Essentials of Business Information Systems / Edition 7

Essentials of Business Information Systems / Edition 7

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Prentice Hall
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Essentials of Business Information Systems / Edition 7

These authoritative authors continue to define the MIS course by emphasizing how business objectives shape the application of new information systems and technologies and by integrating a career orientation that demonstrates the relevance of information systems to all business students regardless of their major.

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ISBN-13: 9780132277815
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 04/03/2006
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 8.54(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.91(d)

Table of Contents

IInformation Systems in the Digital Age1
1Business Information Systems in Your Career2
Chapter-Opening Case: Major League Baseball Hits a Home Run with Information Systems3
1.1The Role of Information Systems in Business Today6
1.2Perspectives on Information Systems and Information Technology10
1.3It Isn't Simply Technology: The Role of People and Organizations12
1.4Understanding Information Systems: A Business Problem-Solving Approach17
1.5Information Systems and Your Career22
Learning Tracks30
Key Terms32
Review Questions32
Discussion Questions32
Application Software Exercise: Database Exercise: Converting Data into Useful Information33
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Preparing a Management Overview of the Company33
Building Internet Skills: Analyzing Shipping Costs33
Video Case34
Teamwork: Analyzing a Business System34
Business Problem-Solving Case: Can the Music Industry Change Its Tune?34
2E-Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems38
Chapter-Opening Case: Information Systems Help Kia Solve Its Quality Problems39
2.1Components of a Business42
2.2Types of Business Information Systems46
2.3Systems That Span the Enterprise57
2.4The Information Systems Function in Business64
Learning Tracks67
Key Terms69
Review Questions69
Discussion Questions70
Application Software Exercise: Spreadsheet Exercise: Improving Supply Chain Management70
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Analyzing Financial Performance70
Building Internet Skills: Planning Transportation Logistics71
Video Case71
Teamwork: Describing Management Decisions and Systems71
Business Problem-Solving Case: Can Information Systems Help Danaher Work Leaner?71
3Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems74
Chapter-Opening Case: An Internet Giant Fine-Tunes Its Strategy75
3.1Using Information Systems to Achieve Competitive Advantage78
3.2Competing on a Global Scale92
3.3Competing on Quality and Design94
3.4Competing on Business Processes97
Learning Tracks100
Key Terms101
Review Questions101
Discussion Questions101
Application Software Exercise: Database Exercise: Using a Database for Strategic Business Development101
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Performing a Competitive Analysis for Dirt Bikes102
Building Internet Skills: Configuring and Pricing an Automobile102
Video Case103
Teamwork: Identifying Opportunities for Strategic Information Systems103
Business Problem-Solving Case: Can Blockbuster Stand Up to Netflix?103
IIInformation Technology Infrastructure107
4IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software108
Chapter-Opening Case: DreamWorks Animation Turns to Technology for Production Support109
4.1IT Infrastructure: Computer Hardware112
4.2IT Infrastructure: Computer Software121
4.3Managing Hardware and Software Technology135
Learning Tracks139
Key Terms141
Review Questions142
Discussion Questions142
Application Software Exercise: Spreadsheet Exercise: Evaluating Computer Hardware and Software Options142
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Analyzing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Desktop Software Assets143
Building Internet Skills: Planning and Budgeting for a Sales Conference144
Video Case144
Teamwork: Evaluating Server Operating Systems144
Business Problem-Solving Case: JP Morgan Chase Shifts IT Outsourcing into Reverse145
5Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management148
Chapter-Opening Case: Seven-Eleven Stores Ask the Customer by Asking the Data149
5.1The Database Approach to Data Management152
5.2Database Management Systems157
5.3Using Databases to Improve Business Performance and Decision Making162
5.4Managing Data Resources169
Learning Tracks172
Key Terms173
Review Questions173
Discussion Questions173
Application Software Exercise: Database Exercise: Building a Relational Database for a Small Business174
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Redesigning the Customer Database174
Building Internet Skills: Searching Online Databases175
Video Case175
Teamwork: Identifying Entities and Attributes in an Online Database175
Business Problem-Solving Case: The FBI Abandons Its Virtual Case System175
6Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology178
Chapter-Opening Case: Dartmouth: An Old College Becomes a New Networking Innovator179
6.1Telecommunications and Networking in Today's Business World182
6.2Communications Networks187
6.3The Internet193
6.4The Wireless Revolution205
Learning Tracks215
Key Terms218
Review Questions218
Discussion Questions219
Application Software Exercise: Spreadsheet Exercise: Comparing Wireless Services219
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Using Internet Tools to Increase Efficiency and Productivity219
Building Internet Skills: Using Web Search Engines for Business Research220
Video Case220
Teamwork: Comparing Mobile Internet Access Systems220
Business Problem-Solving Case: Google Takes on the World220
7Securing Information Systems224
Chapter-Opening Case: Phishing: A Costly New Sport for Internet Users225
7.1System Vulnerability and Abuse228
7.2Business Value of Security and Control238
7.3Establishing a Framework for Security and Control240
7.4Technologies and Tools for Security245
Learning Tracks252
Key Terms253
Review Questions253
Discussion Questions254
Application Software Exercise: Spreadsheet Exercise: Performing a Security Risk Assessment254
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan255
Building Internet Skills: Evaluating Security Outsourcing Services255
Video Case255
Teamwork: Evaluating Security Software Tools255
Business Problem-Solving Case: MasterCard and CardSystems: The Worst Data Theft Ever?256
IIIKey System Applications for the Digital Age259
8Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications260
Chapter-Opening Case: Whirlpool Fixes Its Supply Chain261
8.1Enterprise Systems264
8.2Supply Chain Management Systems266
8.3Customer Relationship Management Systems274
8.4Enterprise Applications: New Opportunities and Challenges282
Challenges and Opportunities282
Learning Tracks283
Key Terms284
Review Questions285
Discussion Questions285
Application Software Exercise: Database Exercise: Managing Customer Service Requests285
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Identifying Supply Chain Management Solutions286
Building Internet Skills: Evaluating Supply Chain Management Services286
Video Case287
Teamwork: Analyzing Enterprise Application Vendors287
Business Problem-Solving Case: Philip Morris International's Supply Chain Dilemma287
9E-Commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods290
Chapter-Opening Case: Gap Remodels Its Web Sites291
9.1Electronic Commerce and the Internet294
9.2Electronic Commerce303
9.4Electronic Commerce Payment Systems314
Learning Tracks318
Key Terms320
Review Questions320
Discussion Questions321
Application Software Exercise: Spreadsheet Exercise: Analyzing a Dot-Com Business321
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Developing an E-Commerce Strategy321
Building Internet Skills: Comparing Online Storefront Hosting Services322
Video Case322
Teamwork: Performing a Competitive Analysis of E-Commerce Sites322
Business Problem-Solving Case: Can eBay Keep It Up?322
10Improving Decision Making and Managing Knowledge326
Chapter-Opening Case: Procter & Gamble Restructures Its Supply Chain327
10.1Decision Making and Information Systems330
10.2Systems for Decision Support333
10.3Intelligent Systems for Decision Support341
10.4Systems for Managing Knowledge349
Learning Tracks356
Key Terms358
Review Questions359
Discussion Questions359
Application Software Exercise: Spreadsheet Exercise: Performing Break-Even Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis359
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Analyzing the Impact of Component Price Changes360
Building Internet Skills: Using Intelligent Agents for Comparison Shopping361
Video Case361
Teamwork: Rating Knowledge Network Systems362
Business Problem-Solving Case: Can Information Systems Make Your Doctor Better?362
IVBuilding and Managing Systems365
11Building Information Systems366
Chapter-Opening Case: A New Ordering System for Girl Scout Cookies367
11.1Problem Solving and Systems Development370
11.2Understanding the Business Value of Systems and Managing Change375
11.3Alternative Systems-Building Approaches384
11.4Modeling and Designing Systems: Structured and Object-Oriented Methodologies390
Learning Tracks393
Key Terms395
Review Questions395
Discussion Questions396
Application Software Exercise: Database Exercise: Designing a Customer System for Auto Sales396
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Designing an Employee Training and Skills Tracking System397
Building Internet Skills: Analyzing Web Site Design and Information Requirements397
Video Case397
Teamwork: Analyzing Web Site Requirements397
Business Problem-Solving Case: Comair's Crew Scheduling System Breaks Down398
12Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems400
Chapter-Opening Case: Does Location Tracking Threaten Privacy?401
12.1Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems403
12.2Ethics in an Information Society408
12.3The Moral Dimensions of Information Systems411
Learning Tracks426
Key Terms427
Review Questions427
Discussion Questions428
Application Software Exercise: Word Processing and Web Page Development Tool Exercise: Creating a Simple Web Site428
Dirt Bikes U.S.A.: Developing a Web Site Privacy Policy428
Building Internet Skills: Using Internet Newsgroups for Online Market Research429
Video Case429
Teamwork: Developing a Corporate Ethics Code429
Business Problem-Solving Case: Should We Trust ChoicePoint with Our Personal Data?429
Your Digital Portfolio433
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