Essentialism: Bundle: The Art of Less and More of Less

Essentialism: Bundle: The Art of Less and More of Less

by James Latham


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The Ultimate Essentialism bundle including......

"Essentialism; the art of less". This book teaches you how to distinguish between background noise and your own real voice. It widens your perspective to see that you have a choice to decide what you want to do with your life at any point. It teaches you that less can and is usually more when it comes to lifestyle. It teaches you how to produce bigger results with even lesser efforts. The book;

• Explains the core concepts of essentialism and minimalism
• Describes who the essentialist is
• Enumerates the invaluable benefits of an essentialist lifestyle
• Gives compelling reasons for you to embrace essentialism
• Empowers you to take back control of your life and be the master of your destiny
• Corrects the notion that effort is proportional to outcome
• Shows you the easiest way to become an essentialist
• Outlines the pitfall you should avoid
• Shows how less is more
• Explains how you can fuel your focus and build clarity of purpose

Minimalism: More of Less. Minimalism preaches that you create better space for your mind to thrive and revel in by reducing the amount and number of things you own and consequently worry about. A definitive guide and must-read for why your thoughts about material possessions must change, this book;

• Demystifies minimalism
• Helps you along the path to becoming a minimalist
• Explains why society's definition of happiness is faulty
• Helps you achieve more by owning less
• Makes you understand why less possessions is equal to more satisfaction and true happiness
• Teaches you how to create more time and control by doing less
• Tells you how to create more value for your time
• Become happier by doing only the things you really want to do
• Become a better, happier version of you.

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Pages: 82
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