to Clean Up Matters-a Lot 9

#3 Acting in a Superior Manner Is Really Frustrating 10

Other Annoying Behaviors 10

The Top Three Most Impressive Things Men Do in Daily Life 11

3 Other Hot Spots 13

Seeing the Man in the Mirror 13

Sharing the Load 14

"What TV Show Are We Going to Watch?" 16

The Telephone 17

Passing Gas 18

Scratching What Itches 19

Attire 19

Hygiene 20

Pet Problems 21

When You're Not the Problem 21

4 Two Rooms That Can make or Break Your home Life 23

Clean Kitchen, Warm Heart 24

The Battle of the Bathroom 26

5 How Others View Us 32

Smoking 34

Chewing Gum 35

Spitting 35

Who Cut the Cheese? 35

Swearing 36

Women Swear and Men Gossip 37

6 A Man and His Car 38

Driver's Ed-iquette 40

"Don't Worry-I Know How to Get There" 41

7 In-Person Communication 43

La La Land 44

Quality of Voice 45

Listening Skills 46

Topics 46

Jokes 46

The Importance of Nonverbal Cues 47

8 Telephone Communication 48

Volume Control 49

A Revealing Question 49

The Cell/Smartphone 51

9 You Are What You Write-Warts and All 53

The Handwritten Note 53

The Stationery Drawer 55

E-mail Hell 56

Six Tips for E-mail Success 56

Texting: Danger, Danger, Danger 58

10 Meeting and Greeting 59

Greeting People 59

The All-Important Handshake 61

Making Introductions 62

Mr. and Mrs. or John and Mary? 66

11 Tipping 101 67

Appropriate Tips for Business and Professional Services 68

Tipping at Restaurants 70

Holiday Tipping 72

Tipping When Traveling 74

12 Working Out, or, Lost in Your Own Thoughts 76

Leaving a Pool of Sweat 76

The Unwanted Stare 77

Grunting 78

The "I'm More Important Than You Are" Syndrome 79

Hitting on Women in Midworkout 79

Your Personal Trainer Is a Person 80

Class Courtesy 81

13 the sporting life: on the field and in the stands 83

It's Okay to Want to Win 84

Do the Little Things That Matter 85

Cheatin' Charlie and Sandbagger Stan-The Scourge of the Course 86

Friendship vs. Changing the Foursome 87

A Friendly Wager 88

The Golden Rule of Spectating: Keep It Positive 88

Referees Are People Too 89

14 Parents and Kids 90

So Now You're a Dad! 92

Sharing the Responsibility 93

Coaching Your Own Kids 95

Spectating at Your Kids' Sports Events 96

The Soccer Dad 96

Part 2 Social Life

15 The Best and the Worst in social Life 99

The Most Impressive Thing Men Do: Use Good Manners 100

The Ideal Escort: Appreciative and Attentive 101

Dressing Smart, Smelling Fresh, Looking Good 102

Acting in a Superior Way-Men at Their Worst 103

Foul Language Foul 103

16 Dating-Just You and Her 104

Just You and Her 104

Remembering and Celebrating Special Occasions 105

The Importance of Flowers 105

Opening Doors 106

The Revolving Door Dilemma 107

Helping Her with Her Coat 107

Walking Together 108

Standing 108

Who Pays? 109

To Flirt or Not to Flirt? 109

17 On the Town 111

Sharing Expenses 112

Bar Etiquette 112

The Etiquette of Splitting the Bill 114

Small Grossnesses 115

18 The Good Guest 117

The Invitation 117

At the Party 120

The Hostess Gift 120

Thank You 122

19 entertaining at home 1 23

Cleaning Up-The Right Way 124

The K.I.S.S. School of Home Entertaining 125

The K.I.S.S. Meal Plan 125

Last-Minute Details 127

The Good Host 128

Potluck or Group Parties 130

20 Dinnertime 131

The Three Most-Asked Questions About Table Manners 132

A Quick Journey Through a Formal Dinner 134

During the Meal 136

At Dinner's End 139

21 The Houseguest from Hell 140

The Etiquette of Visiting: Be Clean and Helpful-and Share the Remote! 140

The Five Keys to a Successful Visit 143

Meeting the Parents 147

22 Social Media 148

Social Networking 148

The World of Online Dating 150

Online Gaming 154

23 The Big Day: The Wedding 155

The Guest: When You Are Invited 156

The Groom 161

Other Manly Roles at a Wedding 165

Part 3 On the Job

24 Top Three Issues for Work Life 171

The Three Most Annoying Issues in Work Life 171

Things Men Do Well in Work Life 175

Business Runs on Relationships 176

How Others See You 177

Coping with Layoffs 177

25 Five Cardinal Rules for your Job Interview 179

Don't Be Late 179

Be Prepared 180

Dress One Notch Up 181

Smile, Speak Clearly, and Look Your Interviewer in the Eye 182

Thank Them Twice 182

Five Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer 184

Five Questions to Ask During an Interview 184

Beware Your Online Presence 185

26 Building Better Relationships 186

Negative Behaviors Hurt Relationships 187

Choosing to Get Along 192

27 Office Communications 193

Face-to-Face 194

Business Phone Etiquette 197

Voice Mail 200

The Cell/Smartphone 201

E-mail 202

Letters and Memos 203

28 Everyday Business Manners 204

Gender-Neutral Business 204

Around the Office 205

Hygiene 209

Clothing 210

29 Business Social Events 213

The Business Social Mixer 214

The Business Meal 218

Afterword 221

Acknowledgments 223

Index 224

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Essential Manners for Men 2nd Edition: What to Do, When to Do It, and Why 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
WhiteFlowerLei76 More than 1 year ago
This book should be required reading for every 13 yr old boy in school. You can't expect people to have manners if they haven't been taught what they are.
Setheli216 More than 1 year ago
This is a well-written & entertaining read, perfect for any man who wants to be well-mannered but doesn't really know where to begin. We've all had to start somewhere, & this book is a great place to start. That said, I do not think this is the book for the man looking to take his already extant etiquette to the next level. As the title says, this is merely the "ESSENTIAL Manners for Men". It is more about the attitude of respect for others & thinking about one's actions than "place the fork here"-type etiquette rules (although there are a few basic ones, such as that example). If one was raised in a well-mannered home &/or read other good books &/or blogs on manhood & manners, one will probably already know ~90% of what this book has to teach. Still, I'd get it for a friend or family member who needs AND wants something of the kind.