Essentials of American Politics

Essentials of American Politics

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ISBN-13: 9780393976076
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 11/01/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
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Table of Contents

1Introduction: The Citizen and the Government1
Citizenship Is Based on Knowledge of and Participation in Politics5
Government Is Made Up of the Institutions and Procedures by Which People Are Ruled6
America Is Built on the Ideas of Liberty, Equality, and Democracy10
2The Founding and the Constitution17
Narrow Interests and Political Conflicts Shaped the First Founding19
The Failure of the Articles Made the "Second Founding" Necessary24
The Constitution Created Both Bold Powers and Sharp Limits on Power29
Ratification of the Constitution Was Difficult38
Constitutional Amendments Dramatically Changed the Relationship between Citizens and the Government42
Federalism Shapes American Politics55
4Civil Liberties and Civil Rights79
The Origin of the Bill of Rights Lies in Those Who Opposed the Constitution80
Dual Citizenship Was Defined by Barron v. Baltimore82
The Fourteenth Amendment Created the Doctrine of Incorporation84
The First Amendment Guarantees Freedom of Religion86
The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech and the Press Assure Free Exchange of Ideas88
The Second Amendment Protects the Right to Bear Arms in a Militia94
Rights of the Criminally Accused Are Based on Due Process of Law94
The Right to Privacy Is the Right to Be Left Alone99
Civil Rights Are Protections by the Government100
The Civil Rights Struggle Was Extended to Other Disadvantaged Groups108
Affirmative Action Attempts to Right Past Wrongs114
5Public Opinion and the Media123
Fundamental Values Shape Our Opinions124
Measuring Public Opinion Is Crucial to Understanding What It Is137
Public Opinion Must Matter in a Democracy139
The Media Must Also Matter in a Democracy140
News Coverage Matters Because People Rely on It140
The Media Affect Power Relations in American Politics143
Public Opinion, Media, and Democracy Are Closely Linked149
6Political Parties and Elections155
Parties and Elections Have Been Vital to American Politics and Government156
America Is One of the Few Nations with a Two-Party System160
Voters Decide Based on Party, Issues, and Candidate170
Elections Are Important to Democracy, but the System Can Seem Complicated172
The 2000 Elections178
Money Is the Mother's Milk of Politics180
7Interest Groups191
Pluralist and Elitist Views Both Explain the Group Process192
Interest Groups Represent Different Interests but Have Similar Organizations and Membership194
The Number of Groups Has Increased in the Last Thirty Years200
Interest Groups Use Different Strategies to Gain Influence202
Interest Groups Both Help and Hurt Democracy213
Congressional Power Is Rooted in the Constitution221
Congress Represents the American People222
The Organization of Congress Is Shaped by Party230
Rules of Lawmaking Explain How a Bill Becomes a Law237
There Are Several Influences on How Congress Decides240
Much Congressional Energy Goes to Tasks Other Than Lawmaking244
9The Presidency253
Presidential Power Is Rooted in the Constitution255
Institutional Resources of Presidential Power Are Numerous264
The President Has Numerous Political Resources270
Bureaucracy Exists to Improve Efficiency284
The Executive Branch Is Organized Hierarchically291
Several Forces Control Bureaucracy302
Democracy Can Control Bureaucracy306
11The Federal Courts311
The Legal System Settles Disputes313
The Federal Courts Hear a Small Percentage of All Cases318
The Power of the Supreme Court Is Judicial Review323
12Domestic Policy341
The Tools for Making Policy Are Techniques of Control343
Social Policy and the Welfare State Buttress Equality349
Social Policy Spending Benefits the Middle Class More Than the Poor356
The Cycle of Poverty Can Be Broken by Education, Employment, Health, and Housing Policies362
13Foreign Policy371
The Makers and Shapers of Foreign Policy Include the President, the Bureaucracy, and Congress372
America Is Historically Suspicious of Foreign Entanglements377
The Instruments of Modern American Foreign Policy Include Diplomacy, Money, and Military Force380
Foreign Policy Values for America Today Emphasize Economic Relationships389
The Declaration of IndependenceA3
Articles of ConfederationA7
The Constitution of the United StatesA13
Amendments to the ConstitutionA23
The Federalist PapersA33
Presidents and Vice PresidentsA41
Answer Key for Practice QuizzesA79

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