The Essential Wilderness Navigator: How to Find Your Way in the Great Outdoors

The Essential Wilderness Navigator: How to Find Your Way in the Great Outdoors

by David L. Seidman


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The Essential Wilderness Navigator: How to Find Your Way in the Great Outdoors by David L. Seidman

Now with full-color topographic maps and featuring the latest on electronic navigation, The Essential Wilderness Navigator is the clearest and most up-to-date route-finding primer available. Providing readers with exercises for developing a directional 'sixth sense,' tips on mastering the art of map- and compass-reading, and comprehensive updates on a range of technological advances, this perennially popular guide is more indispensable than ever.

If you're at all unsure of your backwoods direction-finding skills, The Essential Wilderness Navigator is the guide you've been looking for. It teaches you how to observe—to see, smell, hear, and sense the details of the environment around you. Then, to supplement your newly enhanced sense of direction, you'll learn to read maps, use a compass, and find your location and route with reference to landmarks. This updated second edition also includes

  • The basics of global positioning system (GPS) navigation and CD-ROM maps
  • A full-color section on reading topographical maps
  • Navigating in deserts, mountains, and snow

Whether you're planning an extended wilderness trek or a day hike on marked trails, here's how to stay found.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780070563230
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/1995
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 7.36(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents

What's New in this Edition9
1A Sense of Direction10
Locating Your Sixth Sense11
How Not to Get Lost16
Why We Get Lost19
How to "Get Found"23
The World in Your Hands26
Types of Maps27
Three Dimensions into Two30
The Language of Maps31
Reading the Terrain38
Latitude and Longitude47
Putting Yourself on the Map54
Map Care and Gear58
What Compasses Can Do62
Earth's Magnetic Field63
How Compasses Work64
Make Your Own65
Compass Types68
Orienting Your Compass to Magnetic North71
Orienting Your Compass to Geographic North72
Following a Compass Course78
Testing Your Skills82
Map and Compass Combined86
Orienting the Map with a Compass89
Finding a Course from the Map90
Locating a Mapped Object in the Field92
Locating an Observed Object on the Map94
A Bearing from a Mapped Object96
Other Lines of Position98
Warning Bearings99
Crossing Lines of Position100
Returning to the Same Spot101
A Running Fix102
Finding Distance Off103
Measuring Distance Covered106
Dead Reckoning107
5Navigation in Use110
Route Planning112
The Practice of Navigation113
On the Trail115
Hitting What You Aim For116
Landmarks as Guides120
Sources of Error121
When You Are Lost122
6Looking to Nature for Clues124
Finding North and South at Noon127
North and South from a Shadow128
Quick but Inaccurate129
Movements of Sunrise and Sunset130
Bearings from Sunrise and Sunset131
The Southern Cross135
Other Stars136
7Extreme Environments138
8Electronic Navigation145
GPS 101148
Getting Started150
E-Maps: Topos and Charts on CD-ROM151
Bearings of Sunrise and Sunset154
Declination Corrections156
Metric Conversion Tables157
Sources of Maps, Books, Compasses, Videos, GPS Manufacturers, and Electronic Mapmakers159
Travel Plan165

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