Essentials Microsoft Project 2003 / Edition 1

Essentials Microsoft Project 2003 / Edition 1

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Prentice Hall

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ISBN-13: 9780131466524
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 09/20/2004
Series: Essentials Series for Office 2003 Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 8.44(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents


Project 1: Taking a Tour of Project 2003

Lesson 1: Starting Microsoft Project, Opening a Project, and Saving a Project

Lesson 2: Exploring the Project Window

Lesson 3: Understanding the Task Table

Lesson 4: Understanding the Timeline in Gantt Chart View

Lesson 5: Previewing and Printing a Standard Report

Lesson 6: Getting Help

Lesson 7: Closing a Project and Exiting Microsoft Project

Project 2: Specifying Overall Project Settings

Lesson 1: Creating a New Project and Assigning the Start Date

Lesson 2: Creating a Project Calendar

Lesson 3: Viewing and Modifying Project Options

Lesson 4: Modifying Calendar Working Time Options

Lesson 5: Printing the Working Days Calendar

Lesson 6: Creating a Project from a Template

Project 3: Entering Tasks and Creating a Project Schedule

Lesson 1: Entering Tasks and Specifying Duration

Lesson 2: Organizing Tasks

Lesson 3: Creating Milestone and Recurring Tasks

Lesson 4: Linking Tasks by Specifying Task Predecessors

Lesson 5: Using Outline Features and Viewing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Codes

Lesson 6: Applying a Calendar to a Task

Lesson 7: Setting Constraints

Project 4: Scheduling Resources and Assigning Costs

Lesson 1: Viewing and Setting Up Resources

Lesson 2: Entering Resource Information

Lesson 3: Entering Fixed Costs

Lesson 4: Assigning Resources to Tasks

Lesson 5: Viewing and Modifying Resource Assignments

Lesson 6: Printing Resource Allocations and Project Costs


Project 5: Modifying Task Information

Lesson1: Editing and Replacing Task Information and Checking Spelling

Lesson 2: Saving a Baseline

Lesson 3 Entering Percent Complete

Lesson 4: Viewing Percent Complete

Lesson 5: Entering Actuals

Lesson 6: Specifying Lead and Lag Time

Lesson 7: Resolving Constraint Conflicts and Setting a Task Deadline


Project 6: Modifying Tasks Using the Gantt Chart

Lesson 1: Adding a Progress Line to a Gantt Chart

Lesson 2: Removing Task Dependencies

Lesson 3: Rescheduling Uncompleted Work

Lesson 4: Modifying and Removing a Split

Lesson 5: Using Tracking Gantt View to Analyze the Critical Path

Lesson 6: Checking Overall Project Progress

Project 7: Customizing Microsoft Project and Sharing Information

Lesson 1: Customizing the Timescale

Lesson 2: Creating a Custom Field

Lesson 3: Creating a Custom View

Lesson 4: Creating a Custom Report

Lesson 5: Using the Organizer to Share Custom Views, Reports, and Calendars

Lesson 6: E-Mailing a Project File

Lesson 7: Routing a Project File

Lesson 8: Sending a Schedule Note Message

Project 8: Integrating Project Data

Lesson 1: Importing a Task List from Excel

Lesson 2: Exporting Task Sheet Information into an Excel Worksheet

Lesson 3: Copying and Pasting a Gantt Chart

Lesson 4: Linking and Embedding Project Data into Word and Excel

Lesson 5: Inserting Objects into Task Notes and Adding Hyperlinks to Tasks

Lesson 6: Using the Outlook Address Book to Add Resources

Integrating Projects

File Guide

Task Guide



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